The land of Taragui # 4

fuente: The Kurupi is the king of the mountains and is more powerful than his brother Jasy Jatere, dominates all life of the forest, the animals fear him including the jaguar, master and lord of the jungle never leaves, except to go and look for his next victim .

Very distressed by the recent outcome of her fifth son, Amaira is very disrepair, her body returned to suffer another disappointment, since she ceased to be a beautiful young woman, she became a battered mother of five children, the beautiful body that alone In the memory of Amaira, Tatu does not seem to care or see reality, submitting as soon as the first day, soon the news arrives, the sixth son of Tatu approaches.

Synchronized calendar seven months and labor begins, once again gave birth to another spawn, a four-legged animal body with large tusks, much like a pig, has no hands or feet are represented by plumes.

Fuente: In Guarani mythology is known as Ao Ao, is very particular, does not need a female to reproduce.

Ao Ao having the possibility to reproduce only lives in herd, chose the high places of the forest for its habit, mountainous places, its main diet is the human flesh, it has been adjudged to him numerous tourist deaths, adventurers go out to walk by the Jungle without knowing the place and end up dead in the claws of Ao Ao. This was evidenced by declarations of tourists who have escaped from the brave animal, they say they climbed a pindo tree, and it was remarkable that the animal did not approach the tree.

According to legend the pindo tree has an enchantment that causes the Ao Ao not to approach him, there are other declarations of locals to have seen to attack people raised to another tree that was not pindo and the Ao Ao has demolished with his powerful claw And their strong tusks.

His walk is like an animal on all fours, but when attacking his victim he lands on two legs, very similar to a large bear, he is a very intelligent animal, he catches his victims by surprise despite being a large animal and Heavy, is very stealthy in his attack.

This last son to Tatu was very disappointing, Amaira's body was no longer the same, Tatu's fury and passion had already disappeared, Tatu as I never talk to Amaira and I ask for a last attempt to have a normal son, someone who can Carry on the family dynasty, Amaira already defeated and surrendered, made the last effort, perhaps this change in Tatu was good omens.

The seventh son did not wait, he was born like all the others, at seven months, with incredible appearances, perhaps the worst of everything, a creepy being, his torso upside down a little hunchback, his head is bald pale, mouth Giants with big teeth and a dog's tongue, red eyes look like fires, a pair of devilish ears, their hands and feet are as strange as an animal's claws.

Fuente: In the guaraní allegory it is known as Luisõ. Luisó, lives in cemeteries, feeds on the dead that are buried in the earth, uses his enormous claws to dig and tear the wood of the coffins.

It is an animal that has sensitivity to the full moon, when the moon leaves, it begins to howl climbed to the epitaphs of the tombs, staring fixedly at the moon as if expecting something to descend from the heavens, its howls can be heard at great distances, causing terror in the Villages.

Luisõ. Luisó his favorite intake in addition to the corpses, are the newborn children who have not been baptized or pregnant women about to give birth, first kills and as its victim leaving the unborn baby as the main dish.

Luisõ. Luisõ was the last attempt of this pair to give birth to a boy who carries out the dynasty of Tatu.

The battered and aged body of Amaira no longer caught the attention of Tatu, the beautiful woman who was left in oblivion, now only goes to sleep and mourn for the guilt of having spawned an army of monsters that terrifies the population. To be continued…….. Fuente:

José Luis Corrientes Argentina