The Land of Taragui # 5

/revision/latest?cb=20141214161106&path-prefix=es Fuente: The battered and aged body of Amaira no longer caught the attention of Tatu, the beautiful woman who was left in oblivion, now only goes to sleep and mourn for the guilt of having spawned an army of monsters that terrifies the population.

At the age of seven, the beasts reach maturity, tormented the people with their powers and evil, increase the disappearances and rapes of the girls kidnapped by the Kurupi, more and more frequent the thefts of Moñai, the tribe no longer rest , Not even the dead by the constant attacks of Luisõ to the cemetery, and no one walks safely in the mountains by the attack of Jasy Jatere and the herds of Ao Ao. Fuentes: These monsters have copied the thicket and its surroundings, tormenting the neighboring towns, Moñai has flooded the mountains with the things that it has been stealing, the Kupuri has a leafy record of deaths, rape and deceased children, the hills have become impenetrable with The presence of the Ao Ao herd, have taken over the whole place, relatives do not visit their dead in the cemetery for fear of Luisõ, the villages are suffering from lack of food for not being able to enter the forest in search of Fruit, honey is scarce by the enchantment of the Jasy Jatere that dominates the lechiguanas, hunter who ventures to hunt in the marshes or lagoons are killed by Mbói Tui the protector of water animals. Fuente: A real calvary to live these days in the vicinity, the lack of food, the deaths, the rapes, the robber counters and the asechos of Luisõ in the cemeteries or holy land, put to the population of very bad mood, these they fought each other , The hatred began to reign in the towns, the brothers fought to death, looting, deaths, provoked among the same natives.

Agatay thought it was a punishment for Tatu to breed monsters, but Tatu felt triumphant with the army of monsters he had created and now they were about to harass all the villages.

The towns were governed by evil, the men fought each other, families hurt each other, men took their weapons and killed their brothers.

A land where peace and mercy reigned, now forgotten and even unknown.

The Guaraní God, the Tupã Tenondete, did not leave his amazement, he could not believe that these were the humans that he had created, gave them enough time for them to solve this great disaster by himself, noting the lack of improvement decides Interfere and end barbarism through Taime Arangatu.

Taime Arangatu summoned the village elders to accompany them to an important meeting with Atyha ongáva Ñemono ongáva, would go in search of a solution to the serious problem of the villages.

They went to the place, in an uncertain place something stop him, Taime Arangatu approaches the waters of the estuary where reflected the light of the moon, could see a few plants with soft leaves at the water's edge, he crouched to touch The small leaves in that he hears a voice and says, I have something to tell you, this took you by surprise to Taime Arangatu, was hard with fear, looked up and saw the Jahari gua'a, standing on a branch of a small Bush, the bird looks at him and tells him again I have something to tell you, on hearing this Taime Arangatu approached the bird I take with his hands and support on his shoulders, Jahari gua'a approaches Taime Arangatu's ear and tells him Something in the ear. Fuente: Taime Arangatu with the bird on his shoulder leaves the elders on the road, crosses the estuary and enters the forest, went in search of the divine word.

Taime Arangatu already heard the word divine, meets with the anxious ones and returns to the village, not without before collecting the leaves of the little plants that grew to the side of the estuary.

The next day Taime Arangatu holds a meeting with all of his village, conveys him tranquility and security, asks for understanding and companionship, encourages the people to reassure and reign peace, simple words, but difficult to pronounce in these times of hatred and Evil, says that soon will grow the little plant of love and peace.

In a secret meeting with the anxious people he told them, I know that things are not right, hatred and evil reign, they are running the blood of our brothers, I want you to know that soon this will be fixed.

I am going to reveal the great secret of the trip, the tupa sent a message to let us know that he is with us and gave instructions to put an end to the evils that haunt us. The Jahari gua'a bird is the messenger of the Tupa, he gave me clear and precise instructions to destroy the seven engagements that beset our village.

I have an organized plan, with the help of my sisters I will carry out, the time of the end of evil has arrived, it is time to end with the barbarities of the seven brothers, Tatu is going to take a trip, let's take advantage of that Day to destroy the brothers, he will not be able to help the monsters will be defenseless, if we want peace reign in the village is where we must begin.

Taime Arangatu when noticing to the quiet old men and with fear consultation, we are convinced that it is a good idea to destroy to the seven engendros truth?

The anxious ones with fear and the head down respond in silence, Taime Arangatu interprets the silence like a yes and retires to begin with its plan to recover the peace and the harmony. Taime Arangatu when arriving at his quarters he calls his sisters to give the news.

To be continued…..


José Luis Corrientes Argentina