The happiness of being who we are

fuente: Hello dear friends of steemit, today I bring you a story that I found on the web and wanted to share with all of you: talk about a frog, not being happy with your appearance, do a thousand things to change, finally learn a lesson.

Many years ago, near an old swamp lived a frog, this little frog was not satisfied with its appearance, every morning went to the swamp to see in the water, looked at its appearance and was depressed by how ugly it looked.

He did not like anything of what he saw, his appearance, his giant mouth, his bible song, listening to the beautiful songs of the birds more depressed, did not want to be green as a caterpillar, horrible spots on his skin, Her body had no shape and to top it all she was so small that nobody realized she was in the swamp.

Every day, after seeing his reflection in the water of the swamp, returned home very depressed by his bad luck, the way back home was always the same, if he changed he feared to get lost, passed under the red mushrooms With black polka dots, crossed the herbazal where an old bull grazed, seeing him stop for a long time to observe it, was hypnotized by its large size.

This bull could not have better luck! I want to be big like him!

Tired of her miserable life, one autumn afternoon she gathered all the little frogs of the place, seated them in a circle, and she stood in the center.

I have sent you to call, to tell you that I get tired of being a little frog, I am willing to be bigger, I need to be told if I am growing, please do not stop looking at me.

The little frogs understood nothing of what her friend said, one of them said he did not do anything, that could be hurt, the stupid frog continued with his strategy.

Without more rounding I take a lot of air, putting little bit of hummingbird asked the other frogs.

Have I become as big as the bull?

The frogs answered.

No, do not wait! You've bloated but never so big.

Like a good fool, she made a move, adjusted her organs, and resumed air, this time more than the previous one, she took so much air that she turned round like a baseball

Now I got it? Yes or no?! Please answer

The frogs looked at each other, did not understand what happened to his dear friend, but he was his decision and had to respect, one of the frogs answered.

Look, you've grown double, but the bull is still much bigger than you!

The foolish frog would not give up, put himself in yoga position, concentrated and took as much air as he could inside, then made an effort and took another breath of air, took so much air that his skin can not stand and She heard a loud! Plop !, the poor one burst like a ball.

What happened, because I feel so much pain ?! Please help!

When they heard his request for help the frogs ran to meet him, big was his surprise to see the little frog lying pansa up with a hole in the belly.

Help please, do something, I do not want to bled to death!

Luckily one of the frogs did a course of paramedics, knew how to act in these emergency cases, took a juniper needle green lianas and suture the opening of the skin of the small frog, thanks to his knowledge of paramedic could save the Life of the stubborn frog.

The little swamp frog recovered in a couple of months, from that day began to appreciate his body, never felt bad again, realized the benefits he had being small, could swim, jump, with his green color served as Camouflage in the grass, there he saw the defects of the bull, he could never swim in the swamp, much less jump high and away as he did and hide or talk, this made it an easy target for predators, finally discovered that If we accept as we are we will be happier.

Moral of the story. It is useless to change to be someone that we are not, we are all born different, no better or worse, simply different, we must know how to recognize our abilities and take full advantage of them, to be proud of oneself, to learn to see their qualities and abilities To be able to evaluate them. fuente: Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina