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Hello, my dear friends, thank you for supporting my work, surfing the web, I cross with this beautiful legend, since there was a lot of sun a long time ago, this caused great damage, until a brave archer in the company of a great animal Would solve this great problem, a beautiful story that begins like this.

Millions of years ago the planet was not as we know it, our solar system was composed of eight suns.

This was a celebration, there were no cloudy days, always a sun was available, the inhabitants boasted of their solar system, plants flowers, animals and insects lived their days intense and happy with the valuable contribution of the sun.

Everything was in perfect condition until the suns began to boast, each sun felt more important than the other, began a dispute between the stars, an internal competition for the quality of solar rays, the brightness and the intensity of the heat.

This dispute was what provoked ................

In its beginnings there was no inconvenience, lived joyful with the eight suns, over the years things have been changing, living with a solar system that was difficult to carry, the light began with more intensity, the heaviest heats, as Over the years everything intensified, which was a benefit ceased to be.

The inhabitants could no longer continue to live in these conditions, in the autumn all the leaves that were dried would ignite, the same happened with the weeds and the dry branches, nothing could be exposed to the sun without being affected.

The glaciers began to disappear, this caused a great flood, the inhabitants frightened by the flood, the sun did their thing, more intense evaporated the abundant waters, obvious that this did not solve things, this worse !, the oceans, seas, Rivers and every source of water evaporated, trees, plants, flowers began to wither, animals found no shrubs to cover the sun, no source of food, grass dried, everything was chaos.

That wonderful planet was only a memory, the land dried up in arid and desert land, the rivers and seas were only a cave, everything that had life was about to collapse to the verge of extinction.

In one place in Asia, a group of anxious sages began to deliberate, the situation was unsustainable, the eight suns were out of control, it was no longer beneficial to have eight suns in our solar system, something would have to be done ...... .., but what?

A great meeting was held, all the anxious sages of the planet met, a meeting to debate and to agree a solution to the problem of the solar system, the ansans agreed that a single sun should reign, this would be a true solution to the problem, but as do what?

In the village of Asia the information of the last meeting of the sages was soon spread, everyone knew the news and the will to have only one sun, but how would they do it? That was the question

A very daring young man of quick thinking suggested building a giant crossbow with large and sharp arrows, summoning the best archer in the world to shoot his arrows at the suns and thus intimidate the suns to leave our solar system.

This was not the best solution to the problem, but if the only one, all the inhabitants thought it was a good idea.

As it was the idea of ​​the young man had to travel to an inhospitable place in search of the brave warrior, who should shoot the arrows with the crossbow scaring the suns.

I arrive at a remote town, I call your attention the size of the houses, door of very high madreras with superior banners, great ditches were placed before the houses, to enter each home should pass for a great bridge, the young one felt small before The size of the houses, carried a paper with the indications of how to reach the home of the brave warrior, after so much walking found the house he was looking for.

I hit the big door, answered a giant man's call, the young man asked for the warrior, this gentleman made him pass and asked to be comfortable, while he calls the goalkeeper, draws his attention the wide corridors of the interior of the house and altitude Of the dwelling, in a few seconds the archer appeared before him, a man bigger than the previous one just to see him intimidated.

The news is faster than the people, the archer had already received the news and waited anxiously for this meeting, received the indications of the young man and departed for the Asian village.

Everyone in the village waited for the brilliant archer, life was unsustainable by the heat of the sun, they were braver than ever, to ensure a successful mission prepared a great tower of wood, this would bring as close as it could to the suns.

The young man arrives with the giant archer, without wasting time preparing the great crossbow and taking seven arrows, he checked them one by one, to ensure that they have the necessary edge.

The archer climbed the wooden tower and with great effort stretched the crossbow and released the first arrow, was a sure shot, when receiving the impact of the arrow the sun was frightened and disappeared from the sky, when the population heard a great Shouts and applause of happiness, this encouraged even more the giant, again tightly stretched the crossbow and released the arrow with the same fate as the previous one, now only giving six soles, so repeated each operation with luck of accurate impact until it was A single sun in the sky, the young man was not mistaken, he found the best archer in the world.

All the population celebrated the success of the operation, they were so entertained that they did not realize that the eighth sun also hid, the party lasted all afternoon and part of the night.

The hours passed, the darkness continued, the sun did not appear, the inhabitants tired of so much sun did not give much importance, but something unexpected happened, the days passed the planet cooled the temperatures began to fall, the glaciers began to appear, the Darkness was very abundant and gloomy.

The inhabitants there understood the situation, could not live without the sun, began to think that they could do to solve this, the weakest began to cry, pleaded, begged the last sun to return, but the sun was very scared, feared that the Archer can do him harm.

Again the anxieties gathered to deliberate the situation, this was getting worse every day, as usual this hard meeting several days, the population waited anxiously for the decision of the wise, everyone agreed that this could not continue, something had to be done . But what?

That was the question, what to do to solve the problem that stalks the population, as the previous time the news ran quickly, again a young man suggested a solution.

The young man suggested to the population to make a request for help, each and every one of the inhabitants of the planet, each man, women and children, each species of animals, one animal by species, letting the sun know that is very important, this Information as the previous times ran quickly and all living beings received the request for pleas.

The whole population without saying anything began to beg the sun, gave birth to humans, nothing results from these supplications.

The animals supposed that the sun did not hear the human begging to be very retired, decided to climb the wooden towers, one by one of each species was passing, each in his language, the cats roared, the horse neigh, the Hens with their cacareos, so the animals went up to beg for the sun, almost all the animals had risen and seemed to have no effect on the sun.

The sun saw this situation but did not trust what he saw, he thought that it was an ambush, he did not want to be seriously injured as happened with the rest of the suns.

Meanwhile on the ground the animals paraded to beg in the wailing tower, the low temperatures were freezing everything in their path, could not hold much more, the cold was overwhelming, the hopes were minimal, all the animals had already climbed and the Sun did not appear, when everything was lost, the delayed rooster arrived.

The rooster looked around only saw the face of demoralized people, animals defeated ready to give up, everyone looked at the cock with little hope, not even the strong roar of the lion could reach the sun, which could be expected from the poor rooster with his kikirikiki, The highly motivated rooster climbed the great tower, fluttered its wings, stretched every foot, scraped the wooden floor, and took a great morsel of air and began.

Kikirikiki, Kikirikiki, Kikirikiki, a finite, penetrating song, it was a shame to see him, the cockerel looked so down and sang again with all his might and again the Kikirikiki, Kikirikiki, Kikirikiki del rooster, all the inhabitants and animals of the world Began a great laugh, the laughter was so loud that it was heard even in the sky.

The sun saw this, for a long time did not see the population happy, this gave confidence and very timid began to leave, the inhabitants noticed the first rays and became a great silence and there was heard the loudest deafening Kikirikiki rooster cry Which was heard in every corner of the world.

The sun timidly began to come out, I knew that it was important for the life of the earth, things slowly recovered, returning everything to normal, the very happy inhabitants began to celebrate, the cocky cock roamed haughtily on top of The tower, he knew that he was responsible for the sun coming out.

Sunlight gradually composed things on the earth returning all normalcy, sunlight came in every corner of the earth with just light and the heat needed to keep humanity.

The presumed cock was awarded, protector of humanity and absolute responsible for the actions of the sun.

The rooster is to be honorable alarm clock of the sun, every morning before sunrise sings with its strong Kikirikiki so that the sun does not fall asleep.

This is the true Asian story of why the Rooster sings before dawn, if one day someone asks because the rooster sings before dawn you have the answer.

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José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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