Noble tree of my land the thimble


Hello dear friends, thank you for being present and reading my post, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend Guaraní, speaks of the love of a father towards his daughter, a very protective person, in his quest happens an amazing fact.

This is a beautiful love story of a father with his beautiful daughter, teachings and morals that were left behind my ancestors, to protect us and guide us on the right path.

The Guaraní settled in the jungle on the banks of the Paraná River, in a Majestic village lived the chief Saguaá with his beautiful daughter Tacuareé, the young Indians compared their beauty with the orchid flower.

Saguaá and Tacuareé had a great love among them, they loved each other like a father loves their daughter, more than love a devotion for their beautiful Tacuareé, perhaps the overprotection, this was because Saguaá was already great father and by that time already I was a bit old.

The cacique had in mind to hand his daughter's hand to a brave hunter in the village, to form a family and enjoy his grandchildren.

The God of the Guaranies Tupã Tenondete, had a whim, wanted to cross the path of the beautiful lady with another hunter and prepare the right time for their encounters.

The beautiful flower Tacuareé, walked through the thicket, picking flowers and wild fruits to share with his father the chief Saguaá, as I define the Tupa his way crossed with the young handsome hunter, an Indian from a very distant village in search of the Food sustenance for their parents, guided by the Tupã Tenondete arrived to these remote jungles, met the beautiful maiden and both fell in love at the same time, the Guaraní God sent a deafening thunder, to celebrate the meeting of these beautiful young women.

Tacuareé introduced the handsome young man to his father Saguaá, who, when he heard the news, tried to oppose it, although he knew that he had to respect his daughter's decision, a news he never thought he would receive, he worried even more, when he knew the young man's intentions, Carrying with him the beautiful Tacuareé, his dreams of seeing his grandchildren grow dissipated, the distances that separated both villages would prevent him.

The young couple set out on their way to the remote village, Saguaá knew she would not see her daughter for long, but she was comforted to see her daughter very happy.

The days passed, months went by, she missed the beautiful voice and her particular smiles of the beautiful girl, she only encouraged herself saying, Tacuareé should be happy with his beloved, but the days continued to happen if he knew of his daughter.

The calm abandonment to Saguaá felt alone and worried, one night in the middle of a dream did not see his daughter well, woke up distressed with a strong pain in the chest, knew that something was wrong, it was not normal that his daughter did not come To see him, for the love they had, were inseparable, these memories caused a cacique to leave his village and go in search of his daughter.

I prepare a canvas bag, charge food and set off on unknown course, I travel in the hope of finding the remote village.

She started on a long road, walked for days on end, the food was over, she began to feed herself with what nature provided, with much effort she reached the village, but it was destroyed, with signs of violence, like being attacked by Enemy villages.

Saguaá used his instinct and knowledge, went through the village looking for some indication of life, or something that indicates survivors of the savage attack, could see a fingerprints that indicated survivors of the village and in the direction that they were going.

The tracks took him up the mountain, where no one dared to walk, except evil outlaws wanting to hide their identity, food had been exhausted but mother nature always put in its way for their well-being.

Saguaá for several days followed the tracks, came to a place where they disappeared, here and there were no roads, had to walk on the grass, this made the search difficult, as he crouched down and tapped one ear to the ground, wanting Listen to something that indicated the way to get to the beautiful Tacuareé.

He continued to look for his beloved daughter, every now and then he stooped to see if he heard something, hit his ear to the ground, he repeated this operation from time to time, the days continued on their way, advanced as the powerful father advanced in search of his daughter .

I spent a long time and the cacique did not return to his village, formed a contingent of Indians and marched in their search, after much walking, found the dead cacique, was crouched with his ear to the floor.

Great was the amazement in the Guarani Indians, something magical had happened, the ears of the cacique had taken root and was growing a plant, a new plant, not existing until the moment.

This plant grew quickly formed into a large tree, with many branches and a huge, very somber cup, with fruits that resembled ears, the God of the Guaraníes Tupã Tenondete awarded his love for his daughter, allowed to continue living in the land in shape Of a leafy tree.

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The guaraníes called this beautiful tree timbo or Camba Nambí, for the fruits in the form of ears. (Camba means morocho and Nambí ears)

The thimble is a large tree, can reach 30 m in height, the glass is wide and round in shape like an umbrella. It blooms along with spring, has an ear-shaped fruit, you can find these species in Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, the soil must be moist, prefer to be exposed to the sun, it is a soft, very resistant to water, Is used to make openings, carpentry, canoes, sculptures, the Indians used their fruit and bark as soap for their saponin content, they are also used in leather tanneries for their tannin content.

This is in the teachings of our ancestors, parents who must lose their lives to protect the love of a child, every time you see a timbo plant remember the love that joined Saguaá and Tacuareé the beautiful orchid flower.


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José Luis Corrientes Argentina