Popular legend (the birth of the nocturnal bird)

fuente: http://www.mirartegaleria.com/2014/02/pinturas-de-paisajes-con-cascada.html Thank you very much dear friend of the voice, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of two brothers who live in the middle of the forest, the sister is a bad person, so is punished for his character, a beautiful story that It starts like this.

The Urutaú in a nocturnal bird of prey, is very popular in the northwest of Argentina, is very common to see it alone, has a sinister song, a very popular Quechua belief.

In a mountain of Santiago del Estero live two brothers, a boy and a young lady, the young man was very industrious with a good heart, he built with his own hands a little house where he and his sister lived, a beautiful little house but very cozy.

The young man works in the woods cutting down trees for a sawmill, at the end of his work day he brought home wild fruits and some animal that he hunted with his trap, the fruits and the animals that he hunted were the sustenance to eat.

The girl was neither the shadow of the young man, she was totally opposed to the character of the boy, he did not like doing the housework to keep the house clean and tidy.

A disgruntled and inconsiderate girl never bothered to receive her brother with the food prepared.

One afternoon the young man returned very tired of his work, the work of logging was very exhausting, when he arrived at his home he sat down in an old wicker chair and asked his sister if he could please prepare a cooked mate, Say nothing but very badly was to comply with the order, when the infusion was ready reached his brother, this very grateful rose to take the cup, the very evil before giving his brother the infusion cup spilled all over Liquid to the floor.

The next day the young man went to work as usual, was at work and could not stop thinking about the strange situation that happened with his sister the night before.

Another day after a long day of work came exhausted, did not have the strength to prepare his meal and asked his sister please if he could prepare something to eat, just like the previous time, the sister without saying anything but very bad He went and prepared the dinner, reached his brother, this very grateful rose to take the plate, very old before giving his brother the plate of meals, overturned the food to the floor.

At dawn, with the first rays of the sun very angry, the boy went to work, he only had the head to think about the conflict with his sister, despite having talked to her she did not get him to answer what was the reason for his actions.

The young man who was very good no longer knew what to think or how to act, and said in you low ...... I go out early to work, I return home with fruits of the forest and meats to eat, not annoying, I ask nothing, except when I'm very tired, "said the boy," always on your way down while continuing to fulfill your duties at work.

The Quechua god carefully observed the situation, the young hardworking man did not give up and tried to have his sister change, he talked to her and asked to please tell him that he had done it so that she would react like this, maybe she did something wrong without realizing it, She was immune to his words, turned and went to sleep without saying anything.

As the Quechua God saw, the devil also did, one day I entered the poor boy's head and began to whisper, to know how many things he whispered in the young man's ear to make such a drastic decision to punish his sister.

One afternoon he left early to work, went straight to his house, did not stop to pick the berries, came to his house and found his sister in a good mood, take advantage of the situation and invite the forest to seek wild fruits.

He took her along an unknown road until she reached the middle of the mountain, led her up the tallest tree in the forest, then climbed up behind her, standing in the treetop, the young man began to descend and, That the wicked girl could not go down, I finished going down and without looking at her sister, she went to her house and left her on the top of the tree, the young girl screamed and begged, but he did not listen.

When night came the girl was scared to death by the murky noises of the forest, she was alone in the darkness of the forest, had enough time to reflect on her bad attitude, at one point she looked down and saw her feet Transformed into bird claw, then his winged arm then filled with feathers all over his body leaving like a great bird.

Punishment of the Quechua God for his bad manners and his lack of love, I condemn her to cry like a bird, in the overwhelming silence of the nights you can hear her cries that says "Turay ... Turay!", Which in Quechua language means " Brother ... Brother! ".

Fuente: http://elcuartorebelde.blogspot.com.ar/ Fuente: http://historiasdesdelaraiz.blogspot.com.ar/2007/07/el-kakuy-leyenda-quechua.html José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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