The Chinese Emperor's Desire

Fuente: Navigating the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of a Chinese emperor very concerned about the age of his daughter and remains single, his desire is to see her married before dying, the cunning princess will find a good excuse not to marry and asks ... (I.e.

In the Chinese Empire, a learned and charitable emperor lived happily in his palace, his ruled were happy with the emperor's directives, peace and harmony reigned, father of a beautiful and insightful Woman, his beauty attracted the attention of more than One in the palace, his father proud and happy, could not be at all because something worried, the single and uninterested marriage of his only daughter.

The concerned ruler sought a solution to the marriage of his daughter, announced his willingness to marry the beautiful woman, the candidates were many, hundreds presented themselves at the desire of the emperor. The insightful young man found a way to avoid the father's intention, he declared to the sovereign; Father among so many suitor is impossible to make a wise decision, he who fulfills my desire will be the person who owns my heart, the father intrigued announcement the request of the beautiful, anxious woman hoped to know the wishes of the young woman, who manifested at a dinner in Your honor, the one who is able to satisfy my desire and bring a beautiful bluish rose, will have the privilege of taking me as wife.

This request discouraged the pretender of the young woman, it was an impossible desire to fulfill, more than a wish a fad, no one has ever seen a bluish rose, nor the garden of Eden showed the suitors, demoralized abandon their dreams of hunting the young , Were only three people who maintained the faith of being able to satisfy the lady, a wealthy merchant, a daring broker and a judge of jurisprudence.

Each one of the three suitors had different qualities that would help to solve the great mystery of the bluish rose, the merchant a prudent person, went with the prudence that characterizes it to the outstanding flower shop of the empire, if the blue rose existed that era Place where it should be, before an exotic purchase was attended by the owner himself, a connoisseur of exotic flowers of the world, I listened with great interest the gentleman's request, before impossible satisfaction he replied that in his life as a florist he had never seen such a bluish rose, Insistent merchant added, if it is money I am willing to pay a fortune for said flower, before the offer size the florist was going to personally tour the world and promised to get the bluish rose.

The daring warrior, who knew magic lands, decided to go to the lands of the Seven Wonders, if there is a bluish rose, where he would surely find it, he immediately set out with hundreds of soldiers, to reach the land of wonders, the sovereign of the place at To see the soldier's entourage expected an attack on his kingdom, the warrior ask that he be reassured that he came in search of the bluish flower, upon hearing the request the sovereign ordered to bring the bluish flower immediately, the servant returns with a wooden case In hand, surrender to the warrior, this opened the box and surprised by the beauty of the bluish rose, a beautiful bluish rose-shaped.

The young warrior returned triumphantly to his country, convinced of having passed the test, presented himself in the palace before the beautiful princess and delivered in his hands the box with the beautiful blue rose.

The princess took the present opened and found a beautiful bright bluish-shaped, disillusioned, addressed the young man and said, it is a beautiful present, a beautiful and expensive jewel but not a real flower. With these conditions you can not marry me.

The fortunate merchant, upon seeing the young warrior's ruin, returned to see the flowering of the flowers, very worried that he could not satisfy the customer's request. The florist's wife, who did not want to lose from the sale of the bluish rose, had an idea, I take white roses and the bluish-colored tint, when the rich merchant leaps for joy, I take the roses and run to the palace.

Being in the palace, I summoned the presence of the young woman, gave the most precious gift, the shrewd princess took the flower, the olio and could feel the penetrating scent of the blue ink, made her discontented, for being a fake flower And dyed, and repeated the same words. With these conditions you can not marry me.

The judge of jurisprudence could not avoid jumping for joy, he knew that the flower would be impossible to get, had to devise something that appeals to the princess and can take his love, made a long journey to find the best man in porcelain, A transparent porcelain cup with a bluish rose drawn on its front.

He returned with his beautiful gift to the princess, although this was struck by the ingenious idea of ​​a transparent porcelain, with the most beautiful bluish rose that I had seen, but did not meet the requirement, felt very disillusioned and abandoned the palace.

The emperor father of the beautiful young woman was sad because she could not fulfill her desire to see her daughter married, but she had to respect the decision of her daughter in the end she was willing, the suitor did not live up to the demands.

Since that day no one spoke more about the subject of the wedding of the princess.

After a time, a handsome young man, a connoisseur of worlds, full of anecdotes and magnificent history, conquered the heart of the young princess, her beauty, her manner of speaking, her knowledge of enchanted countries, His beloved to introduce his father, he would agree, it was ultimately his idea that the princess was married.

Great was the surprise of the princess, when you hear the words of your father, you yourself have arranged that the deserving of your love would give in gift a blue rose, before these words the young boy agreed, prove that he is worthy of his love , The whole palace was shocked to see the brave young man go out in search of the bluish rose, I travel to inhospitable places to find the bluish rose.

A few days passed the young man in love returned from his great journey, brings with it a great wrapper everything would indicate that this globetrot got the precious good.

Quickly organized a great celebration the young man in love aria the public delivery of the beautiful blue rose, way through the endless corridor full of witnesses of this celebrated encounter, took the hand of the princess and gave the most beautiful white roses, A murmur crushed the silence of the palace, everyone looked at each other, were astonished by this denouement, the beautiful princess took the rose in his hands, I bring to his nose inspired the perfume of the white rose and eyes full of tears of joy Thanked the beautiful young man for his gift.

All the witnesses could not believe their eyes or the emperor himself, broke the silence by asking a question, my daughter this beautiful white rose is what you expected, the princess replied, if father is the most beautiful bluish rose I've ever seen in My dream, all this situation is like my dream the best bluish rose of the beautiful gentleman's hand, the witnesses could not believe the reply of the princess, the Father to see before him, the love represented in these young people responded, I have never seen A rose as blue as the one you just gave my daughter, you are worthy of the hand of my daughter in marriage.

This is the true story of the bluish rose well-known in China, the one that saved the love, uniting the Chinese princess in marriage with its true prince, living happily ever after. Source: Fuente:

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