Popular legend (The clothes borrowed)

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Hello dear friends of the voice, thank you for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of a bird that must attend a great celebration and does not have clothes, the other solidarity birds will collaborate and this haystack will behave Evil with them, a beautiful story, which begins thus.

This is a legend of Puerto Rico, in the world there are many types of owls but there is a very special very singing, that variety of owl is called Múcarito, is the smallest of the variety of owls, has tiny eyes and only inhabits in The islands of Puerto Rico.

The Owl is special and very shy, hides by day and can only be seen at night, if you continue reading you will know why.

Long ago in a Caribbean island, in the beautiful forests of palm trees, there were beautiful and fun parties, all the animals attended, sang, danced and had a wonderful time.

The parties were held regularly, so they had to organize the preparations in turn, so did not fall all the effort in a single animal, some of the parties touched that organize the birds.

The birds came from different places from the smallest to the largest to an immense meeting, the objective to coordinate the work and ensure that the party was perfect, the main task was to distribute the invitations, so they had to destine to the bird Better prepared for this important work, everyone agreed that it must be the eagle.

Very happy to be chosen, the eagle flew home by house, giving the invitations, one of the last ones to receive the invitation, the Owl, I arrived at the tree where the little bird lived, I entered without calling and found the Owl totally naked.

"I did not mean to bother you," said the eagle, trying to fix the macana that had been ordered.

Good morning, little friend! I bring the invitation for the next animal festival to be held in the forests of the island.

The little bird received the news a little bit off, did not even bother to take the invitation and much less read it.

Well OK! Put it on the table, thank you for bringing it. The bird said

The eagle noticed the situation and was very concerned about what he had seen, could not leave without trying to give a hand.

Forgive my friend that I meddle, but I see you very fallen and if you did not realize you are all naked, or is that you have no clothes to wear, said the eagle. The little bird bowed his head in shame and answered.

The truth is I do not have a simple shirt, I want to apologize to everyone but in these conditions not being able to attend the animal festival.

The eagle was mute and did not know what to say, very distressed said goodbye to the little Owl, on arrival organized a meeting to report the bad situation that the little bird was going through.

I have found all naked and very bad of spirit, I fear for the health of our little friend said the eagle, the rest murmured and talked to each other, the eagle took the post and said.

We must do something immediately, we can not leave it to our dear friend, we must find the way to attend the party, this will brighten your day and will pass the fallen.

The most chubbier of all birds, the green parrot was the first to say a few words, I am accustomed to the eagle, we will all help the Owl and I came up with a brilliant idea.

Each one of us will take a pen, we will gather all and make a suit to measure, we will give the small bird with only one condition, at the end of the party gives us the pen to each of us, what do you think? I ask the parrot

All the birds agreed, each one removed a feather from its plumage and gave the eagle to order to make the suit for the little owl, once finished, the eagle flew swiftly to the house of the Owl.

When I reached the tree where the little bird lived I knocked on the door, the Owl answered the door and met the eagle.

What happened you forgot something, said the Buhito.

Take this is for you, all the birds have taken a pen and we made this colorful suit so you can attend the party, the eagle replied.

Thank you very much, the truth makes me very happy and that nice suit, I try it right now, said the little bird.

If it is beautiful, you only have to know one thing, at the end of the party you will have to return to each owner his pen, you agree?

Yeah right! Thank you very much, the truth makes me very happy it will make me very well to attend the party.

All week he spent trying on his new suit, took his scissors and his needle and corrected some details to fit perfectly.

He spent all day looking at the mirror, he boasted in his new suit, he looked very good, he was flattered by how well he had left. It seems to me or in this suit I look more cute, said in a low voice Buhito.

When they arrived at the party all the birds were mute with the elegance of the little owl, their appearance aroused a real interest in all the birds, many of the guests came to light the fine demeanor and how well it looked.

His elegance had captured the attention of all the females of the different species, they fell in love with the little owl.

The Owl noticed the situation, perceived the females in love, walked around the party, made sure no one remained without seeing it.

This was the best party I had ever lived, I danced, I chatted, I had a delicious meal, I had not enjoyed it for many years, but nothing was everlasting, the party was ending there, he remembered his promise to return every pen to his owners, , He did not want to return the clothes that he had very well, how to do to live without it, the owl wondered.

The guests began to withdraw from the party, soon there would be no one left and he would have to return the feathers, something bad would take over his mind, decided to leave the side door and not return the feathers to their owners, slipped away avoiding being seen and He slipped away in the woods.

The party came to an end, the music stopped ringing, the waiters began to lift the tables, the birds that lent their feathers to the little bird looked for it all over the corners and could not find it, waited a couple of hours but the bird Did not appear, they realized that the little owl had escaped with his feathers, some went out to look for the Owl, but could not find it even in his treehouse, they never heard from him again.

They tell the old wise men of the island although many years passed, today the birds of the island of Puerto Rico seek the Owl to return their feathers, but the Owl sneaks very well and only goes out at night so that no one can find it .

Now you know because the Owl is very shy and only goes out at night.

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José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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