Popular legend (customs of the East).

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Dear friends of the Voice, thank you very much for supporting my work surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of a brave warrior who knows love and decides to change his life to accompany his true love, destiny works mysteriously And something unexpected will happen, a beautiful legend that begins like this.

Long ago but long ago, in the land of the Far East, the sky had ten suns, when they did not agree and all came out, it was impossible to live, the heat burned everything in its path, it destroyed vegetation, animals and humans More vulnerable.

A courageous warrior named Hou Yi, he had an incredible strength, he possessed a great bow and arrow, with which he defended his nation, seeing as they suffered children and old people by the intense heat, climbed the mountain of Kunlun, took his bow and cargo with arrows And one was killing the remaining nine suns, to the survivor sun assigned a schedule of departure and entry to benefit humans, so was how the brave warrior Hou Yi earned the respect and love of his people.

A beautiful woman named Chang E, fell madly in love with the courageous warrior Hou Yi, the couple felt very good and happy, finally married into a beautiful family.

The warrior abandoned the battles to put a school of shooting to the target with arrows, now the warrior was dedicated to teach, to hunt and to accompany his beautiful wife.

Among the disciples of Hou Yi there was a man named Peng Meng, this man was not well seen in the village for being a bad person, but Hou Yi this did not know and very confident had him in his nearest group.

One morning Hou Yi decided to visit some friends in Kunlun Mountain and coincided with the goddess Wang Mu, this took the opportunity to honor his courage before the suns delivering a pill, if he took it would achieve eternal youth, would be a divine being and It would ascend to the heavens.

The warrior took the pill with his hands and kept them, he did not want to be a divine being and ascend to the skies without the company of his beloved wife, when he arrived home gave the pill to his beloved to take care of her, without comment With his wife the magic effects of the pill.

Peng Meng who learned of the existence of the magic pill and seeing that Chang E was the one who kept the pill, decided to think a plan to steal and become immortal.

Peng Meng hoping that Hou Yi went out to hunt with his disciples, he pretended a disease did not attend the hunt and stayed, I take advantage of the absence of Hou Yi came to his house and forced to E Chang to deliver the pill, the young woman knowing that no Could fight with this bad person, without knowing its effects decided to swallow the pill to not deliver to Peng Meng.

At the same instant the body of Chang E took a heavenly form and rose to heaven.

Chang E very concerned about her beloved husband, decided to pose on the moon to be closer to his beloved Hou Yi.

When Hou Yi returned home he was informed of all that had happened, listening to the news in anger and went to look for Peng Meng, but the very coward had fled, very angry without being able to avenge his wife back home , Screaming desperately the name of his beloved wife looking at the sky.

At nightfall he could see the moon very different, shone more usual, in the middle discovered a figure very similar to Chang E, desperate began to shout the name of his beloved wife, ran and ran behind the moon with the intention of Reach it with the hand, but the more the moon ran, the farther it went, the more effort it took to reach it.

As I could do nothing to change or remedy things, Hou Yi placed a large table in his garden, where he deposited the fruits and the favorite foods of Chang E, so that in the absence of humans he could go down to enjoy his favorite foods. Was the way to express his love for the beautiful young immortal.

Soon the information flowed into the village, seeing the people Chang E had become immortal, venerated her, putting offerings in their gardens, they asked for peace and prosperity for the people.

This was how it became very popular in the Orient, the customs of worshiping the moon.

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