The birth of the barranquero parrots

fuente: Hello dear friends of the voice, thank you for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend speaks of a very adventurous young man, a brilliant storyteller, is those trips will happen something amazing, a beautiful story that begins well.

This is a beautiful story of the south of my country, the land of the end of the world, in a remote time the thickness of the place always remained green, the bushes did not dissolve, autumn did not affect them

In the village of Onas lived an adventurous boy called Temaukel, this boy had a particularity liked to travel in unknown direction, he left his land without knowing where he was going, as he would say, where the wind takes him.

It was very common to see him travel, he left for some days and returned with beautiful stories, which he has accumulated in his journey, a boy dear to his simplicity, all the towns of the south had already visited, and on each trip he was encouraged to travel more Kilometers, the stories of his trip were expected by the people.

At each arrival of their journey was a real ovation, a people dependent on the chronicles of the boy's journey, the whole village Onas gathered in a camping of the forest to delight their ears with the stories of this globetrotter.

By his way of life, there was no love in his payment that waited for him, this made his trip more pleasant, he could take the time to acquire the knowledge of other places.

Temaukel had been more than a month since he had returned from his last trip, the natives of the place were worried, because of the stranger's way of acting young, he had never been so many days on the island, they feared that the young man would not travel anymore, if this happened Who would bring news from outside the town, one day he saw him leave, calm returned to the place, eager to return, to listen to his new adventures, the days began to pass, became weeks, maybe months and the boy did not return, The Onas began to miss their life stories, they spent many days, more than the boy used to return, so much was the wait, that the inhabitants lost hope that the young man was alive and gave up for dead, days passed , The settlers became accustomed without the young man, to the point of oblivion, in the thicket, and nobody spoke of Temaukel.

When no one noticed his absence, the young man returned, very poor and old, but he brought valuable anecdotes of his journey, the people shone with joy, the sad faces were gone, they waited anxiously for the night to listen to the anecdotes of the boy, at nightfall Gathered in the open space of the thicket, to delight his ears with the adventures of the boy, he told the chronicles of his journey without any fuss, his talk was interesting, until arriving at the passage where he comments having known an enchanted place, very Remote, far from the land of the end of the world, this explains the delay of the young, anxious, euphoric eagerly describing his discoveries, narrated that he knew a beautiful jungle with ancient tree, a huge jungle difficult to travel, it seems to have no end, but What most enchanted to him was that these trees were desojados, to its leaves it takes the wind when it happened, when arriving the autumn the trees were despojaban of all its leaves, that Giving their branches unprotected, but I assure that when spring came the trees began to sprout, like the beginning of a new era, slowly they were turning green and flowery, as if the fairies enchanted the place.

The whole town of Onas looked at each other, not even the most naive believed this madness, the story of Temaukel lost credibility, the Onas never saw something like that nor the most anxious that have lived many years, everyone made fun of the boy treating him crazy.

The young pilgrim evicted and annoyed, he withdrew from the island to not return, he went out the same way that he returned, he was wandering in the woods very sad, God Onas took pity on the adventurer knowing that the young man told the truth, Bird, a beautiful parrot of various colors, green, yellow and red, an enrome beak accompanied by large wings.

Returning to the land of the end of the world, I wanted to give a lesson to those who made fun of their truth, I arrived in the autumn, flew over the trees, sat on the tops of the bushes touching the leaves with their pen, those that made contact He dyed them the color of his yellow feather, every time the leaves felt the faint scrape of feathers falling to the ground.

The whole town of Onas watched the events with astonishment, they felt the death of the thicket, they did not know what to do or who to go to, the days were hurrying, the leaves fell at the speed of the day, spring came and the Tree branches began the new cycle of life, the branches began to vegetate, seeing the Onas came out of the astonishment and can see for themselves the truth of the anecdotes of Temaukel.

Temaukel is now the one who made fun of the people, perched on top of a tree and laughed and enjoyed the faces with astonishment of the unbelievers. In this way the young traveler took revenge on those who had insulted him.

The next time you see the parrots in the treetops reproducing those sounds you will know that they are making fun of the skeptics, who with their ignorance hurt Temaukel you remember the origin of the parrots in autumn and Temaukel fuente: Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina