Popular legend corn of happiness

Fuente: http://www.granma.cu/cultura/2015-01-07/el-campo-a-flor-de-piel Dear Friends of the Voice, thank you for supporting my work, surfing the web, I came across this beautiful legend, it speaks of a very humble family, a hard-working mother sacrificed for her children, begging for a great gift that will change her life, Beautiful story that begins like this.

Long ago in a distant village lived a couple with five small children, a very humble family, lived up to date with little and no frills, they faced the situation with the small corn cultivation that they had in their house.

Every day, the lady harvested, harvested and ground the corn, with the flour prepared bread and cakes to feed the family, in the afternoon they sold the corn in a food center to earn some coins.

The poor woman worked all day, started before sunrise and ended when she was opposing, the woman was exhausted by so much work, however her husband was quite vague, was in the care of children but when attending school He was free to walk all morning.

One morning the poor woman went to clean the barn, cleaning it checked that the marlos were loaded with corn kernels, this was cause for happiness, but found that the quantities would not reach for consumption and much less to sell in the food market .

The poor woman, very worried, sat very sad and began to cry. She cried disconsolately, there was no consolation for this poor woman.

How was he going to feed his family? Without maize she could not produce flour, without flour there would be no food for her five children, the solution would be for her husband to start working in the crop, but she was very vague, she only went for a walk and wasted time, very sorry for the situation He was almost powerless to continue.

Without further strength she fell to her knees on the floor, crying, I implore God to please help her continue this sacrifice.

Looking up into heaven, he turned to God.

Please sir! I ask you to help me, give me strength to continue, well you know my five children depends on me and I no longer have the strength to continue, I know I can not lower my arms, please help me.

In a corner of the barn something shone brightly, the woman looked at that light but did not give much importance, attributed it to strong rays of the sun shining on some metal from the barn.

The mother of the children cried without consolation, crying until she had no tears, took her shirt and dried her tears, her eyes were irritated by tears, looking at the corner saw the glow continued, this left her surprised and perplexed, looked towards The barn door and did not see the sun, was covered by clouds, as it could be wondered the woman.

Very perplexed and stealthy she approached the corner of the barn, every time she approached the light it became more intense, she had to look down to keep her sight, great was her surprise when she discovered that it was a great golden corn, Its grains were of gold from which came the intense rays of light.

The poor woman looked at the heavens and thanked God for hearing his words, took the golden marlo, wrapped it in a cloth not to show off with the treasure, running went in search of her husband.

I arrived home and found her husband sleeping peacefully, happy life, he had no idea what was happening in the house, lived his world killing time.

The poor desperate woman woke up her husband and told with luxuries of details what had happened, I tell her how I implore God and he hears her prayers, showing the beautiful marlo of golden corn, the husband for the first time paid attention to what he said His wife, when he heard his words, was ashamed; he understood that he had left all his work alone; while he was passing the great life, he understood that God compensated his wife for being a hard worker, a good mother and a sympathetic wife.

From that day the man changed completely, he began to work helping in the corn plantation, collaborating more with his wife.

They sold the gold ear for a lot of money, which they used to furnish their home, they bought a campito to plant more corn, the children grew happy and without necessities, the golden corn brought happiness.

fuente: https://maizbolivia.wordpress.com/ Fuente: http://www.mundoprimaria.com/cuentos-populares/la-mazorca-oro/ José Luis Corrientes Argentina