Popular Legend of the gift that received the ocean

fuente: http://www.mirartegaleria.com/2016/08/cuadros-de-paisajes-romanticos-playeros.html Hello dear friends of the voice, thank you very much for supporting my work, browsing the web I cross with this beautiful legend speaks of the sun and moon, many years ago lived on earth, after some facts will have a great change a beautiful story That starts like this.

This apologue are teachings of African anans, according to legend long ago the sun and moon were very confident, very good friends, they got along so well that they decided to live together, they built a great house, very beautiful and comfortable.

They enjoyed their lives in this new home, despite being very different and having different schedules of their obligations were complemented very well.

The sun had obligations to fulfill during the day and the moon worked at night, was very little in time that could share, but still managed to be happy.

They shared their days as two good friends, the weather was scarce but of very good quality, one day the sun made a comment to the moon.

I want to invite our lifelong friend to the Ocean, I would like to visit us and spend a few days together, we have not done it for some time and I think it is time to meet, what do you think? I consult the sun to the moon.

The enchanted moon accepted this suggestion, it was she who insisted that this meeting be soon, she remembered some experiences that had shared the three, some anecdotes and some mischief they have committed as children.

The enchanted sun took a little time to visit his great ocean friend, anxiously awaiting his spare time to visit his friend, meanwhile was content to remember past experiences.

I arrive the day, the sun visited the ocean, Hello my great sun friend! Said very happy the ocean, the sun answered I come to make you an invitation and comment some news, first I want to invite you to come to know my new home, second I want you to know that I went to live with the moon, hearing this the ocean set Very happy, I congratulate your sunshine friend for the two beautiful news, then answered you know that I feel very honored by this invitation, I am very grateful, but this time I have to say that I can not attend.

What a shame to hear this said the sun, the truth that so much wanted your visit, we spent with moon talking several days and remembering anecdotes that we have lived the three, if only you could see the beautiful and huge house we have built to receive our friends , Although more than a day and remember together beautiful moments shared.

Look, it's not that I do not want to go, I would love to say the ocean, it's because of my size, it's that I've become so big, I'm difficult to accommodate in one place, it happens to me all the time, I want to leave, but where to go with this size , If you knew how frustrating it is not to find a place to go without conditioning your size.

In my house you will not find that problem said the sun, with moon we have built our home thinking of all our friends, that is the reason why our house is so big, everything is thought and ordered so that our friends could enter.

When I heard these words, the ocean leapt with joy, I had not gone out for many years, only a fool would miss an invitation like this, wait for me tomorrow to go home to visit them.

That's it, that's the way the sun says, we'll wait for you tomorrow, remember you do not have to bring anything, you just have to come after sunrise.

The next morning at dawn the ocean showed up at his friends' house, he was amazed at how huge the house was, the sun and the moon were waiting for him at the door of his house, the ocean impatient Already wanted to know the house of his friends inside, a great reception gave the ocean, the moon embraced the ocean in an interminable embrace, could not believe how much he had grown.

The very kind sun welcomed your home, step please do not stay outside said to his friend, opening the door completely so that he can access the ocean, please pass repeated the sun, the ocean began to enter his home, Only half filled with water from the house of the sun, water reached the waist of the sun and the moon, they had to raise a little to not be under the water.

Look, I do not know if I can enter, I just set foot and we're full of water, said the ocean, I'd better go and come back another day, said the poor ocean sadly.

The moon did not accept and answered, stay calm there is room for everyone, it passes and we settle, the ocean continued with its entrance, the level of the water continued to rise, the waters began to leave the windows, the sun and moon continued to rise for Give way to the waters, the ocean very embarrassed I said, I told you that it was impossible to enter, there is no place that can accommodate me, the sun answered, do not make trouble, it happens that somehow we will not fix, He encouraged the sun to his great ocean friend.

The ocean continued to enter the house of his friends, the house was so filled with water, that the sun and the moon had to rise so as not to drown, without realizing they reached the sky.

This was how the three friends had a beautiful friendship meeting, they remembered many things from the past, children's experiences, teenage stories, even some mischief, the ocean is happy with the house of their friends, the moon and the sun from the sky They watched as his house disappeared under the ocean and he was happy to see it, he had not left for many years because of his size.

The sun and the moon to see their friend very happy the ocean, they presented the great land that corresponded to it, of course the ocean did not want to accept, but the moon insisted and reassured the ocean saying look at the positive side you are going to Being there we are comfortable here, we are going to see each other every day, we are not going to miss another minute of our lives.

The ocean understood the proposal that towards the moon, it was more was right, he was happy and comfortable with this new place, his friends were comfortable as well, he could ask for more, a place to live and friends close to share.

So it was as a great friend to accommodate the stars, the sun and the moon in the sky, the comfortable ocean beneath his great friends.

The almighty seeing the good action of the sun and the moon granted them a gift for their good friendship, gift the stars and other planets with whom to share friendship. From that day they lived happily ever after.

With these simple stories of the African anansens, you can understand the incomprehensible things, the eclipses of sun and moon, the sunsets in which we can observe them together in the sky, are only excuses of the stars to spend more time together and enjoy their Beautiful friendship

These were the forms that had the anxians of Africa to teach their descendants the construction of the planet and the location of their stars, the heavens, the stars, the planets and the wide ocean that occupies much of our land.

Fuente: http://jfblueplanet.blogspot.com.ar/2013/02/amor-celestial-la-leyenda-del-sol-y-la.html Fuente: http://www.mundoprimaria.com/mitos-y-leyendas-para-ninos/la-casa-del-sol-y-la-luna/ José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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