Legend (The starch plant)

Fuente: http://www.artelista.com/obra/6050985352665997-raices-en-libertad.html In the land of the taragui lived a young woman named Aragantui an indigenous Guarani, besides being beautiful, she was very hardworking, her job was to collect fruits from the forest.

Aragantui left every day to fulfill his obligations, walked along the narrow roads of the thicket he met Maymbo, son of the cacique Tecorei of the neighboring village.

The young Aragantui went out early every day in search of the fruits of the forest, anxiously awaiting the meeting with the young Maymbo, not knowing that her life would change forever.

When they met, they dedicated themselves to gather the fruits of the fruit trees, they were together all day, the days went by and each day they knew each other more, the magical love did not wait.

The work yield of the young woman grew, collected double of fruits of the forest, this was very happy to the inhabitants of the town.

The young woman's work turned out to be an excuse to go to her beloved, the nights became eternal waiting for the new dawn, Aragantui only lived for Maymbo, barely clarified the day he was running, he went to the thicket with his siesta to collect The fruits of the forest in the company of his beloved.

The young man enjoyed the company of Aragantui every day felt more in love, but he could not help but think how furious his father will be when he learns of this love, the young man very in love could not keep secret the love he felt By Aragantui, one day I make the decision and present the young woman to her mother.

Maymbo made the arrangements for the meeting, I take care of every detail so that no one knows about the mysterious visit, did not want to cause a big fuss in the village.

This meeting reached the ears of Cava-Pitá, the eternal lover of Maymbo and sorceress of the village, the news made her furious, the love of her life was about to disappear.

The old woman, jealous of her love went directly to the brave cacique Tecorei, he received the news and I am very thoughtful, inside he felt happy, the evil Cava-Pitá realized this situation and added some lies to the information.

I have seen this situation arrive in my dream, this woman is the devil's messenger, it is a bad omen for our people, I have seen destruction and devastation of the village.

The cacique Tecorei listened with great attention to the story of the sorceress, growing more and more furious, he could not believe that the destruction of his people would come from the hand of his only son Maymbo.

The cacique very enraged with his son, ordered to immediately bring the young Aragantui before his presence.

There is born the demon that defeated my tribe manifested very angry Tecorei.

The young man fearing his father rushed in search of the young woman, Aragantui to see him very excited wonder what was happening to him, the young man told in detail the situation to the beautiful woman, she very calm answered.

Stay calm, nothing is going to happen, surely it is a misunderstanding, the exalted young man answered, that is because you do not know my father, meekly replied, let us go to meet him, everything will be solved, it is okay for your father to know about our relationship , You will see that you will have its approval ... answered Aragantui.

Decided they went to the meeting of the chieftain Tecorei, when arriving at the village and before entering the shop of the Great Cacique Tecorei, Aragantui took the hand of Maymbo and thus appeared before the great chief, she entered with a wide smile that flourished of its The young woman was very beautiful, but for this meeting she was even more beautiful, this captive at the same instant to the cacique, I was speechless, I could not help but be surprised by the beauty of the young, very feminine angelic appearance, beautiful by Where you look.

I tecorei when he met the young change of opinion, even forgot the comment of the sorceress, had a very pleasant conversation, hard until late at night, saw with their own eyes the love they had these young people, his son was a Worthy heir to his throne and the young woman deserved to be a princess, this beautiful woman could not be a bearer of hatred and much less destruction, she totally disagreed with the evil Cava-Pitá, finally decided to give her approval to unite in marriage this beautiful couple .

This news soon ran all over the village, the evil sorceress was very angry with the situation.

There was a great celebration, the only son of the cacique was hunted, the young people began a new life, time passed and soon came the announcement of the first son, whom they called Suiriry, a beautiful child was born of that beautiful couple, inherited beauty and The beauty of his mother, the courage of his father, snooping and persevering like his grandfather.

This child brought a lot of union in the community, he was well liked by all the people in the village, the child and his mother were welcomed by the community, they all lived happily, except the sorceress Cava-Pitá, soon arrived this heard Aragantui, The sweet woman answered, there is nothing to worry about love all can, love overcomes hatred, these words more infuriated the sorceress, the wicked woman wanted to avenge the loss of his love at all costs, izo transcend that the child had A serious illness, would infect all the children in the village.

As nobody believed their lies poisoned the water where the children of the village drank, one by one the boys became ill, the whole population blamed the poor child Suiriry.

The parents of the child were devastated by the situation, they all pointed to the child as evil and evil, no one came to this family for fear of contagion, the effects of the poison passed and everything returned to normal, parents and children no longer remembered this situation. They began to approach the family and Suiriry.

This angered the sorceress even more, she again poisoned the water, but this time all the water in the village, boys and big began to get sick, but this time went further, she transcended in the village that the only solution was to sacrifice the child.

This came to the head of Tecorei, alerted his son and mother of the child, I advise to leave the village until peace reigned in the village, at the same time traveled in the jungle, but I won the time and night, not They had to stop to sleep.

The evil Cava-Pitá followed them with a group of hunters and surprised him at midnight, they took the boy while his parents slept.

Arriving at a clearing in the jungle they staked the child to a large tree, the wizard himself would be the one who would sacrifice the child, when he went to kill the child with an arrow, a strong lightning struck Cava-Pina that I killed it Moment, but the same arrow shot, the sorceress fell dead collapsed to the ground.

The tupa who sees everything, sent the punishment to the evil Cava-Pitá, his lies had come very far and paid with his life.

A few minutes later, Aragantui and Maymbo untied the child. Fortunately, the arrow came to rest in the middle of Suiriry's legs. They removed the arrow from the wicked sorceress. In the place where the spell was struck, a small plant began to grow. Indigenous people did not know her.

The anxious sages of the village called him mandí-o, soon discovered that their roots were edible.

The mandíoca or manioc as it is known, is an edible vegetable, according to the beliefs of the Guarani carries inside the heart of Aragantui and his son Suiriry, he who eats the cassava will receive the strength and energy of the two.

The command is regarded as a symbol of peace and justice imposed by the Tupa to keep men united and happy. Fuente: http://elingenio13.blogspot.com.ar/2013/03/ Fuente: http://www.identidad-cultural.com.ar/leernota.php?cn=1806

José Luis Corrientes Argentina