The intellectual in love.

fuente: Long ago in the nineteenth century lived a man very intellectual and dreamy, who liked too much to read books of poetry.

This man was the only son of a wealthy family, very studious, spent all his life studying, a very cordial, gentle and intellectual young man.

One day he received the news that his family had had an accident where they lost their lives, the man inherited all the family fortune, the family house was a beautiful mansion, but this young man gave up living in it because it brought many memories.

He sold the family mansion and bought a beautiful multi-storey villa in a private neighborhood in front of the best park of the place, his beautiful villa had a view of the park and a large lake that was inside the park.

The man lived a very quiet life, with no obligations to fulfill but to watch and order the movements of his bulky bank account, he considered himself very young to marry, being single favored him even with freedom, the truth that this young man had not known the Love of his life, main reason that he was single.

Every day after ordering his bank account, he would go out at noon to read his book of poetry on the clock, he did not care if it was winter or summer, this reading was a daily routine, always dressed very elegant, hat, dress pants Wear gray color, well polished shoes, tie and vest.

He crossed the street, crossed the park and sat on a bench under the almond tree that was by the lake, in addition to his passion for reading, he loved the swans that lay by the lake, this was a dream Made real for this young man, enjoy a good reading in the company of the swans.

This was a daily routine, except the rain there was no other climatic problem that would stop him reading his daily under the almond tree in the company of the swans.

His life was very simple and simple, he had solved his economic life, lived to the full his days and what better of a good reading on the park bench by the lake, this was his life, but had no idea that soon was going to change, Fate had something in it for him.

One morning as every day I crossed the street across the park, sat on the park bench under the almond tree by the lake in the company of the swans, I was about to start reading it, when something wonderful happened.

I looked up and saw a beautiful woman, walking the park paths, her walk was that of a very refined English lady, a beautiful blond woman with green eyes, dressed elegantly in a ruby ​​red skirt and a beautiful black headdress in your head.

The young man's heart began to beat unbelievably, it was the first time a woman had caused that sensation in him, he realized that on the paths of the park, love walked at first sight, he only managed to look at her with respect, he continued with his Looking every step toward the beautiful lady, the beat of his heart was so strong that it seemed to fly through his mouth, his breathing was chopping, it was impossible not to realize that he found the love of his life.

The beautiful lady who was a young woman with a lot of experience in matters of love at a distance, capturing the best compliments of the city, noticed that the handsome young man watched her, continued walking on the paths of the park, approaching the young man began to Smile and fan his elegant fan, accompanied by a great wiggle of his beautiful hips, step by step step in front of the young gallant, the young man very polite greet raising his gala hat, she answered the greeting with a subtle smile, letting her beautiful White teeth in contrast to her crimson red lips, she slowly began to move away, continued with the lovely wiggle of her beautiful curves, the man totally in love was still staring with her eyes at the beautiful body of the woman, she walked along the circular paths of the Park, he continued with his eyes, she almost disappeared from his sight and making a great effort not to lose the beautiful body of the woman with his eyes, he made u N more effort and turned sharply his neck striving his body, that was heard a crack crack his neck, I'm dead with eyes fixed watching the last features of the beautiful woman.

Sitting on the bench under the almond tree by the lake with his wild eyes he was found dead by a neighbor.

The neighbor watched him in the distance and did not see him move, this caught his attention and came to see what was happening, saw the young dead man's eyes as if he kept a beautiful secret.

When he was found dead, he gave notice to the security of the park, the policemen informed friends who took charge of the funeral and burial in the cemetery of the private neighborhood, the beautiful lady learned of the tragic news and went to the funeral.

From that day on a few years passed, the beautiful lady married and had several children, who took to play in the park and sat on the park bench under the almond tree by the lake in the company of the swans and remembered the beautiful young man who The captive with his tender gaze, and he always thought of that morning when he met him.

Sometimes he wept with love for the young man, sitting on the bench under the almond tree the only witness of this true love that was never consummated.

This is the legend of the nineteenth century where a handsome gentleman sitting under the almond tree fell madly in love with a beautiful lady, and lost his life for love and little intelligence. fuente: Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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I would like lovers to live forever! @joseluis ))

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Is a beautiful story of love, unfortunately he did not know her love. Thank you very much lady @ladyzarulem for the great support to my work