Maya Legend The Men of Corn

Fuente: Thank you very much dear friends of the Voice for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful Mayan legend that speaks of the creation of the world according to their beliefs, an interesting legend that begins thus.

Before anything, everything was in secrecy, there was absolute silence, there was no earth, no men, nothing that had life, only water and star space, everything was water, water without movement, rivers, seas, oceans, lakes , Marshes all amalgamated making a huge pile of water.

Lobreguez, tranquility and secrecy that was the world in its beginning, there was nothing only the creators and this great quietude. Itzae and Yunuen the parents of the whole universe, the creators, the formators of life, hidden under green and blue feathers, Vivian in the water, the whole universe covered with gentle waters, no one made a noise, no one spoke, not even the Creators of the world, his communications were by telepathy and signs, never said a word, until then.

They were times of change, Itzae and Yunuen began to dialogue with the humans do, started a new language, started the communication, both agreed to talk and consult their thoughts, coincidentally thought the same, tired of the darkness, the waters and The stillness.

They thought and shared their thoughts, the first to create was the hearts of the sky, and so they created Caculhá Hurricane, then Chipi-Caculha and finally Raxa-Caculha the three hearts of the sky.

Then they thought .... That something else had to change, that's how they created the light, now there was light and darkness, what we know day and night, they thought so and so the light was made.

Itzae and Yunuen together contemplated its creation, the first thing to contemplate was the great change between darkness and light, a magical passage, revealing the immensity of the endless blue and green water, then they looked at their other creation, Great changes, but they looked at each other and they lacked more, they talked, they thought and together they decided that it was too much water, something more was missing and that was how they decided to open the water, to make the water one side and to land. So it was said and so it was done.

This was how everything began to change, a great noise as the waters moved, giving rise to the plains and mountains, the valleys, another strong noise when the earth broke to harbor the waters, it was scary to watch the earth crumble, it would seem a Glass when cracked, so the earth was made to harbor all those surplus waters, oceans, seas, rivers, marshes, lagoons and lakes were created, waters that came down from the mountains creating a current to join The waters of the lakes, another intense day of work, soon came the darkness and kingdom the silence.

When the light arrived Itzae and Yunuen gathered together again and together they observed the wonderful land and the great drawing that formed the waters, they did not understand like the water that from the eternity was still and quiet, now had so many movements, they watched the waves of the Seas and oceans, the waters that flow and fall from the mountains and hills, the currents of the river waters that move downstream, marveling and according to the function of water, not so with the earth, something was missing , It was a lot of land, so that together they decided to create the thickets, the trees, the plants, the flowers, the herbs, now if it was a little better, the vivid colors of contrast called attention of Itzae and Yunuen, white lands, black and Red, fused in the predominant green colors of nature, green predominates in contrast to the vivid colors of flowers, now a festival of colors, black seas, green, blue and red, added to the colors of the sky Illuminated by the new light, they looked at each other and there was a unanimous gesture of satisfaction, there are times when words remain, so Itzae and Yunuen understood that all their lives have been communicated like this, but never with this level of satisfaction, And the great silence.

At the arrival of the light the creators together observed their great work, very happy with their creation both looked at each other and something was missing, they looked at the flowers looked beautiful but sad, they had no one to interact with, that's how they created the hummingbirds, Gathered them all and gave a recommendation, now they will fly and make companies to all the flowers of the planet, plow a nest of straw in the bushes and reproduce to visit all the flowers of the planet, that is why hummingbirds fly Quick to be able to visit each flower of the planet, to see this the trees became sad, they saw this the creators and decided to create the birds and they recommended to him to rejoice to the trees with its song, to put their nests of straws on the branches of the trees And will reproduce and visit every tree in the world, seeing this began a great boom all wanted company, the lakes begged company, sent fish and amphibious animals, mountains As did the animals, snakes, iguanas, camels, lions and all the animals of the fauna, caterpillars and butterflies filled with color the universe, they got the goats, the hills and the jungles the felines.

Each of the animals was given precise indication of how to live on earth, where to sleep, how to make their nests and their burrows, that they would feed everything well detailed to keep the peace between the animals, this a work obligatory for Itzae and Yunuen to see that the animals did not reason by itself, this way the darkness returned.

Again the light came and the creators watched their works, they listened as the animals communicated with each other, but they only speak to their species, the birds with whistles and songs, others with roars, others with shouts but no one speaks the language of The creators, this was a reason for reflection.

How to make a being that communicates with us in our own language, they thought of the man, a being who speaks his language, who thinks for himself, is respectful and helpful, who create tools of work to till the earth and Build their homes, all these thoughts came from the heads of Itzae and Yunuen, then they thought of the mud, molded it created the shape of the human, but the night came and could not make this stand, darkness came and The frustration, today was a day lost have not been able to create a people to stand on, much less a thinking being.

Itzae and Yunuen to see the light communicated and thought how to do and in what material to construct the man so that it meets all the qualities that the man needs, while defining his creation they arranged to create the sun, the moon and the stars as a gift for The new man they were going to create, that's how they thought about the wood, they shaped the wood in the form of a man gave life to them, they spoke and they reproduced, but they had failures, they did not reason, they did not think, they could not remember and not remember There was no respect for the creators.

When they saw the error of creation, they asked the three hearts of the sky, Caculha Huracán, Chipi-Caculha, and Raxa-Caculhá to send a deluge to eliminate these humans who did not meet the requirements of man.

Itzae and Yunuen worked hard on the creation of man, tried with various materials the last were built of stones, but were grounded for not knowing or talking or thinking, the world was ready but the final work was missing.

The heads of Itzae and Yunuen thought and shared among them what the error in the creation of the man must have been, thinking and thinking they realized that they had to attack the internal organs of the man, they decided to start with the food, the food created the blood, Gave energy, blood stimulated the brain and the heart that was how corn came in humans.

The supreme Itzae and Yunuen created their masterpiece. The human being with all the qualities we possess, the first created human beings were called Balam-Quitze, Balam-Ahab, Mahucutah and Iqui-Balam, these are the first fathers and mothers of the generation, "Maize men." fuente: Fuente:

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@joseluis! Where did you find these interesting stories? Did you produced it youself? :)) Thank you for you work!

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