Original Legends (Correntine Beliefs)

Fuente: http://www.taringa.net/posts/arte/13508916/Fallecio-el-pintor-polaco-Kowalski.html The village of my land is very believing in its legends, although it is a civilized and updated city, they do not fail to remember the old customs of the grandmother.

The first day of October is tradition in my land, eat in abundance, no matter the social rank, from the lower, middle or upper class, practice this tradition, this day must cook at least 3 different varieties of food.

The legend of the Karai October, has origin Guaraní, Mr. October in the guarano language, mainly the guaraníes labradores, campesino workers of the earth.

The Karai, or Mr. October, is a short man, with a big hat of broza, dressed in scarfs clothes, has a whip in his hand, an angry man, a man of few words, lives in the dense mountains of the region, on the trees , He spends all year braiding his animal leather whip.

Watch the peasant walk and see his behavior at work, which he sees are lazy, these are the first to be visited.

No one can see it, it is only allowed to see once a year, it comes to the villages to verify that the tradition is fulfilled. Every year on the first day of October, with a whip in hand blowing his whip in the air, a sign of his arrival, ready to hit the doubter, to comply with customs.

During centuries visits the houses of the towns, it arrives until the infernillo of the house to check the fulfillment of the tradition, the matrons of the home they fear and give way to the karai to arrive at the kitchen, its desire is to verify that the pot is full of food.

After a long winter in my province, the vegetables that have not been harvested, is burned by the cold frost, there is a shortage of vegetables, just the first frost passes, you have to start planting, if you want to have vegetables For the end of spring. After the cold, it lacks the grass to feed the animals, it is said that October is a month of lean cows because of the scarce pasture.

Midwives who have not complied with tradition are punished by the goblin, this is established in the home that did not fulfill, throughout the year, demanding the little food that is prepared in the day, the misery and the sequels of them, the Accompanied throughout the year.

The only way to scare the karai is to fulfill the tradition. On the first day of October you have to receive with plenty of food, to inflate the farm, to fan with the lid of a pot the three corners of the ground, leaving a libe, so that There the misery fades away, another way is at dawn, the head of the family with a whip in hand, to strike the corners and expel the Karai.

The elf personifies indigence and scarcity, so the tradition of eating in abundance on the first day of the month, this will leave the scruple of the whole family quiet, those who have not lived up to the tradition, will have to coexist with greed during all year.

It is a teaching to the villager, to provide for the sustenance for his family, so that the dry months do not affect the food of his people, El duende rewards the cautious and lashes the lazy.

Chake chamigo, do not be afraid of Karai, be careful, do not be lazy, watch over your family and nothing will happen to you. I received your day with a karaku jopará.

That is my Corrientes, magical and enchanted places, full of history, legend and paye, beautiful guainas and the warmth of their people, helpful, happy, waiting to share stories of their land. fuente: http://dogma-argentina.com.ar/a-cuidarse-de-el-pombero/ http://avefenix.fullblog.com.ar/karai-octubre-la-leyenda.html

José Luis Corrientes Argentina