The land of Taragui # 2

?1297809003 Fuente: Having clarified the day Tatu sounds the flute to enchant the girl and take her into the jungle, unable to resist the charms of music went to meet his lover, surrendered at his feet, listen to the sweet you of the beautiful Young , Who narrates beautiful stories of love, in that recalls his nightmare and decides to tell his dream to the young man, when the evil spirit hears the narration of the dream with detail luxuries of the monster, he warns that he is being watched by Agatay and decides to face the spirit of the all right.

Tatu and the Agatay have already faced each other, they know and know that this new contest will not be easy for either of them, this time the chosen terrain will be the jungle in the vicinity of the jump known as the throat of the devil.

Agatay has accepted some of the exploits of Tatu, but this time he has gone too far and does not think to tolerate, both prepare for the worst contest that have participated, are in the established place and start the fight, the spirits fight frantically, Hand-to-hand, throwing lightning with noisy thunder, a great fight, disguised by a great rain and avoiding witness of the spirits of the spirits, six days with their nights they were fighting, nobody seemed to give the arm to twist.

The spirit of the good Agatay takes the lead, there is a signal that is gaining, by the appearance of Tatu looks very poor and tired, received too many bouts of Agatay, everything seems that good would prevail evil.

Amaira, in a dream, witnessed the struggle, slept without awakening during the six days of the contest, was very hasty since the fight began, but now when the evil is being overcome, her dream begins to appease, she sees Tatu get away from sleep.

The spirit of goodness can not help but smile when he sees his tired opponent almost overcome, Tatu senses defeat, his body exhausted, hurt and sore from the rays received sent by Agatay. On the seventh day the fight continues, the pace of the struggle has diminished considerably, the energy of Tatu is already defeated, his body beaten no longer resists blows, in the last attempt he resorts to the God of merit, invokes his name and asks for help, His tired body lies on the ground, he can hardly breathe and he calls on the name of the God of merit Pytanejovái, please do not abandon me, I need you, help me to defeat my enemy, seeing this situation the spirit of good is entrusted And goes to the body of Tatu to end the contest, in that a hot wind of the fire blows and stops the body of Agatay, behind the flame is heard a laugh of the evil spirit of evil, the God of merit is fighting to Tatu's favor and both defeated the good.

Agatay is suffering the powerful clash of the force that gave rise to Pytãjovái's flame, defeated and almost moribund lying on the ground. The evil Tatu enjoys his victory, he looks with contempt and haughtiness at the defeated spirit of good.

After the contest the beautiful young woman Amaira awakens from her deep sleep, she hears the sound of the enchanted flute, the one that imitates the song of the nightingale, as hypnotized goes to the jungle to meet his love, Tatu already become the handsome young man He heads toward her and they melt their bodies in a huge embrace.

Tatu to see this and confident of its spell is made to see as it is, the innocent Amaira there realize that what I saw in the dream was reality, but it was late, there was no step back, the evil spirit already felt winning, A loud cry of frightful dread was heard, it was the shout of Amaira trying to flee the arms of the horrendous monster, this was heard throughout the village, the Indians come to their defense, Tatu carries the beautiful girl on his shoulders and He flees with his prize, it was impossible to stop the evil spirit, running with his prey on his shoulder is lost in the thick, only heard the cries and cries of Amaira.

Tatu arrives at his home, talks to Amaira, expresses his true love, asks him to consider things, promises that what he lacks in beauty would give in fortune, explains and asks not to try to escape, if he does, he would retaliate with That it hurts more, her parents, adding, before losing you I am able to take your life away, Amaira feels the threat, do not give more remedies than accept the horrible monster.

At night the rotten Amaira had to endure Tatu satiate his carnal desire, subjugated the beautiful girl have only to cry, Tatu cares little the tears of the young submit to his mercy to the teenager, the cries of Amaira are So strong that they are heard from the Guarani village.

The natives bitterly support the cries of poor Amaira, they implore the Gods, mediate and send a miracle for the recovery of the beautiful teenager, the tears grow stronger, now begin the terrifying screams of Tatu, the elders of the village plead A severe punishment for Tatu, who took advantage of the naive young woman and the kidnapping.

Agatay listens to the supplications and cries of Amaira, decides to repress and sends a curse to the soulless Tatu that includes all his offspring.

The days pass Amaira far from getting accustomed, suffers daily the submissions of Tatu, days after days, the whole month, months after months.

Seven months have passed, the fruit of the couple is maturing, the cramps increase is a sign of the arrival of the firstborn, the time comes and Amaira begins to give birth, terrified to be her first child, she expects a beautiful child, ignoring The curse of Agatay that was imposed on Tatu, the child was born and could see a horrible monster.

Fuente: The beautiful young woman gave birth to a beast, deformed with seven heads, her eyes red as fire, elongated body of lizard and seven heads of dogs. In Guaraní mythology she is known as Teyú Yagua, the beautiful Amaira begged the gods, consulted what she had done to deserve something like this, always good, studious, kind and respectful, did not understand what was her mistake to be punished in this way, I even tolerate being abducted and raped, she hoped in return was deflowering against her will, at least the gift of a beautiful child, in exchange gave birth to this deformed child.

Amaira understood that the child was not to blame, would love and raise as if he were the most beautiful of children, but this child carried with him the most powerful of the curses, It would be impossible for him to have a happy life and live with his beloved mother , Happiness is not in the plans for this family.

Soon the news reached the ears of Tatu, after checking the news, cursed a hundred times this birth, took the worst decision that a father takes in these circumstances, carrying with his own hands the deformed child to kill in the jungle.

Yagua teyu caused fear, his form and his red gaze that looked like balls of fire, he was the owner of the worst semblanza. Tatu walking with the deformed child could see that it was a friendly creature, the time came for the execution and Tatu could not execute the child's death, I made the decision to leave him alive in a cavern on the banks of the Paraná River.

Teyu yagua managed to feed, its intake was based on Fruits and honey, this breeding a huge monster with fierce appearance.

Meanwhile Amaira was unaware that her son was alive, Tatu continued to submit and re-impregnated her, she suffered daily Tatu's submissions, the days passed, the submissions continued, so weeks and months passed.

Arriving in the seventh month as well as her first pregnancy, she began with labor, begged the gods to send a beautiful child, continued to ignore the curse imposed on her by Agatay.

The moment arrives and Amaira begins to give birth to the child, seeing her son could not believe it, had given birth to a great snake, with a parrot's head and a large beak, with a huge tongue, evil eyes, scaly body and His feathered head. Fuente: This serpent is known in Guaraní mythology as Mbói Tui, this deformed child suffered the same fate as his elder brother was exiled condemned to live in the jungle grasslands.

It feeds on flowers and small insects, its diet made it very large that can be seen from far away, round the marshes and lagoon, likes shadows and moist parts, produces a deafening sound, is the protector of animals of the water.

To be continued……. Fuente:

José Luis Corrientes Argentina