The Land of Taragui # 1

Fuente: This legend takes place in the most southern country of the world, Argentina, to the northwest in the province of Corrientes, here originates the beginning of life, according to Guaraní mythology.

The Tupã Tenondete, the God of the Guaraní allegory I create the first man and the first woman, called Rupave and Sypave which means in Guarani, Fathers and Mother of the peoples.

This couple had three sons and several daughters women, one of their daughters was named Amaira. This was a beautiful woman, was seduced by the spirit of the so-called Taú, tells the story Amaira was shaved and taken to the home of Taú, where they formed a family.

They had seven children cursed by the goddess Arasy, the curse had effect in six of the seven children, being born deformed creatures that impressed the same Tupa.

This part of the story was not very widespread and controversies exist in their narrations. The names of these mythological Guarani were forgotten.

This is reflected in the leaves of the book of Guaraní allegory of Jorge Montesino.

Amaira is a beautiful young woman, she is in her late teens, her eyes are very beautiful, they have a very particular shine, her delicate little hands, her well-shaped legs, a very fine figure, a very attractive young woman, beautiful lady Smile that tries to hide his beautiful lips, lips like never before seen.

The girl besides beautiful is very intelligent, it was cost in hammocks to the vera of the thickness under a great blue jacaranda tree and spent the whole day reading.

When she did not read to her other passion, to walk the paths of the jungle, loved by all nature, plants, trees, flowers, animals and insects the whole forest blushed before the beauty of Amaira.

Her days were never the same, every day a new adventure, she lived a full life full of joy, ignoring what destiny had prepared for her.

The evil spirit of Tatu, watched with awe at the beautiful Amaira, his lustful eyes watched the girl, studying the best time to seduce and abduct the beautiful woman.

Tatu studied the girl's movements, knew every detail of the girl's life, her passions, reading, walking in the jungle and the hammock and her long naps under the blue jacaranda.

One day Amaira walked through the thicket, she delighted her ears with the song of the nightingale, while she stroked the flower of the lily, approached a beautiful young man of tan teas, soft and reliable, was neither more nor less than the devilish Armadillo, The young Amaira fell at his feet at the same moment, struck by the beautiful figure of the young man, they engaged in a conversation, in a short time they spoke as if they knew each other before, the diabolical plan was working, managed to capture the attention of the beautiful Amaira , The time came when the girl was to return to the village and said goodbye to the beautiful young man with tanned skin.

Amaira started on the narrow paths of red jungle land in contrast to the green of the thicket, seemed to float in the air, could not believe that encounter, was thinking of the beautiful image of the young man who in a few minutes captivated his attention.

The next morning he got up early and went into the jungle, went in search of the beautiful gentleman, could find nothing, returned a little sad and read to lie in the hammock, read so much that fell asleep, having a beautiful dream Of the encounter with that young man, a sound of the nightingale invade his ears and begins to slowly open his eyes, could not believe what he saw, there was the beautiful young man who met the previous day standing next to his hammock, sounded a flute with a Beautiful melody, simulated the song of the nightingale, astonished does not do or say anything, he smiles, with his angelic smile capable of captivating the same Tupa, the young woman enthralled listened to the young man speak.

This situation was observed by Agatay the spirit of good, who worried about the intentions of Tatu the spirit of evil was put on alert.

This advance of the spirit of evil would cause great conflict in heaven, a struggle of powers and protection, who knows what would happen in this confrontation.

The evil plan Tatu was giving good results, went into the jungle and began to play his flute, Amaira heard the sound of enchanted music and headed immediately to meet, together begin to walk the roads of the jungle, Tatu Tells beautiful stories with her sweet and tender vos, looks fixedly at the face of the maiden and realizes Amaira is deeply in love, cut beautiful flowers and gave them to the girl, caught a beautiful butterfly and gave in gift to the beautiful princess , This step was inevitable love, this to the spirit of good was not going to fall well.

Agatay aware of the situation, intervenes between Amaira's precipitous love and the evil Tatu, he does it through the dream, sends horrible images of the beautiful young woman, the plot of the dream was attacked by the young man who changed of semblanza becoming a disgusting monster , The spirit of goodness makes the young girl see the true figure of Tatu, the beautiful princess suffers the whole night the nightmare sent by Agatay, awoke next to the arrival dawn.

Having clarified the day Tatu sounds the flute to enchant the girl and take her into the jungle, unable to resist the charms of music went to meet his lover, surrendered at his feet, listen to the sweet you of the beautiful Young , Who narrates beautiful stories of love, in that recalls his nightmare and decides to tell his dream to the young man, when the evil spirit hears the narration of the dream with detail luxuries of the monster, he warns that he is being watched by Agatay and decides to face the spirit of the all right. To be continued…. Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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