Promise of the fairy in love.

Fuente: Hello dear friends of the Voz, thank you for being present on my blog and accompanying with the reading of my post. Navigating the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of a fairy of the stars, who down to earth and fell in love with a human being, a beautiful love story, I hope it is to your liking.

This is a story of the lady of the stars, so they are called the night fairies, it is said that the night fairies are the most self-conscious and discreet in the kingdom of the fairies. They live on top of the hill of the moon, according to the anxious ones the moon is a fairy, a fairy in love with the earth, but is very shy to approach the hemisphere, it is the one that shelters and protects the love, all young lovers always invoke The moon, they know that if the moon approves their love they will be happy forever.

The courtesan of the stars in her youth was called Luana, the most majestic and imposing fairy among all the nocturnal fairies, a very insightful and adventurous young woman, she was attracted by the charms of the earth, she loved the virgin forests, The animal kingdom, and the respect that humans had for nature at that time, living in harmony with nature and human beings, paid homage to them for their beauty and goodness.

The beautiful courtesan loved the jacaranda trees, enjoyed her walks under her thick, bushy flowers, spent all day under the flowering branches, in the mornings she enjoyed the fresh dawns and the rich aromas of flowers, for The night enjoyed the fresh breezes and the beautiful sparkles of a large and bright moon.

On one of those nights with a bright and large moon, a young man, well-resembled by the area of ​​the jacarandas, one of those young people eternally in love with the moon, was once surprised by the beauty of Luana.

A beautiful maiden dressed in bright white of the color of the moon danced very happily as every night, enjoying the jacaranda breeze and the rich scent of its flowers, the young man could not believe that there was such a beautiful woman, he stayed A long, still moment contemplating the dancing of the beautiful maiden, its figure with beautiful curves standing out in contrast of the predominant red of the rosedales.

The young man remained motionless, only moved his lungs to breathe and his heart beat faster and faster, the rest of the organs had no movement, all this caused by the beautiful figure of the courtesan, gradually returned to itself, recovered the Administration of his body, now it was his mind that was getting more active, he wondered who was that beautiful maiden, his legs took control of the body and began to walk in the direction of the beautiful Luana, at that time she sees the young man Giving him a beautiful reception, began to sing the songs that sing the fairies, the young man listening to the melodies, he felt his heart stop beating, not understanding what the maiden said in his song, but he knew what it was about something beautiful , The young man's heart beat again, now stronger for love of the maiden.

The young boy in love could not believe that this was real, although the night was magical, but this woman was not of this world, very slowly began to walk in the direction of the maid, was afraid that she would be scared and run away or worse yet That was a magic spell product of his infatuation, very slowly approached, wanted to verify the truthfulness of the maiden, he came so close to be well in front of her, only a few centimeters.

At the end of her beautiful song, the courtesan kissed the lips of the young boy in love, a sweet and tender kiss of a fairy full of sweetness and love.

The young Luana did not realize that her brightness and the energy of her passionate bosoms could harm the young man on earth, his intense love defaced the face of the beautiful young man, the earthly young man could not assimilate so much love together in a single kiss.

When the courtesan saw what her kiss of love had done, she began to cry disconsolately, from her eyes fell tears in the form of luminous droplets, the young man to reassure her said not to worry about his appearance, to be reassured that I did not hurt him, I had not felt any pain, it was worth this deformation in exchange for a great love, but please do not go and stay by your side, it was the first time I knew true love and was not willing to let go to Love of his life.

Luana felt that this love could not be united, the intensity of her love would end with the life of the young man, she made the decision that seemed more correct, knowing that she would suffer from love all her fairy life, it was better to suffer in the distance and Not to kill the young man with love.

Before leaving, he said that he would make a beautiful gift so that he would never forget this true love, he took the luminous droplets of his tears and spread them to the skies, illuminating the sky of beautiful stars and that every night he would add a tear of love more, That she would always love him.

Our love is impossible but every night you will see in heaven a new star, that is dedicated to you my dear and only love, remember that you will always be in my heart and I will love you for all eternity.

Disconsolate returned to the paradise of the fairies, climbed to the top of the hill of the moon and from there every night she cries of love and a small star-shaped tear rises in the sky to fulfill her promise as a lover. Fuente: Fuente:

José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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