The beautiful yearning of the girl

fuente: Hello dear friends of the voice, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, talks about a girl, who has a great dream and will do anything to meet, finally after much effort, a beautiful story begins.

Many years ago there was a girl who wanted to touch the stars with her hands, at night she sat in the backyard of her house in the dark to observe the beautiful stars, dreamed awake touching the stars with her hands, always thought that Feeling would feel when touched, what would be its texture and weight? Those were the questions that the girl asked every day.

The days passed, the girl was in love with the beautiful stars, one day I made the decision that I had to touch them.

While they all slept, the little girl crept out of her bedroom and marched towards the star that shone brighter in the sky, walked, walked and walked farther until she reached a building that had an old and noisy mill.

Hi Noisy Mill! Said the little girl.

Hello, my dear friend! The mill replied, which makes a child alone at this time of night here.

I look for the way to play with the beautiful stars, replied the girl.

The wise mill replied, you will find them in the Australian pond, every night they settle in the water and with their strong brightness they do not let sleep, perhaps if you play with them they get tired a little and extinguish their glitter, that way rotten to rest.

Thank you very much dear, the girl replied

Very determined she threw herself into the waters of the pond, swimming and diving under the water, but the stars disappeared, she swam, she jumped all over the pond but I can not find them, she left the water very sad for having found them.

What's up, little girl, you're very sad? I ask the mill

You lied to me! Just to see me wet, that joke of yours I did not like, said the girl

The truth does not surprise me! With all the noise you have made and removed so many waters, the stars have become frightened and fled the pond, said the old mill.

Sad and disillusioned again with her walk, she walked and walked farther to a beautiful meadow, sat down to rest and saw a few fairies and elves playing among the green herbs.

Hello, my dear little friend! Said sweetly a little fairy, why are you so sad?

I'm looking for the stars! My dream is to take them with my hands have you seen any here?

Well of course! All the time they are here, they are shy and hide in the stems of the green herbs.

Come dance with us! You will see how they appear hundreds of them, as many as you want.

The girl danced very enthusiastically, dancing so much to exhaustion, but she could not even see a star, very tired she threw herself to the ground and began to cry.

What's up, little girl? Why are you crying? I ask a fairy

No matter how hard I try I can not see the stars, if you do not help me, I'll never be able to fulfill my dream of taking one with my hands. I answer the girl.

On hearing this the fairies made a circle and murmured to each other, finally one of them came up and told her.

Please do not be discouraged, remember these words, everything you want with your heart you can get them, now pay attention, walk until you find four legs and ask you to take you to where you are without legs, without legs you tell him to drive you Until the staircase without steps, for which you must ascend.

Now a little more lively road with more enthusiasm, until you reach a horse tied to a tree

Hello, Mr. Horse! Said the sweet girl, I'm looking for four legs you've seen it here.

Well look at me I have four legs, the fairies have told me about you and asked me to take you to see without legs, is that correct? I ask the horse

A, well, Hello, four legs! Yeah, yeah, that's right, I'm really tired, maybe I can get on your back.

"Well, of course, get on the road," said the horse.

I'm traveling from a distance, I'm going to try to fulfill my dreams of touching the stars with my hands, said the girl, meanwhile the horse rode and rode, crossed an enchanted forest and finally reached the sea, on the beach the horse helped To lower the girl and said goodbye.

The girl walked disoriented by the shores of the wide sea, she thought as she would recognize without legs, she was walking when suddenly a fish appeared on the shore of the sea, a great and beautiful fish like never before seen by the girl.

Hello dear fish! The girl said

Hi friend! What are you doing alone here said he

I'm looking for without legs, he should take me to the staircase without steps, would you help me find him?

Congratulations dear girl, you are in front of him, climb up my back and hold on tight, do not go falling, said the fish.

They sailed, sailed, and sailed farther, as far as the child could see the beginning of a great rainbow coming out of the sea and ascending to the high sky, the fish swimming to the beginning of the rainbow.

We have arrived, dear friend, here I come, that is the staircase without steps, be very careful when climbing, those stairs were not created to climb with the feet, said the fish.

When the little girl of the beautiful fish descended, she disappeared into the sea, the very determined girl began to ascend the great rainbow, with great effort climbed by meter by meter, climbed many meters, looking down could see the sea very small, came back To look up but the stars were far away, now could not back down, had come too far to not fulfill their dream.

Thus began with a continuous ascent, ascended, ascended and ascended much more, the climate began to change, it became increasingly cold, the sky shone with more intensity, there realized that the stars danced very happy around, without Hesitate to climb the few meters that were missing to reach the end of the rainbow.

When the stars arrived they were happy with his presence, never before had a human been there, the girl could not believe what was happening, then she calmed down and thought.

Finally reach the stars! I hardly need to touch one with my hands, I look down once more and I can no longer see the earth, this gave him a little fear, but I would not leave the place without touching with his own hands even if I am not a star, That's how he stood to reach the star, but with so bad luck that he lost his balance and began to fall, down the rainbow slide.

The weather changed again, became more tempered, regained heat to the body, slowly fell asleep.

When she awoke she found herself lying on her bed, the sun was peeping, the birds sang happily in the garden of her house, the scents of the flowers remembered that she was in her bed, little by little she became sad, had only been a beautiful dream .

When they looked at their sheets, they were covered with earth and their little dirty little bits of the verdin from the stems of the grasses and in their hands they had a silvery shiny powder that reflected when it moved them in front of the sun.

There she realized that everything was not a dream, the girl became very happy, looked surprised the brilliance of his hands, finally had fulfilled his dream of touching the stars with his hands. fuente: Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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