Original legend The birth of the cornfield

fuente: http://www.hdfondos.eu/imagen/64369/oto%C3%B1o-campo-de-maiz-cosecha-fondo-de-pantalla Hello dear friends of the voice surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend of my people, speaks of two brothers willing to sacrifice for others, one of them will carry out a sacrifice and will start a plant well known in the world Whole, a beautiful story that begins like this.

In my native province of San Juan de Vera of the Seven Currents or the land without evil of the guaraníes, to the side of the river Paraná a village of guaraníes Indians pops up.

This indigenous village was governed by a cacique well-liked by its people, a brave warrior, wanted by his kindness feared for his courage, won the respect of the people by ruling by example, all the inhabitants of the village lived happily and in peace.

The cacique lost his wife when he was very young, he was taken care of by two children, one was called Yaguati and the other Ñambi, the sovereign had to leave the battles to dedicate to take care of his small children.

Life for the cacique was not easy, radically changed his life, step from being a brave warrior to a sovereign cares for children, there is no harm that for good does not come the saying goes, children being in the care of their father inherited and learned To be two brave warriors.

These children lived very happy in the village, the father had given them obligations to fulfill, every morning they went into the jungle to carry out their tasks, they had to harvest wild fruits, honey of lechiguana and to hunt animals to eat, this work was passionate to The brothers Yaguati and Ñambi.

They were great swimmers, at the end of the day they worked to play in the lagoon, they learned to swim very well, they knew all the lakes, lagoons, estuaries and rivers of the forest, in their eagerness to be great swimmers every day looking for waters of More depth, one day they met the enchanted jump, a jump that is about 80 meters high, the first to jump to jump was Yaguati, was considered more daring, to see his brother Yaguati could jump safely was encouraged by throwing himself High, making a perfect nail in the river Paraná.

The brothers Yaguati and Ñambi, went out early every morning to carry out their tasks, walked the narrow paths of red earth, in the direction of the lechiguana honeycomb, on their way they crossed with a jaguar and wanted to prove their courage, Surrounded in a clearing of the jungle, the surrounded animal began to throw claws with their claws, one of them reached the leg of Yaguati, the brave boy when he was injured he rushed on the animal leaving him dead on the grass of the jungle, his Brother could not believe the courage of Yaguati and the speed in liquidating the animal.

Every morning it was a great adventure for these young people to live in the jungle, they started very early before sunrise and they came back full of food when the sun was opposing, the cacique was very proud of his children, they were not only good Boys, they were also brave and hardworking, the whole population worshiped these brave young men.

One morning like every morning they went into the jungle to fulfill their duties, when they finished their duties, the brothers decided to visit the enchanted jump, they could see that the water flow was not the same, the waters were not as brave as Before, made the jump and did not give much importance to the bravery of the water.

As every day they started daring in the jungle without knowing that soon everything was about to change, the tupa had clear intensions with these young people, the tupa works through fate and you never know what destiny holds for you, it works the way Mysterious

The climate began to change, the temperatures became warmer, the heat whipped the children and yearn for the village, the enchanted jump had less water, not to lower water Paraná began to dry, the fish began to die, and There were no fish to feed, the animals migrated in search of a better climate.

The cacique and his sons made offerings to the Tupa to take pity on the inhabitants of the village, the thing became worse and worse, the thicket began to dry, the wild fruits began to scarce, there was no food to feed, one night they performed A great bonfire in the clearing of the jungle, and they all remained united begging the Tupa for his worthy mercy, the Tupa God seemed deaf to so much supplication.

The days passed the weakest children and the anxious sick began to suffer, the river Paraná was only a trickle of water, very concerned the Indians with this situation, when the water was the end of their lives.

The valiant brothers Yaguati and Ñambi began to supplicate to the cries, offering their bodies in sacrifices, they asked the Tupa piedad for its town and instead take the lives of them, The tupa seems not to be present and if not, it does not listen to its supplications .

One morning a stranger appeared in the village, claiming to be the representative of God Tupa, sent to the land in search of a person willing to give his life for others, offer his body in sacrifice, finished the sacrifice the tupa would send water and A plant that would save the inhabitants of the village from death by famine.

The courageous brothers again reiterated their will to sacrifice to save their brothers from the high temperatures, the envoy of the Tupa directed his eyes to the brothers and answered, it is not necessary the sacrifice of the two, which can make the one who is alive Is to seek a sacred place where to bury the body of the other.

The brothers together sought the sacred place, where the body of the chosen one should remain, as always the bravest Yaguati, was the first to offer in sacrifice and the chosen one of the Tupa.

Ñambi said goodbye crying from his beloved brother, that tranquilizer saying that he is always present, not cry, we both know that we are inseparable, said Yaguati and gave the order to begin the sacrifice.

At the end of the sacrifice all the people made a farewell party, asking the Tupa to personally take care of his soul of Yaguati and have him by his side, this was the way to get consolation Guarani Indians before a loss of a relative, hope That the Tupa guides you and gives you asylum on your right in the kingdom of heaven.

Ñambi fulfilled his promise buried the body of Yaguati in the land of the sacred place, in full celebration began a great rain, giving relief to the children and the anxious ones, the temperature began to lower, the rivers began with its bed, the thickness to Greening and from the mound of earth of the tomb of Yaguati, began to leave a small plant unknown until the moment, to which the ansíanos called corn.

The stranger sent by the Guaraní God, returned to earth to ensure the corn plant grew, gathered the Indians of the village and told them. Let us give thanks to the brave Yaguati warrior for his generosity. This plant which they called corn was nourished of the body and spirit of Yaguati, will live forever among you as long as they perform the ceremony of cultivating every year, if so Yaguati will always live Inside you, will feed your body and your blood, since Yaguati lives and feeds the Guaraní Indians.

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