The Balance of Good and Evil


Hello dear friends of the voice, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of an amazing find that will change the lives of the children of an old town.

A long time ago in an old village, there was a small fabric sales trade, the country's bad situation caused the business to fail, the country's economy did not improve, the local owners decided to leave the sales center forever.

Time was passing the economy did not improve, no one had any interest in the local sales, that place that was once an imposing establishment now became a local ruins.

One day while some children played soccer, they could not prevent the ball from breaking a window glass, the boys attracted by their curiosity did not hesitate to enter and explore the place.

The boys entered the old premises convinced that it would be a great adventure, big was the disappointment to see that nothing important was inside the abandoned place, only an old chair, broken all covered with dust and spider webs.

Very disappointed they were about to leave the premises, when they saw a glow that came behind the old counter, a mysterious light caught the attention of children, some of them the most daring was encouraged to see what it was.

When he arrived at the old counter he found a balance with some mysterious figures decorating the balance, seconds later all the boys watched the strange balance.

What a beauty! It was a silver balance, it was brand new and shiny as if they had just bought it from the equipment business.

It seemed to them a true wonder, that the boys did not know that it was a magic balance, it was not a current balance of those used to weigh things, this balance weighed the good or bad deeds of the person who held it in their hands .


One of the children, the most handsome of the group, an obedient and affectionate child, raised the scale with one hand and with the other free support on the strange ornament of the scale, the right hand raised and began to emerge an intense light that illuminated All the old room, the plate of regret began to flash, hundreds of small stars, as many as the good actions done by the child, secondly everything returned to normal until the brightness disappears completely.

All the children were surprised and amazed by the beautiful balance, another of the children, one who was not so good, a little vague and disobedient, took the balance with his hand and supports the other on the strange figure, the balance began to The other children had to close their eyes so as not to be blinded by the strong intensity of the light and raised the left plate and began to leave thousands of swords, so many how badly had the child behaved during his short life .

All the boys wanted to try the mysterious balance, they wanted to know what the magical balance had to reveal of their personalities, at the end of the test the boys retired to their homes with the intention to comment with their parents the magical discovery.

As it could not be otherwise soon spread the word of the existence of the magic balance, the scale became very famous throughout the town, children made long lines to visit the old place and touch the magic balance, they knew that if It was because they had behaved well, being good and obedient, but if they came out swords knew they had much to improve.

Every day non-stop the children visited the mysterious scale, the news spread all over the country making them come from neighboring villages to test the magic balance, it was both the use they gave to the poor balance, that one day I leave To function, the children cried with sadness at the loss of balance.

The cries of the children were heard from afar, what would they do now without their balance magic? Who would tell them if things were doing right or wrong?

The old balance, marred by so many uses, saw the tears of the children who decided to speak to them.

Dear children present! Please pay attention, said the balance

Months ago all the day I show you their good or bad actions so that you can draw conclusions, think and improve for themselves.

In life you have to learn to manage yourself and be aware of your actions, I think I have already taught them for months, it is time for them to learn to reflect for yourselves, you do not need my help.

The advice I can give you is that at the end of the day before bed think of all those who did during the day, those who did not do well have to commit themselves to improve.

Always strive to be better people every day, remember that bad things can be changed and improved, good things can always be improved, better always better, level of demand and eagerness for perfection.

I hope you have understood my words and as you see I am old and tired to continue, but never forget my words.

At the end of uttering the last words the old scale was extinguished forever, all the children made a large row and one went away with a hug and a huge kiss.

At the end of the farewells the children who had found her deposited them back in their place behind the old counter, since that day they never saw her again, but never in their lives did they forget her, kept her intact in their hearts.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina