The Land of Taragui # 6

Fuente: The anxious ones with fear and the head down respond in silence, Taime Arangatu interprets the silence like a yes and retires to begin with its plan to recover the peace and the harmony. Taime Arangatu arrives at his quarters and calls his sisters to give the news, the sisters go to meet him immediately, organize a campfire and sit around the fire Taime Arangatu, Guarasyáva, Tupínamba and Potosy where they set up a pleasant talk.

Taime Arangatu begins the conversation, tells them that he had attended with the old people at a meeting convened by the Tupa, the bird Jahari gua'a spoke in the name of Tupa, conveyed the concern of the God for the incidents of his people, wanting to end To the seven beasts that tormented the villages, the bird transmitted precise instructions to put an end to the evil dynasty.

The brave Potosy offered to kill the beggars, I will take care of him. Moñái I will seduce him, I will finish him without him having time to defend himself, if I have to die I will do it with gusto for the people of the town, the brave Potosy anxious Wants to start at the same time.

?1303538982 Fuente: Taime Arangatu received instructions on how to use these leaves which he collected on the verge of the ka'aruvicha estuary, he knows his powers and how he will strengthen the one who drinks the drink, Taime Arangatu prepares the infusion, to drink him and to give drink to his sisters, That they will need if they want to liquidate the monsters.

The challenge does not scare Potosy, on the contrary, full of courage and courage, he feels protected after having drunk the magical infusion of ka'aruvicha.

The magical effect of this infusion is extraordinary, all who drink from it will feel stronger and will join in one, the brothers have drunk the magic passion, now everyone will feel what the other feels, what one feels all feel.

Before the sun rises Potosy starts the journey in search of Moñái, he enters the jungle walks stealthily Taime Arangatu feels every step that his sister Potosy leads.

Fuente: Potosy at this moment is very powerful carries with it all the power of the brothers, the strength of the tribe, the goodness of the jungle the shelter of the sky and the overwhelming force of the rivers, walk confidently knowing this protection.

Is very slowly approaching Moñái's cave, with great care and silent steps, the young woman enters very stealthily inside the cave, Moñái is asleep but his instinct tells him that there is someone with him in the cave, the smell is unbearable, the Light is scarce, the young Potosy, although I can already see the inside of the view, that is what Moñái's voice listens to, who is there? Potosy with the sweetest voice in the world answers, I have come to visit you, So much of you that I wanted to meet you, to verify for myself what is said about you, I must be very in love to enter alone and without light in this cave said the young girl with angelic, the disconcerted monster is very slowly approaching the young, and He perceives the aroma of a woman, he knows that it is a refined woman, consult!

What they say about me?

Did you hear that you are in love? If so, Potosy answers.

So I see these willing to be my wife then? If I long to be your wife, Potosy answered again

Is that what you are looking for? Said Moñái. Look, do not take it badly I'm not anybody before I want to meet your family, the young woman replied

The silence became eternal, Moñái thought, I draw conclusions and said to himself that can make a defenseless woman, among my brothers and I answer.

If you know me you know of my brothers, right? - If they are all legends, I answer Potosy.

I have my older brother who lives in a cavern on the veranda of the Paraná, does not come out because of his deformity, but if you really are in love with me, you'll come with me there and we will celebrate the marriage, the skillful Potosy I answer, I do what you want my love .

Taime Arangatu was right and was right to send his younger sister with Moñái, the plan is giving good results.

Moñái, so brave and naive at the same time, unceremoniously went to the cavern of teyu yagua, looked anxiously at the beautiful young woman, could only think of being married and possessing that beautiful woman. Fuente: They walked for several days until arriving at the teyú yagua cavern, Moñái presents his brother with his new love, confesses that in these two days he learned to love her and they are getting married, tomorrow I go looking for our brothers to celebrate the wedding.

The next morning Moñái. Part in search of his brothers, ten days have passed since the departure of Moñái, on the morning of the tenth day the monster arrives with his brothers, when Potosy arrives very well his role as in love, goes out to receive his love so much Has missed, very happy presents his girlfriend to the rest of the brothers, all look at his new sister-in-law envy the fate of Moñái, the young woman is too beautiful for her brother, but still no one suspects anything.

At nightfall the party began, all seated at a large table, the cavern for the first time lit, the den had become a familiar home, the torches illuminated every corner of the cavern, the drink flowed like water, it was a Great day, a beautiful day of celebration, the cavern was so illuminated that it looked like day, outside the darkness reigned, nor the moon was able to attend that meeting, sitting on the big table the beautiful Potosy next to his beloved Moñái, In front of the six brothers: Kurupi, Jasy Jatere, Teju yagua, Mbói Tui, Luisõ and Ao Ao. A photo to the horror, Potosy looked around studying the situation of how to get out of there when the time came, while the brothers drank wildly, they drank the animal.

Out in the dark Taime Arangatu and the natives waited for the best time to attack and end the family reunion, in the cavern the beautiful Potosy, his beloved and his six brothers-in-law continued with the party, when the young woman warns that they are all too drunk Decides that it is time to leave and let his brother enter with the tribe to end the monstrosity.

Potosy decided to run away but Moñái's speed reaches to close the cave stone leaving Potosy locked up, the young woman screams loudly to warn her brother but the scream of the spawn covers the screams of the woman.

Moñái shouts a loud deafening scream, Betrayal, Betrayal To be continued….. Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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