Legend the weaver of the lost kingdom

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Dear Friends of the voice, thank you very much for supporting my work surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, an older woman who lives in a beautiful village, is the only seamstress of the town does all the clothing of the population, one day will have A visit and change your life forever, a beautiful story that begins like this.

Long ago in a very distant place was a town within two hills, a magical and enchanted place, owner of a beautiful green thicket, sky-blue lakes, wonderful colors that formed the floral plants, with the scents of the spring that Emanated the dahlias, the roses, and the tulips, although a little withdrawn from the world.

The place was magical, I say of the kindest beings that could exist, the inhabitants of the town got along very well with each other, everything was happiness and harmony, the community seemed a great family, all the villagers had a function to fulfill within Of the community, Paul the woodcutter, his wife the healer, Tony the baker, Jacinto the farmer and the weaver called Delia.

The weaver of the town was a very hardworking and pleasant old woman, to the tissues for the whole town, she did not charge for her work, she exchanged for meals or something of necessity for her home, she could do from a centerpiece to a blanket for Beds, there was no object he could not fabricate with his weaving aids, one day working late to finish Paul's cap, he fell asleep on his wicker chair.

Asleep she had a pleasant dream, a fairy came to where she was and asked not to be frightened, I came to your dream to commission a job for the queen of our castle, the fairy Carmine wishes a beautiful carpet to decorate under the throne.

The grateful old lady said, I do not know if I am the right person to do something so delicate for her dear queen, I am just an old weaver, my whole life I have lived in this place, I have not known any special place to represent the carpet The queen fairy, all my works are represented by the landscapes of the place and the truth I do not think it is worthy of a great queen.

This is no cause for concern, the fairy queen will give you wisdom and gift so you can see something beautiful to represent the kingdom, said the fairy in her dream.

365 days you will dream at night with the most beautiful places of our world, you will see those who see our eyes, you will visit the caves of the kingdom full of riches, the enchanted forests and the magical lakes, you will see the most crystalline waters that you have seen, this will be The way you will see the world of fairies and with them you can inspire you to create the most beautiful carpet say a queen fairy, at the end of the fairy these words the old weaver woke up very confused by the dream, but I see on the table some very Small that could correspond to the fairy of his dreams, there understood that it was not a dream, it was a dream come true.

At nightfall he began to dream of the magical world of fairies, he flew and saw enormous dragons, he swam in the waters of the lake turned mermaid, he saw beautiful castles formed by the corals of the lake, he wandered by beautiful paths inside the Mines of precious stones, gold, silver and rubies.

Accompanied by the fairy of her dream who instructed her with the stories of the precious things of the place, she taught the magical sunrises and sunsets of the kingdom, the enchanted birth of the rainbow of the fairy world.

When the old weaver woke up she began to weave the great carpet, reflecting everything she had seen at night, the most beautiful figures and colors on the magic carpet, it was so beautiful that all the neighbors were amazed by the beautiful Work of the weaver, joy reigned in the village, the inhabitants spent their days singing and dancing with joy, everything was infected after seeing the wonderful carpet.

Thus passed the exact 365 days, Delia, the old weaver, was able to see her magnificent finished work, reflected in her, the coral, the precious stones, the glitter of gold, the silver and the charm of ruby, the crystalline waters of the lake, The dragon flames, the sunrises and the sunsets united by a great rainbow, the magic carpet was beautiful worthy of a real queen.

With her finished work she lay down to sleep and meet her fairy godmother, whom she had guided with such care during the last year, as soon as she fell asleep the little fairy appeared, saw the finished work and could not believe in such beauty, Was a very beautiful carpet worthy of the fairy queen.

Hello my dear artisan, said the fairy, is a real beauty this carpet, the queen fairy in person will congratulate you for this magnificent work, said the little fairy.

Delia the old weaver accompanied the little fairy to the distant kingdom, was received by all the members of the kingdom, who greeted with reverence and respect, the queen mother arrived and I congratulate the old woman.

You have made a beautiful carpet worthy of my kingdom, said the fairy queen.

For this great work we have agreed with all the fairies and we are all in agreement, we decorated you with the biggest award that can decorate a human.

Starting today beautiful weaving craftswoman, you will leave your living body to be one of us.

Delia the old weaver, became a young fairy, sprouted wings on her back, very happy began to play with her new sisters.

In the village the neighbors found the old weaver dead, she had died at night in her bed, her face was calm, and in her mouth she smiled a great smile of happiness, after the funeral the villagers searched the beautiful carpet, But they had not been able to find it, ignoring that the magic carpet traveled to the kingdom of the fairies.

The magic carpet was placed under the throne of the fairy queen and would remain there forever. Now the weaving fairy did some magnificent work for the kingdom and was decorated like the fairy-weaver fairy. She is responsible for visiting humans as they sleep, entering their dreams and weaving the wonderful dreams of humans when we sleep, those dreams that we have with a magical world that we have never seen.

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