Legendary trees of my payments

Fuente: https://es.pinterest.com/pin/4503668354859215/ Dear Friends of the Voz, thank you for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend of one of the legendary trees of my payments, a beautiful story to reach the birth of the weeping willow and says so.

The willow is a tree that belongs to the families of salicáceas, exceptionally can reach up to 26 meters in height, is more common to find trees between 8 and 12 meters, has a central trunk, its branches are long and flexible, hang to The ground, blooms in winter, a very particular soft yellow flower, can live up to 60 years, its wood is very manuable, is used in carpentry for the construction of chairs, tables and garden chairs, prefer land Humid, it is very common to find around the rivers, lagoons and estuaries.

On the banks of the Paraná River, an indigenous community of Guarani raised their huts to form a settlement. In it lived a community of Guarani very in keeping with the conduct of their cacique, a person, brave and honorable.

The cacique possessed a beautiful daughter of strong and arrogant character, was called Isapí. The members of the village did not appreciate it, the great majority feared it by their arrogant and presumptuous acts, not to the cacique to this loved and they adored a being just and sovereign, a humility and of great heart, carried forward a colony of natives, Loved by his people, respected by his enemies.

His beautiful Isapí daughter with a hard and wild heart, incapable of being disturbed or shedding a tear, nor the day of the death of his mother, I justify saying I am a legitimate daughter of a sovereign, the precursors do not cry, it is the meaning of life, to be born Grow and die, cold as none before.

The winter was approaching, the ava page (the sorceress) predicted bad omens for the land without evil of the Guarani, began the mistress (rains) with greater intensity as the days passed.

The river conspired with the rainwater, was strengthened, enlarging the flow of water, began to flood everything in its path, its furious waters devastated trees, animals and how many things stood in their way, land won, flooded land .

The ava page sent supplications to their gods, implored protection to its people, the Indian women worried about their children, the children began to mourn for the fury of the river, but it remained insipid, calm, impassive to see suffer their people. Upon seeing this reaction the elders of the town gathered in the hut of the ava page defined with the sorceress to request an atonement to the God of the Guaraníes Tupã Tenondete for the daughter of the cacique, by his acts of arrogance.

The Tupã Tenondete wise gave an opinion, of not commutating his acts he would send a punishment to the beautiful Isapí

The days continued as usual, Vivian natives in usual guidelines and so happened another year, the winter came bringing the rains, with more intensity than before, the river felt powerful, not rough with razing trees, this time took human lives , Razing the villages of the Guarani Indians, the Indians who could flee to higher fields did, the raging river was after that, they had no choice but to climb the bushes, many Indians lost their lives, the same Princess Isapí saved Their life of miracle, those who remained with their lives pleaded for pity for the fury of the river, the children cried, Isapí felt a heart despair, but still continued with his attitude of not crying.

The natives rebuilt their village, the young Isapí, far from changing their character hardened even more, being on the banks of the river as usual to contemplate their beauty in the water reflections of the raging Paraná River, there were shouts of an indigenous mother, Begging the Princess to assist her child bit by a snake, Isapí answered that I can do, it is my fault, that your mischievous child was on the mountain, he turned around and continued to contemplate her beauty.

The ava page came to help the child by healing him with his powers, then communicated with the Tupã Tenondete, requested the measures of punishment for the beautiful princess of the wild heart.

Isapí, continued to the side of the river, the afternoon came falling, the beautiful moon began to look at the reflections of the water, seeing this indignant Isapí very old, not wanting to share her water mirror with anyone, I try to get up, but He saw that it was impossible, his feet grew roots, his legs came together making a single trunk, his arm and torso grew looking at the glittering moon, it became a tree with its fallen branches falling to the ground, being twisted the Immutable princess began to cry.

The Tupã Tenondete wise gave an opinion, punishment to Isapí for his lack of love to the neighbor, condemned to live like a weeping tree, his flowers bloom in winter, not to allow her to enjoy the beautiful spring.

That is why this tree, as teaching of love to the neighbor The Tupã Tenondete I distribute it from the north of China to the Argentinean northwest, placing it to the side of the river so that its tears never can finish, condemned to mourn for its lack of love.

When you see a Weeping Sauce, remember the teachings of my ancestors, you must have love for your neighbor. Fuente: http://marearp47.deviantart.com/art/Sauce-lloron-364046076 Fuente: http://www.identidad-cultural.com.ar/leernota.php?cn=1571 Fuente: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salix_babylonica José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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