The Legend of Magic Hagaromo


Dear friends of the Voice, thank you very much for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, by chance a young man knows the love of his life, a beautiful girl from another world trapped in ours, A great adventure, a beautiful story that begins like this.

Legend tells of a young labrador, walking towards his home found a beautiful cloth hanging from the branches of a tree, the most beautiful of the fabrics! Beautiful as never seen before.

Seeing the beautiful cloth the young farmer thought, Who would be able to throw such a beautiful cloth! That's how he decided to keep it in his work bag, but then he heard a beautiful voice speaking to him, turned his head and saw the most beautiful woman that could exist.

Hi, my name is Altair, you would be so kind to give me my money back! Said the beautiful young woman.

The young labrador did not understand the beautiful girl and asked What is a hagaromo?

The beautiful girl answered, is the cloth that I use to fly, I live in the Garden of Eden, as you will have seen I am not a human being, I flew here attracted by the waters of the beautiful lake, without my cloth I can not fly, I will have That remain forever in the earth, if you are very kind and return my fabric I will be very grateful to you.

The young farmer did not want to look like a thief, he denied hiding it and said that he had never seen anything like it.

Not finding his magic cloth could not return to Eden, he inevitably stayed to live on the earth, every day frequented around the lake hoping to find his magic cloth, as that was the way back to his home the young labrador They always met the beautiful Altair.

One day the God of love made his magic and I love these young people, they soon married and formed a beautiful family, the two young people were very much in love, the farmer always appreciated the first meeting, but I never tell the truth of the hagoromo.

The years went by, one day arranging things in her home the beautiful Altaír found her magic cloth, seeing her cloth knew she should return to Eden, very sorry she told her husband that he should return, but that he would rest assured that She was going to teach how to be together.

As I said, there is a way to be together, what you should do is build a thousand pairs of straw sandals and bury in the root of the bamboo plant, this way you can get to heaven and I would be waiting for you, said the beautiful girl .

The young farmer became very sad, but confident in what he said his wife immediately began to build the sandals.

Day and night without rest I built the sandals of straw, I thought of the happy days that lived next to his beloved, this gave more strength to continue with the construction of the sandals, when arriving at 999 I can not wait for more and ran to bury the Sandals, who could notice the lack of a sandal said the young man.

At the very moment of burying the sandals, the bamboo tree began to grow, grew so high that it was lost in the clouds, the young farmer could not wait any longer and began to climb the bamboo tree, climbing as high as he could, but Missing a stretch to reach the sky, was the pair of sandal that was missing, very distressed began to strongly call his beloved wife, she came to his call and helped to climb to heaven.

When he saw his beloved wife embrace and kiss her passionately, when everything seemed to improve, the father of the beautiful woman appeared, the one who was very offended by the marriage of his daughter to a human being on earth.

Altaír's father tried to hide his anger and asked his son-in-law to take care of his land for three days, and the young farmer accepted the offer very glad.

The beautiful woman warned her husband that it was a trap set by his father, even if he suffered from thirst or hunger did not eat any fruit from the garden, because something bad could happen.

The young man took care of the land of his wife's father, but when he arrived on the third day he could not continue to drink water, his eyes saw a beautiful peach fruit, unable to bear the temptation, he took the fruit with his hands and gave A big bite, of the fruit began to emerge much water forming a great river, the river Amanogawa.

The young Vega and his beloved wife Altaír were separated by Amanogawa turned into stars that take their names Vega and Altaír.

Since then by the father's disposition once a year on July 7, the couple's husband and wife are allowed to meet.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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