Legend (the sound of the hermit's heart)

fuente: https://es.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-angel-harp.html Long ago in a quarterdeck, the receptionist found some writings in which he reported that in the attic of the building was guarded a harp, those who listened to it shocked of the emotion. This information aroused the interest of the receptionist, immediately went up to the attic of the quarterdeck, began to search all over the place until he found it in a corner of the attic.

The receptionist, who was very happy with what he had found, immediately went to the king of the quarterdeck, took with him the writing and the harp, showed his find, and reported everything he had learned.

The czar did not have much confidence in his receptionist, he did not believe everything he had been told, seeing how enthusiastic the man was, he decided to give him a chance to prove his story.

Let's check what you say! Organize a demonstration to hear the sound of the harp.

The receptionist tried to find the best musician in the place and organized a major concert, the amphitheater was filled with people, people were waiting with enthusiasm to the musician, when the musician played the harp no one was shocked as planned, the face of frustration Zar and the embarrassment of the receptionist could not be hidden, all the guests withdrew with a bitter taste, did not perceive the sensation those who had promised them.

What a shame and disappointment! The receptionist's feelings, yet he was unwilling to give up his conviction that the harp was a magical instrument, he firmly believed in the data he had read.

He did not give up and he pressed the czar again, asked for a new opportunity to prove the truth of his magic harp.

The receptionist convinced of what he had read began to inquire the inhabitants of the place, consulted the population if they had heard of the existence of the magic harp, some neighbors said they had an idea but did not know because they stopped playing the instrument.

Now more convinced began to interview all the musicians who knew and knew to play the harp, to concert in private not to make the same mistake as the first time.

He interviewed all musicians in the area and surrounding areas. No one could make the harp vibrate with emotion when he was about to give up, talking to a neighbor of the place, he said that there was a person capable of playing the harp. palace.

The neighbor said he knew the right person, behind the mountain lived a hermit who knew many instruments, this could be the man indicated for this occasion.

The very enthusiastic receptionist came to the Tsar and gave with much joy to the sovereign of his find, this could not hold the laughter, much lately, long since no one had enjoyed the czar so much, in the middle of laughter I authorize the man to return to Organize an event in the palace amphitheater.

I traveled to the hermit's house, could talk to the man, a crude man, coarse with few words, listened in silence to what the receptionist told him, a tale of the failed acts of the concert and his strong conviction of the reality of the documents, which It would be a great honor for the tsar of the palace to receive him in his kingdom.

The rough man had not come down to the city for a long time, but this time it could not be denied, it was an invitation from royalty, he could not deny it and confirmed his attendance.

The hermit was very intimidating, the receptionist did not dare to ask for a sound test, he had to trust this man fully, but if he failed again he had to bid farewell to the kingdom.

The receptionist, fearful of the situation, again organized the event in the amphitheater, this time there was more attendance than the previous time, all the royal palace and the most important inhabitants of the kingdom were present.

The hermit crowded with his daily rags, the clothes he wore on the mountain, he did not dress for the occasion, the czar did not like this, the attendants saw the hermit in amazement, they talked to each other, criticizing the situation .

The poor receptionist was already seen on the street unemployed, the hermit made his entrance walking with height, head up, as do the great celebrities.

He reached the middle of the auditorium and sat in front of the magic harp, began the concert, the strings of the instrument spoke, beautiful melodies came out, the people of the amphitheater began to shock the emotion, the tsar listened to the sound of the harp marveling with the skin of Hen of emotion.

The entire auditorium convulsed with emotion, the emotion was so great that every time the hermit finished playing all the people asked for another song.

At the end of the musical day, everyone went to meet the hermit, they congratulated giving thanks for this musical delight.

Others asked how the harp was played that way, many other musicians of great repute in the kingdom failed to pull out those melodies.

The humble hermit answered.

It was very simple just let it ring

What things does it say? That you let it ring to whom? Skeptics asked

If I let it sound the sound I heard in my heart.

The best council I can give you, let your hearts ring.

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