The land of taragui # 7

fuente: Potosy decided to run away but Moñái's speed reaches to close the cave stone leaving Potosy locked up, the young woman screams loudly to warn her brother but the scream of the spawn covers the screams of the woman.

Moñái shouts a loud deafening scream, Betrayal, betrayal, Potosy screams loudly to give warning to his brother start, start, I can not get out !, upon hearing this Taime Arangatu gives the execution order of the plan, the tribe disables the Entrance of the cave and begin to light the cave as planned.

The fire begins to grow, the cave begins to burn, the fire is so great that it illuminates the night as if it were during the day, the Indians taking care that no monster escaped made a circle around the cave, the songs of the natives do not allow To hear the cries of despair of the seven wicked.

Taime Arangatu sees as the fire devours the evil grotto and feels like his sister takes his life, to end the evil attacks of the beasts, could feel in his body what his sister felt, saw the heartbreaking images that she suffered , Letting out his pain, asking the Tupa to light his soul, the tears of horror begin to flow from his eyes.

The fugue enraged by the evils of these beasts, eagerly devours the bodies of evil monsters, Potosy's body hair is also consumed, the spirit of the brave young woman begins to leave Potosy's charred body in the form of a glowing light, meekly Begins to rise, the tribe observes the divine light, see how it is slowly ascending, to this luminous light is known as Mbyja Kofi, for its bravery the Tupa granted it to shine at dawn in the mornings. Fuente: The raging fire burned for seven days and their nights, the bodies of the wicked were consumed, their spirits ascended to the heavens together, they became seven small stars, they are known as the constellation of the Pleiades or the Seven Cabrillas, the Indigenous people called it Eichu.

On the morning of the eighth day, the sun came out shining, brighter than ever, peace, kindness and brotherhood returned to the village, the door of the tavern opened and a strong wind took the ashes, cleaning the place of everything Evil, now breathe clean and pure air, sign that the evil was defeated, perceived the earth as the first day, in which the Tupa put in his creation.

The joy of the people had returned, they felt a happy climate, happy to know that the evil was destroyed, the whole people thank and mourn the loss of the beautiful Potosi, the birds cry, the forest, their brothers, all lament the loss of The most beautiful place.

The poet of the village cries, with his face wet with tears recites a last poem.

(Original section belonging to the author, does not correspond to my authorship)

"Nature expresses joyful / when you appear, beautiful star. / White flower of the dawn, so good you were / that to want to save us burned died. / Daughter of Arasy, pearl of the sky, / your fresh dew comes from the sky. / Tears of mist filled with essences, / The flowers open before your presence. / Oh beautiful star, when the day looms / to look at your brightness gives us joy. / From your eternal journey we find consolation / knowing that you are spoiled from heaven. / And if the frosts blanch the fields / your glittering light becomes a charm. / You are from heaven the enchanted star, / you are born beautiful and you are venerated. "

Days passed, happiness abounds, men made passes, there is no grudge, in every corner of the town they built a tower with a big bonfire to always keep the peace.

With the arrival of spring the plants and flowers returned, the birds sang again, the jaguar that had fled back to the jungle, now the thicket returned to normal, the color of flowers, butterflies and dragonflies, the The sound of the river, everything returned to normal, everything was quiet, the town began to get accustomed, the stormy days were behind, when everything seemed to go well, one morning came the brightest sun That ever, the sky is well blue, the clouds shine by its absence being at best the day of blow was darkened, the clouds said present, heavier than ever, thick layers of dark black clouds, began to blow a hot wind , As if coming out of the boiler of the devil.

Seeing the reaction of time Taime Arangatu knew what was happening, Tatu was back, knew it after consuming the magic gua'a, Tatu enraged roared stronger than a demon-possessed lion, in the heights of the thicket Tatu wanted to avenge death Of her children, she was ready for everything, poor Amaira wept disconsolately, her whole life was low, suffering after suffering, nothing they said could comfort the shattered woman.

A few days after the arrival of the evil Tatu, the village began to remember the ordeal that has just happened, the days are still gray and the sun has not appeared any more, the plants have dried again, the birds have stopped talking, Tatu, more devilish than before, roared in the High in the thickets, his roar was dark, everyone knew that he would avenge the death of his children.

Tatu descended from the high lands, he went in search of that ingenuity the death of his children, crossed the forest in search of Taime Arangatu, searched everywhere, it was almost impossible to find the wise, as he could not find shouted the name of Taime Arangatu, with a devilish vos that frightened the same demon. Fuente: Taime Arangatu was refreshed in the water of the stream, Tatu out of control came to him and shouted in a maddened way, Taime Arangatu for his quiet part, he felt powerful had ingested the ka'aruvicha, Tatu goes in their meeting as if to tear him apart, Taime Arangatu being all his body in the water his body rises in an angelic way and I look at him with a braver way than the devil looks, Bewildered Tatu stayed hard before the look of Taime Arangatu the power of the ka'aruvicha did his thing, Tatu unable to move the body only had the strength to go back and flee in terror, before the sage applied the maximum power of the ka'aruvicha.

The sage with his power bewitched Tatu passing fear telepathically. The power of the ka'aruvicha was strict on the wickedness of the tenebrous Tatu.

Peace forever kingdom in the village, everything returned to normality, soon forgot the seven wicked and his dark father Tatu, the spirit of evil was once again overcome by the good.

Tatu never knew anything and turned to talk about him, as far as Amaira never returned to the village he stayed to live alone on top of the hill, people who passed by and saw it could not believe, that old woman, Slim and stooped Amaira was the most beautiful young woman in the village.

Poor Amaira died of the anguish thrown and abandoned at the top of the hill, it is said that I weep so much that her tears, melted the earth forming a great waterfall, tears of Amaira do not stop flowing, the waters fall by the waterfall day and Night for all eternity.

This is the end of The Seven Guaraní Mythology monsters, a forgotten and hidden history of my Guaraní people, happened 5000 years ago in the land without evil, records found in caverns of the department of Amambay, stories of gods, myths and Guarani legends. end Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina