The discoveries of indigenous resistance colony

Fuente: Dear Friends of the Voz, thank you for supporting my work and visiting my post, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend of resistance colony, talks about the tufa beliefs and the discovery of cotton.

The colony Resistencia began being a settlement that they called reduction of the original town abipones of San Fernando of the Black River, as it was traced the history was changing of name, until arriving to be the City of Resistance of the Chaco Province or National Capital Of the sculptures, for its 600 architectural works of the city.

This is a legend of Toba origin, A long time ago in the city of the sculptures, a community of indigenous Tobas settled, at that time the climate was not as we know it, there was only one season of the year, a unique climate without variation.

The Tobas were very accustomed to the climate, the climate that prevailed would be what we know as spring, stable pleasant to live, Vivian very happy, they had no weather problems as in our times.

The tobas very kind and grateful beings, their crops were blessed by the beautiful climate, all the seeds that planted had successful results, very grateful offered offerings to the God of the good Naktánoón.

As in any community there is good and evil, in Toba people was no exception, evil was always expectant, annoyed with the Toba community for their worship of Naktanon decided to teach them a lesson.

The evil Nahuet Cagüen was very angry, living in the shadows gave life to Nomaga better known as the god of winter.

Nomaga was going to take the Indians by surprise, the evil god watched his creation with great satisfaction, knowing the power that I give to the winter, Nahuet Cagüen already enjoyed happiness for the great destruction that was about to begin.

The Indians lived their happy days, not knowing what the evil destiny had prepared for them, the first plants were bearing fruit, began a year of harvest with many expectations, the Tobas made a celebration to give thanks to the god of good for the Good result of the first harvests, to continue like this would be another great year for the natives.

This last celebration completed the patience of Nahuet Cagüen, commanded Nomaga winter god to comply with submission.

Nomaga at night while everyone slept under the shadows to visit the great chaco, the land of the Tobas, the tombs unprepared and ruined the whole plantation of the Indians, before dawn the Indians were suffering an evil never seen, the fury of winter.

Cold dead, devoid of warm clothing, they saw with their eyes as the effort of their labor was annihilated by the low temperatures, the waters froze, the plantations burned by winter, the animals suffered.

The Toba titiritavam of cold, Nomaga god of the winter took them by surprise, they implored to the God Naktánoón that they heat them. Please help us! Were the supplications of the natives.

The god of evil looked pleased with his work, under the land of the great Chaco to make fun of the Tobas, where his god is now said mockingly, throw a party to send heat, manifested and laughed diabolically.

The Tobas were very respectful of nature only hunting for food, they were unable to kill an animal for their skin, the Indians saw the animals as they took their skins and made clothes to shelter, the wise nature helped to subsist the Indians .

The hides of the animals helped to withstand the cold temperatures, the evil god Nahuet Cagüen, more furious than before tried to intimidate even the poor Indians.

My envoy Nomaga, the winter god, will make them suffer until their own death, freeze their organs, die and suffer worse than animals, I will disappear the sun, darkness and winter reign in the village of Chaco, said the god of the furious wrong.

Before the great menace of Nahuet Cagüen, four angels descended to the land of the great Chaco, the Drunken Palo, the patio plant, the hummingbird, the viudita, these squires of the good came down to report the situation of the Chaco land.

Seeing with their own eyes the work of the evil evil, they elevated a report of the damages requesting to Naktánoón its divine interception.

The god of good did not wait, thawed the waters, sent new wild lives to the earth, turned the snowflakes into cotton pans. Fuente: The anansans say that cotton is a masterpiece, they say that the god of good Naktanon in creating cotton was inspired by his four angels sent to the chaco, I take the best attributes of each of them, the heat of the patio plant, The cocoon like the drunken club, the flock of the hummingbird and the whiteness of the widow.

This situation inspires the god of good and I create the other two seasons of the year, established the months that correspond to each season, I order as we know them today, summer, autumn, winter and spring.

To the flower of the cotton provided it with seeds, so that the winds of the chaco distribute them throughout the territory, is the explanation of why there is not a single corner of the great Chaco that does not have a cotton plant.

This is another legend of the anxious sages where they say that good always defeats evil, as for the evil god Nahuet Cagüen does not feel defeated, continues in the land that belonged to the Tobas, to go unnoticed became the "Caterpillar Pink "plague of cotton, wreaking havoc if the crop is not taken care of. Fuente: Fuente:

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