The four versions of the legend of the sparrow

fuente: The Sparrow is a bird, I think the best known of the universe, I have seen in countless films from different parts of the world, Italian, English, American, etc.

This small bird owns several versions of fables, in the lands of the Onas speak of the Sparrow and the robin, the Onas are a tribe of Argentine natives of the province of Tierra del Fuego.

In the town of Onas Vivian two very haughty boys and buscapleitos, one was called Sparrow and the other they said robin by his red hair.

Accounts the elders of this village that this para to haughty were fought with anyone who got in their way, so it was as one day they crossed and had a great fight.

The fight was very fought, the red-haired sacked all the hair to blows to Sparrow leaving only a glass in the part superior of the head, it gave so many blows to him that formed hematomas around the neck that looked like a necklace, for its part Sparrow good fighter bleeding red nose nose stained the whole mouth of blood.

The contest was very seen and crowded the God of the Onas, as an example for the visitors of the contest, punishment this pair of haughty turned them into a bird, so that this act is remembered as a bad example forever.

This is the reason the sparrow's cape, and the fire color of the robin, retain their physiognomy that we know today

In the north of Argentina another version of the Sparrow is heard, in the village of Chusquin lived a giant man, very big and conceited.

Wanting to show his great strength, he fought down the walls of a temple in the small village, his vanity had reached far and carried him to prison.

He was condemned to serve the sentence deprived of his freedom, for his acts of destruction of the religious patrimony of the people, but above all for his arrogance and vanity.

God punished him by becoming a bird, forcing him to wear the cap of prisoner and his walk in a jumping like the prisoners to have chains on his feet.

The third version of the Sparrow crosses the Argentine boundaries, is a version of the Uruguayan towns.

A group of immigrants composed of men and women traveled with all their belongings on the dirt roads of the desert, went after the dream of founding a new town in a very promising land, to reach the promised place had to cross the waters of a river .

The Goblin of these towns known as Aña, did not want new residents in the place, when the immigrants tried to cross the river, the evil elf shaken the waters and dragged them downstream, took them to all but one that reached to cross the With the help of a branch of an old tree that had grown to the side of the river.

The raging elf turned him into a small bird with a cape on his head as a mockery, the bird far from anguish began to sing mocking the elf ada, who with his powers could not get him and could reach the place promised, is So happy that it crosses the world with its song, informing of how to defeat the elf Aña.

The fourth version has its origins in Bolivia, in these town the Gorrión is known with the name of Icácu and this narration represents the bureaucracy of the World.

In a village where the temperatures were very low lived a boy named Icácu, this boy worked in the felling of trees, being at the mercy of the temperature one of his legs formed a large piece of ice like a grid, he did not allow him to walk And walked to the skips.

Icácu with this piece of ice on his legs could not work, if he did not work he would not have to the bread of his mouth, not knowing who to turn to the sun God. Begging to leave to heat the ice and melt, the sun answered that he is always, are clouds that do not let pass their rays of sun. Icácu on the way to the skips until he reached the clouds, he presented his problem, the cloud answered him, look I can not do anything, the problem is the wind, it is the one who manipulates my silhouette, to the continuous jumps with his way in search of the Wind, when he came to tell all his story and finally the wind answered, the problem is the Quincho, the skippers went to see Quincho told all his story, Quincho took the problem off and said that he was affected by fire Where he was neglected he set fire to it, poor Icácu went to fire and narrated to the letter his problem, fire very skillful to remove the problem of above blame the water, water will solve your problem my problem fire me The water turns off, I get to the water, a very polite and serene person, Icácu heard the story without interruption, finally said, look I could solve your problem, now my problem is that stone stands in my way, if we solve This confli I believe that a solution would be possible.

Icácu decided to solve his problem jump so many times until he reached stone, stone received and patiently listened to what Icácu narrated, then answered this would not be any inconvenience, this is a simple case to solve, return where the sun is, go to Man and asks me to please run, Icácu followed the stone instructions returned to the sun and asked the man to run the stone his way, the man very willing to said he was going to occupy, please go inside the Square and wait for him sitting, just run the stone this would warn.

The very gentle man ran the stone, but since he was the only person who solved the problems, he forgot to warn poor Icácu.

Poor Icácu I hope so much that he became a bird, it is today that continues waiting in the square, eating bread crumbs that fall to the banks of the banks and approaches the jumps to each person in search of an answer .


José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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