Legends of my ancestors the magical bridge to heaven

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In my province it was a very rainy year, intense rains, thunderstorms, strange skies, threatening, I took some photographs and shared them in some of my notes, I received many comments because of the rarity of its color.

Extraordinary presentations of mother nature, the rain reminded my childhood, I remember the most beautiful rain came in the end, the arrival of the rainbow, that imaginary bridge of beautiful colors between the firmament and pacha mama, witness of a union Magic as in a book of fairy tales, that beauty I will never forget.

The rainbow is a natural effect that appears in every corner of the earth, is something of the few things that have no borders, does not discriminate by social reason, creed, or color, is present for all alike, everything has a History, the rainbow has its own and varies according to the place of origin a beautiful story that begins thus.

In a remote place of the earth, in the archaic age, the colors began a dispute, they showed who was the most important color, the most useful or the favorite of the people.

The color green was considered unique, to be present in the important things of life, I am the color of hope, I represent the color of nature, trees, leaves, this would not be the same without me.

Blue had its position in the discussion, I am the most important, look at the sky, the sea, the clouds, the water I am the main component of life.

Yellow laughed, the truth is so foolish they do not see it, I am the most important I give color to the sun, my joy is the one that makes the sun shine, that with its heat heats our winter days, I am in the Sunflower I give color and joy, who does not rejoice to see the sun and the sunflower.

The more calm orange, but no less insist he said, do not argue anymore, I am the color of life and health, I am the one containing the vitamins, I am in carrots, pumpkins, oranges, mangoes and papayas. My color is the one that takes the sky at dawn or at sunset.

In this way all the colors presented their qualities red, purple, gray, they all boasted their quality, peace left the place, they no longer talked, they shouted, they raised up so much, that a bright white light was raised Present, thunder, lightning, the firmament rose in anger, dropped a dense layer of water, the colors were frightened, never saw the sky so enraged, the dead colors of fear embraced each other, to see this rain took the Word that happens to you, do not realize that they are different color for some reason, each has a role to play, no one is better or worse than another, for this reaction will be punished to live together forever, will come out in each Corner of the world as a sign of hope and peace.

In Greek mythology the rainbow leaves another teaching, behind it is the air goddess Iris, the most dazzling Diva of Olympus, a girl with the longest blue hair ever known, able to fly at the speed of light , Its speed and efficiency made it the messenger of the gods.

The goddess of the air is not allowed to see, it is said that to protect her identity makes rain, this way the iris goddess moves around the world without being seen, hides behind the black clouds of the sky, rainbow is the message That the gods send and the iris goddess is the one who writes with colored crayons this message.

Arriving at the place to deliver the message, Iris paints from the sky to the earth colored paths where the words containing the message of the gods sent to the inhabitants of the place slide, for this reason the rainbow is a circle that is born In the sky and dies in the earth.

The rainbow always have the same colors, but vary in intensity according to the message.

When blue predominates it is a message from the gods to the sea to reassure their waters, the consequences of the man are affecting their bases and provoke great tsunami, taking to their peace the lives of innocent people.

When the green predominates it is a message to nature, it asks them to resist and to have patience the actions of the man are killing them.

When yellow prevails the message is directed to the sun to lower the intensity of its heat man-made contaminations are destroying the ozone layer.

When you see the rainbow again remember to look at the color that predominates, so you can decipher the message of the gods and collaborate with actions for the preservation of the environment.

Corrientes like the rest of the world has its own story of the rainbow, foreshadowing our ancestors the Guarani, through the legends were leaving a teaching.

Seven dragonflies of different colors They lived in the jungle Correntina, beautiful bright colors possessed each of them, owners of a majestic beauty, the forest presumed of the existences of these wonders, the Guaraní Indians were inspired in the color of them to paint the history , The chameleon was frustrated by such beauty.

The trees felt pleasure to lend their branches to accommodate this marvels, except one, the thorny tree that never fails, envious of these wonders, pierce the body of one of them, with its sharp thorns, the wound received was mortal.

Grief gained the jungle, the grief was mourning for this disease, the six dragonflies begged for their recovery, after so many supplications the Tupã Tenondete the Guarani god, raised to listen, you want to recover the life of your dragonfly friend and stay Together forever, are able to lay down their lives for her?

No doubt they answered yes, this was a very sad moment for the jungle, the birds, the plants, the flowers the animals, they burst into tears, the sky could not bear so much sadness and began to cry, great drops of rain fell in The place, the clouds became black with mourning.

The Tupa sent a swirling wind, absorbed the seven dragonflies and raised the skies, slowly the calm returned to the jungle, the sky stopped crying, the sun came out shining and bright like never before, in that Instantly the seven dragonflies formed a bridge of bright colors joining the earth with the sky through the rainbow.

This is the message given by our ancestor, the Guaraní Indians through their legend the rainbow, to value the environment, friendship and world peace.

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. José Luis Corrientes Argentina