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Hello dear friends, thank you for supporting my work, browsing the web I cross with this beautiful folk tale of Switzerland, speaks of a girl, who has a very special visit, with just a few words achieves ............ ..

In a beautiful place in Switzerland, a little girl named Maria lived in a pretty little cottage, this little house was inhabited as a vacation home, they lived happily on the long summers in the coquettish little house, Maria loved to walk barefoot among the flowering plants , To feel the fine brush of the grasses of the prairies between his delicate toes of the foot.

For lunch he sat under the shadows of a large jacaranda tree, where he read wonderful books of tales of mirrors and princesses.

Maria had a hard-working mother, the poor woman worked all day to keep the house tidy and clean, cook, wash clothes, feed the animals, the poor woman never rested.

One day, Maria enjoyed reading stories and spells. As she looked at the barn, she saw her beloved mother pushing a wooden laden carriage with great effort, she walked to turtle houses to keep the wheelbarrow balanced and to keep the wood from falling to the ground , He moved the cart from one side to the other with much sacrifice.

Seeing the great effort that his mother made, he could not help but exclaim loudly.

My mother is a hardworking woman, but I think she deserves better, as I wish to be a fairy of the wishes to grant her own!

I finish saying these words and I hear a strange voice behind her saying.

If that is your wish, the desire will be granted to you!

Turning his head he could see an old woman with white hair and a very pleasant smile, which gazed at Mary sweetly.

Excuse me, who are you, madam?

That is not very important my little friend, I came to hear your wishes, I have something to tell you that will change their lives forever.

Please tell me, ma'am! What's so important that I should know?

You are very small, so you have not noticed, you are a fairy of desires, you can grant the desire of the person you want, if you want to help your mother just try.

Maria froze with what the friendly old lady said, unable to believe she opened her big mouth without being able to close the surprise she had received.

Is it true what you say who I am?

Of course I win with deceiving a girl like you, keep in mind the wishes of your mother and see how things change, answered the kind old lady

When the beautiful Maria heard this, she was very happy, left the book she read on the table and went to her house in search of her mother, the poor mother as she was always kneeling on the floor accommodating logs.

Mommy mommy! The girl said as she ran to meet him.

What happened, Maria? I answer your mother

I want to ask you a question? But promise me that you will be very honest with me.

Do you have a wish that you want to be fulfilled?

The mother began to think for a few seconds and answered anything that occurred to her.

If I have one! I want you to go to the bakery and buy a baguette for dinner.

It's okay if that's your wish, wish granted!

The girl ran to the bakery and returned very quickly.

Here is your wish, fresh out of the oven, be careful not to burn that is still very hot.

Thank you, Mary, you have made my wish come true.

Maria was very happy, jumped with happiness and was going around her mother, please mama ask me another wish.

Anything you want!

Yes, I have a very good one! I wish that by eight o'clock the table is ready, it's one less thing I have to do!

Perfect mother, wish granted!

The girl ran out, went to get things to set the table, take a checkered tablecloth, glasses, plates, cutlery, a centerpiece and place them perfectly on the table, accommodate them, fold the napkins, The chairs, meanwhile her mother could not believe what she saw.

All right, Maria, everything is set perfectly! How did you make it possible for all my wishes to be fulfilled?

The girl smiled with happiness, her joy overflowing from the pores of her skin, very slowly she approached her mother and whispered something to her ears.

I'll tell you a secret! A very good old woman today told me that I am a fairy, from today you have to be very calm, you just have to ask me what you want and I will fulfill your desires, because I am the fairy of desires!

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