The deception of the infertile seed

Fuente: Thank you very much dear friends of the Voice, for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of how important it is to tell the truth, this leads to have a happy life.

Many years ago in a Chinese town there was a palace where a young prince lived, one morning I made a very important decision in his life. The one to get married.

The news soon ran all over the kingdom, all the wealthy girls of the place wanted to become the princess of the kingdom, the prince had a hard work ahead, the suitors were many and one prettier than another, in his religion alone Allowed a single wife, so you had to decide for one of the beautiful suitors.

For several days she had been thinking what qualities, skills and attitudes the prince's future wife should have, to make the best decision and choose the ideal woman.

What should I choose? The prince thought, she would be the most beautiful woman, the most wealthy or perhaps the most intelligent, this was the question, could not be wrong, her choice was for life, she had to be clear what she wanted to be able to decide.

One day having cleared and dispelled his doubts, he made the messengers of the kingdom call.

Dear, I have called you to announce my intention to marry, I wish to be informed all the towns and villages of my father's domains, women in marriage and wish to be my wife should attend in the first seven days in the royal salon Of the day.

The messengers accustomed to spread news of the royalty, crossed all the towns and places of the kingdom, without leaving a single corner without spreading the valuable news.

The week passed very quickly, when the day arrived, thousands of beautiful young women dressed in their finest clothes of galas presented to the call of the young prince, waited very calm the appearance of the young man in the royal box, when appeared the young women bowed , In silence they heard the nobleman's words.

Today is a very special day for me, thank you very much for coming to meet me, as you well know I am in search of the ideal woman for our union in marriage, I am going to give each of you a seed to plant it and in the Half a year I will summon them and bring the plants that come out of the seeds, the one who brings the most beautiful flower will be my princess.

Among all the attendants and surrounded by fine and beautiful women, was a beautiful girl, daughter of a humble cook of the royal palace.

A beautiful young woman with long golden hair and very fine figure, but her outfit revealed that she was a humble girl, but very hardworking, she spent all day in the kitchen with her beloved mother, a young woman with a big heart, despite To be humble and poor I accept the seed that sent the prince, I plant it with much affection in a small pot of adobe, since girl was in love with the young prince, but was well clear that by its position that would never happen.

During the six months of the year I irrigated and took care of the pot, put fertilizer in the soil, watered daily, took care of the low temperatures, protected from the intense sun, but still nothing grew from the planted seed, not even with its sweet songs achievement That a beautiful flower would grow.

When the prince summoned, thousands of beautiful women came to the royal garden, each carrying a flower prettier than the other.

The prince appeared in the garden and organized a long line of women with their beautiful flowers and one went controlling each pot, found the most beautiful flowers on the planet, all colors, varieties and aromas.

One by one the beautiful women passed by, it seemed that no flower caught their attention, until I touched the turn of the humble girl, the rotten had not got any flower, very distressed and with much shame only looked at the floor.

What happened to your flower? Asked the prince, do not you present yourself like the rest of the young women with a beautiful flower?

My lord the truth I do not know what to say! Plant with so much love the seed that gave me, take care of them during these six months, I invested money that I do not have in fertilizers, sing with affection but I do not get the seed to germinate, please sir, I beg your pardon, said the humble girl very sorry .

The prince smiled, dried his tears with his handkerchief, took her hand and said.

Do not get angry, neglect you will be my princess. Said the young prince.

The rest of the girls were frozen, indignant at each other, but how will his wife be! If she was the only woman who has not brought a flower, besides being a humble girl who has nothing to do next to us, the beautiful women said contemptuously.

The prince took the hand of his future princess and took her to the royal box, where she went to the intrigued women, who were waiting for an explanation.

A long time ago I am analyzing the quality of the woman who will accompany me for the rest of my life, and I have realized that it is sincerity, she has been very honest and the only one I do not try to deceive.

A loud murmur was heard in the other youths, they made gestures of not understanding what the prince said.

To all I have given sterile seeds, I was absolutely sure that no flower would sprout from any seed, the only one who has not lied and had the courage to tell the truth was this beautiful woman, I am very happy to have found my future princess.

This is how the Chinese prince found the woman who will live with him for the rest of his life and the humble girl through the truth married the prince he had dreamed his whole life.

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