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Hello dear friends of the Voice, thank you very much for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend speaks of a beautiful Guarani indigenous who possessed the power to communicate with the plants, lived very happy and quiet until the arrival of the Settlers, a beautiful story that begins like this.

In the heart of the missionary jungle there was a hidden village of Guarani, in which an Indian woman called Irati lived, Mother Nature was not good to her, I did not accompany her with beauty, so things were understood to make her ugly. An Indian-like countenance, well-marked features and cheekbones of brown teas, fibrous bodies and hands.

Irati, had the gift of communicating with nature, lived her days in the jungle, since she was a girl, she traveled every corner of the place, she knew every tree, her bird, flowers, lakes and rivers, she loved with an unmistakable passion for her land.

He lived life for his jungle, received the first rays of the sun in the clearings of the forest, dedicated his Indian songs to the thicket, the sleeping flowers opened their petals to hear his song, the nightingale was ashamed when he heard his voice, his songs were He ascended to the sky, giving joy to the sun, so the hours passed in an immense tranquility, broken only by the sweet sound of his trinar, with his song he dismissed the day and received the dim light of the beautiful moon.

Irati sang and paralyzed the jungle, the animals calmed down, the birds perched on the treetops to delight their song, the water of the river remained calm and serene, to lead silently in the enchanted jump in the ravaged earth.

Thus my ancestors lived immensely in the tranquility, until one day the white man burst his tranquility, I rob the most precious of my land, its thickness, its tranquility.

The colonizers advanced destroying beautiful native plants of the place, noisy weapons frightened the yaguareté to the tapir and the suindá, those that today is difficult to find.

The Guarani resisted, Irati fought as a man, faced the bravest, never saw Irati in that state, took out the jaguar that he had inside, fighting tirelessly, saw his brothers die, this gave him more courage and bravery, defended tirelessly Welfare of her jungle, her brothers fell defeated, she a fierce tough to tame, fought to fade.

This was how it was captured by the colonizing invaders, a small group of survivors and Irati, were tied to a stick with jungle lianas, at dawn when fatigue overcame the guard, Irati talked to nature and asked the lianas Unleashed, they did so, released from their mooring, silently approached the guard, killed the unprepared and fled the jungle inside.

The colonists soon saw her absence and went out in search of her, the very skilled knew every place to hide, it would be an impossible mission for the invaders to meet.

The anger reigned the place, the white men began to destroy the forest, to see the extermino Irati decides to surrender and with his life to protect the nature.

She was tried and sentenced to death at the stake, the Indian trait marked was tied to a large leaf tree, placed firewood at her feet and set it on fire, the flames were soon to rise by the change of the tree in turning the body of Irati with the flames, formed a great flare, Irati began to sing in an angelic way, saying goodbye to his jungle, his voice moved the night and the sunlight responded to his song, illuminated the place as if it were day, seeing The fire the fury of the sun extinguished its flames, those that surrounded the Indian.

As the fire extinguished for the astonishment of the present, the brown body of the Indian became one with the trunk of the tree and began to sprout red flowers like fire.

Nature for the value of the Indian girl as a gift turned her into a beautiful flowery tree, with green leafy leaves and passion red flowers, like the heart of the girl who love her jungle with a lot of passion, that was her prize, Which in life did not succeed, after living it lived, lives as the most beautiful tree on earth.

This is the precedent of the tree of the ceibo, stands out in the thicket of the forest, taking root in all my Argentina, represents the pure soul of my ancestors.

This Tree is the living history of my ancestors, keeps alive the history of noble men who fought to death to preserve the Argentine jungle. Fuente: http://jardinbotanico.montevideo.gub.uy/node/10/coleccion/cuentos-y-leyendas-de-nuestrta-flora-nativa/leyenda-de-la-flor-del-ceibo Fuente:https://sinalefa2.wordpress.com/2012/11/28/la-leyenda-de-la-flor-del-ceibo/

José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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