Popular fable Peter and Paul and the money bag

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Hello dear friends of the voice, thank you very much for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful fable, speaks of two friends who leave daily to walk in one of their walks find something valuable, greed will divide the friendship and One of them will learn a lesson, a good story that begins like this.

Long ago, but a long time, in an old town lived two men very good friends, they were well-known to go walking together daily, one of them was called Pedro and the other Pablo, one day.

When spring came they walked like always talking about the day to day, both felt comfortable with each other, they got along very well, they always talked about their things, both counted and the other appreciated the story of his friend.

From afar Peter saw something that caught his eye.

Look at that Pablo! It's a leather bag

To whom it is opened fallen?

What will you have inside?

Come quickly let's look!

Pablo stared intently at the strange bag.

Come on, maybe I have something of value! I answer Pablo

They hurried up and took the bag with their hands, it was tied with a rope, untied, great was the surprise when they saw what it contained inside the bag.

They could not believe it, a bag full of gold coins.

Oh, look, Peter, how lucky we were! Paul exclaimed, very pleased with the find.

To Pedro this comment did not cause him thanks and I answer his friend with contempt.

How lucky were we?

What do you mean, how lucky we were?

Sorry, the one who saw the bag was me, so the money is mine. Said Pedro

Paul could not believe Peter's attitude, but how? Not that we are friends! Paul thought, but since he was a good person, do not object to Peter's decision.

They began to walk, but this time without speaking, Pedro walked very happy, poor Pablo displeased with the decision of his supposed friend.

Within a few minutes of resuming the walk, in the distance they saw a band of delinquents on horseback, long before they could react they had at their side to steal their belongings, the ringleader of the band saw that Pedro tried to hide the bag Leather.

Check this well, in the right hand hidden something, I play the life that carries that bag full of money, said the boss in a strong and threatening voice.

The thieves left Pablo unchecked and dedicated themselves to register Pedro well, very interested in the money bag, Pablo took advantage of the situation and left the group, Pedro had to bank the record because he was surrounded by the five thieves, Pedro I saw how slowly Pablo was leaving, then I scream.

Now we are lost! These men are going to leave us with nothing!

What do you mean, we're lost?

You took care of me to know that the treasure was yours, now yours is the problem with these people, because I continue my way. Pablo said

Pablo returned the way and quickly left the place.

Meanwhile the selfish man tried to resist the robbery of the bag, could not fight with the five evildoers, beat him everywhere, plundered the bag of money and left him thrown on the floor with bruises of the great beating.

I lay for a while on the floor, long enough to think about what had happened, realized the terrible mistake he had made, for his greed not only lost all the money, he also lost a good friend.

Moral: If in the good times you do not behave well with your friends, do not expect the bad times to help you.

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