The Guarani Legend La membykuna del kuarahy


I only speak Spanish. All my work I did with the help of google I apologize for the translation errors I appreciate your understanding.

Dear Friends of the Voice, thank you very much for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend of my ancestors the Guarani, speaks of a beautiful young Indian who attracted the sights of all young people, but she falls in love with a Humble person, the father's ambition condemned her to live a life of laments, a beautiful story that begins like this.

The lineage of my people arises in pre-Hispanic times, in search of the land without evil of the Guarani, a penitent Indian people of the Amazon River, whose mentality was focused on the afterlife, language, music, religion and beliefs , Which we inherit their descendants and transmit to keep this dynasty alive.

In the Land of the Taragui, the Cacique mbigua (night) boasted of the beauty of his daughter Arasa (star), an exuberant woman of unmistakable beauty. The Cacique mbigua was famous for his bravery and dexterity in battles, but most famous for being the father of the most beautiful woman on earth, well deserved had his name Star.

The village began to gain popularity, appearing every day Powerful caciques who came from different parts of the universe, brought beautiful gifts in honor of Arasa.

Valuable Pheasant feathers, extinct animal skins, silver pieces, gold bracelets, precious stones, lush gifts worthy of a Queen, heads eager to turn her into her beloved.

Every day the beautiful Arasa, attending to hundreds of suitors who offered unimaginable fortune to conquer their love, none of this touched the heart of guaina.

The covetous Cacique, longing to marry his daughter to inherit power and fortune, before the indecision of Arasa, took the post, I organize a great celebration where the majestic lady should choose husband among his suitors.

All the admirers prepared for the great event, the victor would marry the Beautiful Star (Arasa)

A dangerous feat, which should overcome lovers, gladly faced the prize, difficult tests, hunt the most dangerous, beautiful yaguarete of the place and present his skin to the queen, look for the most beautiful bird with the song of the nightingale, the Fish more voracious with the bright colors and numerous feats in which their lives were in danger.

On the day of spring, the contest was organized. Mbigua the god of the night dresses of gala to witness the face, to her right Arasa more beautiful than ever, dressed as a party, a beautiful wreath of flowers, dressed as golden as the sun, a neckline pronounced, the back free letting the slender see The bronze body of the majestic woman, gold necklaces with precious stones, emerald bracelets, Arasa is present at the party, disinterested does not pay attention to the gala in his honor.

She was distracted, suddenly she heard a voice, caught her attention, listened attentively to the words of a young man who offered his love and security, seeing him fall in love instantly, his heart throbbing, as when you know true love, his soul abandons the Body in search of his beloved, assures that he found the love of his life, he smiles at his future husband.

The beautiful woman gives notice to her father, Father knew the love of my life, announces my election and stop the fight, warns that the lady has already chosen, the greedy father wanted to secure his fortune and see that he would inherit by offering his daughter in Marriage, the lady takes the hand of her beloved and presents his father, he looks with contempt at the young man, a young man humbly dressed in rags full of dust for the long journey, The chief disapproves of this love, the lady defends her beloved.

Father, he is not a cacique, nor rich as you see, but he has come from afar, I cross mountains, seas and rivers, he conquered my heart. The father is angry and embarrasses the young man and throws him out of the village.

The beautiful sad woman lowers her head, from her eyes sprout waters of bitterness, there is no other should respect her father. He turns to say goodbye to the young man, who is changing his profile and becomes a golden-haired young man with a sculptural, fibrous body, big-eyed blue hair, gold-embroidered robes, gold wrestling wristbands and Ruby.

The young man raises his voice and appears I am son of the sun, attracted by your beauty I have come to marry you, but the greed of your father, has provoked the anger of my father, in punishment your father you will become a bird, for pain of My love, you're going to cry every sunset, finished your words. An incandescent light descended from the heavens and turned the beautiful woman into a bird.

From that moment when the sun goes down, a lament of a bird is heard in the forest. The "guaimi-mgüe La membykuna del kuarahy, regrets the loss of his beloved.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina