Popular legend The wasp's longing

fuente: http://www.paisajesybodegones.com/2014/12/cuadros-de-paisajes-con-casas-antiguas.html Hello dear friends of the voice, thank you for supporting my work, surfing the web, I cross with this beautiful legend that speaks of the desire of a wasp, this will bring many complications, before its insistence will receive a terrible punishment, a beautiful legend that It starts like this.

This is a Spanish legend, long ago after the creation of the world, the creator concluded his work with animals, after finishing creating the last animal and after defining the place in the world, the creator admired his creation, Then next to all the animals and said to him.

Today I have concluded with the creation of all of you, I have given you their appearance and their abilities according to the place and their living conditions that they will have from now on, but before I finish I want to give a gift to each one of you, please think That they want and ask me, that I will grant them.

The animals to hear this were very happy, each thought carefully that he should ask the creator.

The lion was the first to ask, I want to have the strongest roar of the animal kingdom, the rabbit asked for red eyes to intimidate its predators, the bear asked to be able to stand on two legs with humans, the dog asked to be domestic to live with The giraffe asked to be so tall to be able to eat the fruits of the trees, the nightingale asked to have the most beautiful song of all birds, the cheetah to be the fastest of the kingdom, the jaguar to be the most astute of the jungle, And so all the animals asked for their wishes, the servant rose as if to bid farewell, believing that he had pleased the desire of all the animals, but the bee was very angry, what is the matter with you, dear wasp? The creator asked

My lord has not granted me the wish! The wasp responded

And what do you think you need? I have gifted you with a good view, are the best eyes to see all the colors, you have wings to fly, an antenna to communicate with your sister bees, you give the gift of making the richest product there is, honey! You understand that you think you lack, ask me and I grant you, said the creator

I want something with which I can defend my work, I do not want people to steal the fruit of my work, said the wasp

I really do not understand your request, said the creator.

Look at my lord! I want a weapon to defend my work, I do not want the humans to take the honey that with much work we do with my sister, said the wasp

I understand you wasp! But you have to be more reasonable, there is enough honey for everyone, I do not see why not share it, the creator replied.

It's not fair! You said we could ask for a wish, and we would be granted, said the insistent bee.

The truth I can not understand, you have the most wonderful product in your hands, the gift of being able to do it and the amount to share it, because not sharing the fruit of your work with others, if it is the most rewarding, said the creator

You have said that we should ask for a wish and my desire is to have a weapon to defend and hurt the humans who want to steal my honey.

This decision of yours disconcerts me, the ill will to share something so wonderful, but if that is your desire, I grant you.

The creator granted the desire for a weapon to defend the fruit of his work, for his selfishness and unwillingness to share, when he pivots his lancet into other living beings, will fade and lose his life.

This is the reason why bees die after defending their hive of honey, the punishment imposed by their selfishness and unwillingness to share their abundant honey. Fuente: http://www.quien.com/moda/2015/08/20/los-beneficios-de-la-miel-de-abeja Fuente: http://listas.20minutos.es/lista/leyendas-espanolas-grandes-misterios-310787/ José Luis Corrientes Argentina