The Land of Taragui # 3

Fuente: It feeds on flowers and small insects, its diet made it very large that can be seen from far away, round the marshes and lagoon, likes shadows and moist parts, produces a deafening sound, is the protector of animals of the water. Poor Amaira, saddened by sadness, stunned by the constant harassment of Tatu, distressed by the punishments of life sending deformed children, infuriated with her belly that is only capable of giving birth to mythological creatures of evil.

Tatu blinded only wants to procreate, the poor woman doubts that it was the right thing, is not sure of wanting to continue begetting deformed children, Tatu cares little and takes the woman's body as if it belonged to her, tirelessly submits, inevitably lit the seed of the Third child, to the seventh month as her previous pregnancies Amaira is about to give birth.

Born the third child, carrying the powerful curse of Angatupyry, his figure is a serpent, with two horns on his head, this one has powers, hypnotizes his victims, poor Mother very ashamed of the situation that weighs on her belly, not Knows how to act and protect the spawn that gave birth, thought Tatu's reaction, wants a child, the news soon reached the ears of Tatu, this however acted indifferently and command to throw the little monster Away from the jungle.

To the third son of Amaira is known as Moñái a great snake with two horns on the head, hunting for hypnotism, was condemned to live in the low yuyales of the field, is a great trepador bush, is very fast climbing that does not give time Birds fly, hunt and feed on them, it is known as the supreme of the air, by its rapid movements that seem to fly.

This beget is very skillful to break, what he wants to take or steal Moñái is the protector of thieves, today in the prison jargon is the protector god who makes a living by taking the stranger, say that before a robbery Persign and name it, or Mr. Moñái give me your protection, this is enough for the robbery to be a success. Fuente: Tatu continues with its stalking in search of a son to whom its dynasty can trust, the poor Amaira no longer resists only wants that it is finished as soon as it can, far from that it is going to happen Amaira in spite of everything conserves a beautiful figure and Motivated Tatu to quench his carnal desire night after night, the fourth son soon made his first movements in the womb of Amaira.

Unlike the other pregnancies this one is nine more normal, this excites to Amaira, perhaps the fourth son is the gift that so much craves.

When the seventh month arrives as usual, the cramps begin to make themselves felt, a sign of the new arrival, Amaira in fear but with a share of hope awaits her new baby, the day arrives and labor begins, upon seeing the Child starts to cry disconsolately can not believe he gave birth to this child, a child with white skin, blond hair with curlers, big eyes and black, frown, painful labor was falling asleep Pain and between blinks and eyelashes looked at his baby that seemed normal, tiredness overcomes and falls into a deep sleep.

Amaira wakes up and does not know if she dreamed or was true that she had given birth to a real child, slowly rises, cautiously and sees the beautiful child, when he goes to celebrate the beauty of his child he notices his left arm has a flashing staff , As if it were a wand of a sorcerer, and his feet resemble two hands.

In Guaraní mythology this child is known as Jasy Jatere, has the power to disappear, just shake the enchanted lipstick, disappears and appears Don wants, can travel great distances appearing and disappearing, from his first day I caused much fear in Amaira , Unlike his brothers I do not need to be thrown somewhere, just rubbing his cane disappeared to settle in the jungle. Jasy Jatere loves nature, she is the protector of the animals, the forest, the birds, the owner of the mountains and everything that lives in it, retains its appearance as a child.

The young teenagers who underestimate the power of the mountain and the said camperos are conquered and possessed by this elf, very in love with the young girls, the married women who deceive their husbands in the mountain, the haunts and makes of his wife, not There is a woman who resists her spell, she uses her rod to dominate the lechiguana and to harvest the honey, with which she feeds and feeds her older brother Teyu Jagua, lives with him in the cavern on the banks of the Paraná River. Fuente: When arriving at night Tatu does nothing more than possess the already tired woman Amaira, does not say or do anything just lie down and is automatic, just think of the next spawn that will come, no longer asks for anything or beg, if the Tupa wants to send a normal child.

At the age of seven, she prepares to give birth to her fifth child, on a stormy night she gave birth to her fifth child as expected, Angatupyry's curse does not forgive, gave birth to another son's father's spawn very similar to Tatu , A brown-eyed child with narrow eyes look like fly eyes and big mouth, deformed arms and feet, fingers and toes are attached. This beast had the same fate as his brother was abandoned in the jungle by his father, habituated in the thicket and never leaves him, except to do his evil.

In the guaraní allegory the fifth son of Amaira is known as Kurupi, which most attracts the attention of his deformed body, is a huge rope of flesh that envelops his body, by this organ is that women fear the Kurupi, Which rolls into his body is the virile member.

Do not miss the opportunity to attack single women who wander through the jungle, Kurupi not only violates women, after quenching their carnal desires kills.

Like his father Tatu he loves virgin adolescents, he attacks the villages and kidnaps his victims, he goes into the jungle to viola and he attends the seven months of gestation, until the girls give birth to his son, the children Of the Kurupi all die on the seventh day.

The Kurupi is the king of the mountains and is more powerful than his brother Jasy Jatere, dominates all forest life, the animals fear him including the jaguar, master and lord of the jungle never leaves, except to go and look for his next victim .

To be continued.......... Fuente: Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina