The aromas of the aznar princess


Hello dear friends of the voice, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of a beautiful princess, about to marry you will meet the true love of your life and pay dearly for this love, a beautiful story that begins well.

Many years ago in the city of Granada lived a sultán called Abdul, this man had a great palace populated by slaves, in him there was a couple who had a beautiful girl named Aznar, the sultán was very in love with the girl, the sultán raised to His parents what was the intention with the girl, they refused flatly, the angry sultan ordered to kill the parents of the girl and took her to live with him, his intention was to take her as soon as she came of age.

A couple of days before the union in marriage Abdul ordered the best architect of Granada, a young man named Amir, the sultan asked the young architect to design and decorate the nuptial room, working in the palace the young architect met Aznar and Was hypnotized by the beautiful black eyes of the young woman, and knew what love was at first sight.

A nap while everyone slept, the palace was deserted and the young architect and the beautiful Aznar were found, without hesitation and taking advantage of the opportunity of the solitude of the evening I declare his love to the beautiful girl, who had felt the same for the young I accepted without any resistance, the afternoon began to fall and with him the movements of people in the palace, it was very risky to continue with their talk, before saying goodbye they agreed to meet at night in the oasis of the palace.

At nightfall young lovers were found among the palms of the oasis, at that time of year the orange blossom began to open its petals with a pleasant aroma.

The young lovers spread a carpet under the palm trees where they lay placidly, the moon and stars were the only witnesses of this consummate love, little by little the hours began to run the bodies and the carpet soon impregnated with the aroma of the orange in Flower, this would be his only and last night of the brief encounter of love, at dawn fall the couple said goodbye with tears in their eyes.

This fleeting encounter soon arrived in the ears of the sultan, blind of jealousy and crazy by the treachery he killed with his own hands to the beautiful Aznar, his body went to the crematorium, after to incinerate the beautiful body of the young person took its ashes and We scattered them through the oasis of the palace to appease the strong smell of the orange blossom, which brought to mind the tangled bodies of these young treacherous, despite the strong smell emanating from the ashes of the burned body plus the perfumes of the rosedales could not To appease the strong aroma of the orange tree that brought to his mind the betrayal of his beloved.

The strong aroma of treacherous lovers remained in the air, remembering at every moment the betrayal of his beloved, unable to control his anger the sultan made the decision to end with the life of the architect, the one who abused his trust corrupting love Of her life, the one I take care of so carefully and saw her grow to become his wife, hypnotized and deceived by the ability of the words of Amir, those who got the love of the young woman who paid one with his life.

As if it were a hunting dog, Sultan Abdul followed the scent of his wife who had impregnated Amir's body, followed him tirelessly through the city of Granada, until he reached the inhospitable places of the city, succeeded in cornering him when he reached A hill, feeling cornered without opportunity to get pity from the maddened sultan made the decision to take his life.

From those times when a fresh breeze blows on the oasis of the palace, it brings with it a penetrating and unmistakable aroma that floods the whole city of Granadas, the penetrating and unforgettable smell of Azhar.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina