Peruvian legend The Rimac River


Hello dear friends of the voice, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of very good brothers of good heart who decide to make a sacrifice for others.

Long ago the sun god also known as Inti. He lived with his children in Eden, one of his sons, a boy with a privileged and benevolent physique called Rimac, loved to go down to earth and wander alongside humans.

Rimac was well known and loved on earth, he loved people with their stories, always very well received and accompanied.

The inhabitants waited anxiously for the return of Rimac, eager to hear their stories, it had been a long time since the last time they came to visit, they were anxiously awaiting the return of a young man, but the child prodigy did not appear, Everyone worried wondered ... What is What happens ?, it is not common to be absent for so long!

The days have passed, there was no news of the young man, the earthly friends missed their anecdotes, the heat began to lash out at the oceans, the plants and flowers could not withstand the high temperatures, the water began to evaporate, to live in The land became unbearable, sick children and the elderly were thirsty.

At a meeting of gods Rimac was attending, being bored looking out of the window of Eden toward the earth, something attracted his attention, saw the fields dry near the ocean, all nature looked dry, animals and humans suffered Of thirst.

The gods were warned by Rimac, they congregated before their father, requested their divine intersection and pitied of the men and animals of the earth.

The sun god replied to his heirs, that this request was out of reach, the clear laws clearly dictated it, you can only get the fluid of life with a sacrifice of a being of blue blood.

A silence overwhelming kingdom in the room, only a very soft vos broke the silence, the vos de Chaclla, the most beautiful of daughters of the sun.

"Father, I offer myself for the sacrifice," Chaclla said.

Rhyme, who was the most kind, rested on his knees before the sun god and begged to be the one who would make the sacrifice.

The beautiful girl objected, giving a good reason, father please! It must have been me who made the sacrifice! No one will miss me, as far as Rimac, look with your own eyes as humans miss the stories he knows how to give to the population.

Again Rimac interrupted his sister's talk with the sun god, father please do not listen to my sister, she is young does not know what she says.

The god Inti, I made a decision summoning the anxious sages to a meeting, asked to define who would have the honor to sacrifice, clarifying that whatever was the result of that meeting should be respected, the young brothers agreed.

The anxious sages gathered, began a long and exhausting deliberation, some opted for the young people opted for Rimac, while the drought worsened on the land, seeing this situation they yearned, they decided that the two young people sacrificed to ensure The success of the sacrifice.

The anansans made a decision transmitted the result of the meeting to the sun god, with resignation Inti had to accept the proposals of the wise.

A great celebration was organized to offer the sacrifice, the brothers were directed to the altar of the sacrifices and proceeded with the divine offering, consummate the facts, the bodies and the souls of the young people went up to the clouds creating a great rain, those that fell On the earth, appeasing the heat and returning the thickness to its normality.

The inseparable siblings perched on the clouds made it rain for several days, from the distance two clouds could be seen on the top of the mountain, making water fall on the top of the hill, turning into a river that descended from the hill and merged in the waters Of the ocean.

The rains lasted a month, during which time the brothers' transformation took place, Challa became rainwater and Rimac in an imposing river.

The Peruvian historians tell us that if you sit on the banks of the Rimac River, you can hear soft and soft human voices that emerge from the waters of the river, they say that it is the young Rímac narrating their stories, which is why To the Rio Rímac they call it the talkative Rio.



Jose Luis Corrientes Argentina