The hachero's distrust

Fuente: Thank you very much dear friends of the voice for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful story, speaks of a hachero who loses his ax and distrusts his neighbor, this mistrust will teach a lesson, a beautiful story that begins well .

This is a Chinese fable, a long time ago in a Chinese village lived a hachero, a hardworking man, worked all day in the forest cutting trees, one day lost his ax, realizing the valuable loss began to scream strongly.

Oh, not my ax! I've lost my ax! What will I do without my work tool? The poor hachero was said to have been evicted.

I returned home very sad and thoughtful, I cry disconsolately all the way, I come home and still had tears in his eyes, when he is going to enter his house crossed a neighbor he knew a long time ago, the man greets as always very Happy and happy.

Good neighbor day! How are you? I have not seen you for a long time, said the friendly neighbor.

The truth is not very good, to complete today I lost my ax, if only I had money to buy another, replied the hachero.

What a bad luck! With how important is your ax for you and your work, I hope you can find it, said the neighbor.

Goodbye neighbor! And entered his home, his wife came out to greet him as he did every day, gave a strong hug and a kiss, the hachero watched the situation, admired the love of his neighbors, but an idea crossed his mind.

Was the neighbor who stole my ax? On second thought I was very nervous when I named the loss of my ax, his way of looking, he dodged my eyes like thieves do when they steal something, said the hachero

The hachero very confused, began to walk without realizing that little by little I went back to the mountain, I was thinking about the whole situation, the change of attitude of the neighbor, everything seemed to have a lot to do with the neighbor, everything squared and each time more secure his Suspicion against his neighbor.

If I'm sure he was my neighbor, his hands hid them in his pockets, when I greet his hands were sweaty, that was because of the nerves, if I'm sure it was my neighbor who stole my ax.

The head was turning every revolution, his heart was throbbing, he was getting more and more angry with his neighbor, I can not believe that my own neighbor stole my ax, something I have to do! Must pay for the theft of my work tool, sorry for him, but if he is a thief will have to pay for it, said very angry the hachero

More and more furious the ax with his neighbor, he walked without seeing where he was going, I can not believe he does this to me, the axman continued, suddenly I hit something that made him fall to the floor, being unaware not Nor put his arm to cushion the fall, big was the blow that occurred, I remain a bit stunned on the floor, in a moment I react and began to rant to the four winds.

I can not believe my bad luck! All I need is for my arm to break, said the hachero

He got up as he could, luckily he only scraped his legs and some bruises, looked at the ground and saw that it was not a stone, rather it was a stick that protruded from the undergrowth. He crouched and shot him, great was his surprise when he saw that it was his ax, there recalled that the day before I passed through that place full of firewood, there will have fallen and did not notice.

Then he remembered how badly he was thinking of his neighbor, he began to feel ashamed of all the barbarities he said about the poor man, in the end my neighbor is innocent.

I returned home to his house, thinking of all that he had said about the poor man, who had nothing to do with the loss of his ax, which was inconsiderate of me, trying to rob a person without having any proof, from today I promise not to judge More to a person without knowing and much less without tests, said the hachero.

Moral, this fable teaches us that mistrust makes us think very badly about other people, before judging someone we must be absolutely sure of what we are accusing. fuente: Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina