Mystical transformation of Dahiana


In the city of Cuenca or city of cobbled streets as it is also known, many years ago lived a very good-looking young son of an illustrious citizen of the town.

The beautiful young man was beginning his life, like a hummingbird flying from flower to flower, testing his nectar, there were no women he did not try, that was how he acquired the reputation of liar, quarrelsome and boastful, something surprising in the village, like A son of an illustrious citizen shit so young terrible fame, as not having inherited the genes of his father.

The young teenager could not with his temperament, he walked behind the beautiful women of the town, once conquered and after satisfying his sexual desire, left without giving any explanation.

One day I came to visit a beautiful girl like the moon, seductive like the ruby, the stranger walks through the cobbled streets, the other women looked with envy their beauty, in addition to beautiful was very nice had a beautiful smile, a sculptural body Full of curves, left all the settlers with the open mouth by its beauty and sympathy.

The boys from Cuenca, every time they saw her they would meet her to greet her and try to enter into a conversation with the beautiful young woman, the young woman shared a brief and very kind greeting with them.

The young gallant had already seen her, waiting for the right moment to advance on the beautiful lady, one day the young woman hunter advanced on the young woman, greeting and introduced herself, she very nice and cordial accepted his greeting and said to be called Dahiana.

Very pleased with his achievement he went to the bar to show off his gallantry before his friends, comment on their brief encounter and said that a second had already stolen the name.

Dahiana was a very awake and clever young man, he saw the beauty of the young man clearly, but he had already taken care of the data of the young beau, and the truth was that his fame did not help him. Again, she knew what Don Juan's intentions were and kept him short so he would not be out of line.

The beautiful young man had inadvertently changed, the beauty of the young woman had captured him, he was stubborn with this beautiful woman, she became the difficult, he became obsessed with the beautiful lady and was willing to do everything to make her fall in Their networks.

Seeing that it was a difficult lady to hunt and motivated by his obsession I take it as a personal challenge, this situation was against his reputation as a conqueror of the people, even went beyond, stopped going to be his nocturnal hunting with his friends.

On the day of the saints, he received a letter from Dina saying: "I wait for you at the Gate of Sorrows. I will be yours in the Night of the Dead. " The young man read the letter and was very surprised by the resounding change of the beautiful young woman.

Unbelievable the situation was very pleased, had come the most awaited moment, was going to win the love of the beautiful woman, the night came dressed in his best clothes and put on fragrance of French fragrance, fragrances that used when the hunt was Very important, dressed elegantly and perfumed went out to hunt such a precious prey, the one that almost made him crazy with his and resistance.

At the moment of his departure a hellish storm broke out, the thunder rumbled the mountainous city, the sky lit up as if it were daylight, it looked at the time and the storm would not give way, it should already be with the beautiful lady.

She looked back at the time, had no time to wait, ran out under the heavy storm, ran across the corners of the streets that separated her from the beautiful woman, from afar she saw her dressed like a princess, her heart beat very hard like If it were an inexperienced teenager.

Her heart was beating louder and louder, her desire for the young woman was growing hot, incredulous of this conquest she walked faster and faster to get where the majestic woman was waiting for him.

She was waiting for him at the entrance, when the desperate young man arrived on the beautiful young woman, she received him with tender kisses, he looked like an inexperienced child in love, desperate began to embrace and kiss the young woman desperately, low His hands and began to caress his legs, was slowly climbing the skirt of the beautiful woman, exposing a beautiful woman's leg.

The thunder and lightning seemed to indicate the end of the world, illuminated the beautiful couple of lovers, were intertwined by their caresses and hugs, the passion of these young people was such that they did not notice the demon storm, whenever the Thunder illuminated the earth drew demonic figures brought about by the shadow of these bonded bodies.

Dahiana entered the game of the young seducer, now she looked like an inexperienced teenager, she was the one who lifted her skirt so that the young man fulfilled his mission, when the young man discovered his precious legs, he saw that he was wearing long socks, the skilful Young man began to remove the stockings to Dahiana, it is that precise moment a light ray fell illuminated the city of the whole Basin and could see the foot of the young woman, who did not seem a foot, rather it looked like hooves and its legs to legs of goat.

The young man could not believe what he had seen, frightened he ran away screaming in terror, in turn the young woman who was not a beautiful woman, but the devil himself, laughed diabolically, heartbroken and energetic laughter that rumbled among the stones of the sanctuary .

The very frightened young man embraced the cross of the door of the Angustias, the devil enraged by his flight rushed on him, in that a strong light falls that the boy closed the eyes, the devil shot a claw with his claws and brush The young man's shoulders, when the young seducer opened his eyes, saw the mark of the claws of the devil marked on the stones of the Cross of Sorrows.

The young frightened save his life from the attack of the devil thanks to that he was able to enter the sanctuary of anguish, say the ancient connoisseurs of the place, the young man never left the sanctuary, I live all his life locked behind the doors of the Angustias.

Nowadays one can observe the famous stone cross of the gates of anguish, that which except the life of the young seducer, you can still see the features of the devil's claw, which was engraved on the cross stone of the sanctuary of the Angustias.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina