The curse of the noble Godwin of Leicester

fuente: Thank you very much dear friends of the Voice, for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of a nobleman who hates vagabonds, is cursed by a linyera and a terrible curse falls on the relatives of the nobleman, A beautiful story that begins like this.

In the year 1020 in the city of Leicester there was a castle where the noble Godwin lived, a lofty and arrogant nobleman, a disloyal despot, he had a special disdain for the linyeras, there was nothing worse than a tramp for this nobleman.

This noble had a very busy social life, every night he had to attend different events in his city, he drove in his private carriage, attended several parties during the night, had as a Priority to satisfy all people who took the trouble of Invite an event, a socially responsible person.

Very intelligent and educated, invited as a person of honor in the openings of business Leicester, gave talks in educational establishments, to presence in charity events, accompanied the ecclesiastical efforts, an illustrious and very responsible citizen.

On a night of drizzle and winter cold the nobleman of Leicester returned to his castle in his usual carriage, when suddenly his carriage stops, looking out the windows you can see an old person dressed in rags in the middle of the road.

This old man with white hair and gray beard dressed in worn, dirty and torn clothes had the impudence to interrupt the nobleman's step.

Who is this man who has the nerve to interrupt my journey? The nobleman asked in a haughty voice.

The poor old man, walking on turtle peacocks, approaches the nobleman's window and extends his hand like begging a coin, with respect and shame, looking at the floor raising his hands to receive the precious alms.

The bodybuilder answered. My lord is only a beggar! Apparently he just wants a handout.

For the nobleman there was no worse thing than the beggars, if there was something that disrupted him were linyeras, I look at him with a lot of contempt and made a gesture of denial, had no intention to help the old man, the old man was insistent, placed his Hands on the windows of the carriage, he spat something that he munched in his hands and deposited in the hands of the beggar.

The very angry old man addressed the nobleman in his old, husky and sumptuous voice, you see that tree! It is an old ñandubay of thousands of years, for every branch that falls, a relative of yours dies, said the old man indignant with the nobleman's action.

The noble as expected would be very angry, if he were younger he would have slapped him, by the curse received, but since he was an old man, he looked at him with pride and superiority and left without saying a word.

When he returned to his castle, the drizzle became a torrential rain, the winds began to blow harder, the lightning seemed like movies, when falling it seemed that it was daytime, the noble tried to calm down, it was inevitable not to associate with the curse Of the old man, the nobleman considered himself too intelligent to be superstitious, but his heart seemed not to understand because each time he was beating louder, he continued on his way trying to think of something else and forget the curse of the old linyera.

When he was about to get calm, a strong lightning bolt fell behind him, he could not help thinking that he had fallen on the old ñandubay, the nobleman was animated thinking that the lightning struck on something else and not on the ñandubay.

Continuing his journey trying to calm down, upon arriving at his castle received a tragic news, a close relative has just died mysteriously, the noble could not bear to mourn for the loss of his relative, I cry disconsolately.

The next day after dawn he sent his butler to verify the situation of the old ñandubay.

The butler returned with the worst news that could be received by the nobleman of Leicester, indeed the lightning fell on the tree stripping of a branch.

Days later a night returning from fulfilling his social obligations, right in front of him sees a branch of the Old Ñandubay fall, could not believe what had just happened, he immediately came the image of the old man who made him a terrible curse, His castle another tragic news was waiting at his door, the death of another close relative, cry as a child the loss of his family, inevitably was blamed and all for his special disdain for the linyeras, all this would not have happened if he put His hands in his pockets and gave a coin to the poor old man.

The next day he sent all his staff of the castle to tie with chains all the branches of the old ñandubay, to avoid that they fall to the floor and to prevent the death of another relative. Fuente: Fuente:ñandubay-encadenado.html José Luis Corrientes Argentina