The legend of the eternal love of Selena and Eusebio


Thank you dear friends of the Voice for supporting my work, surfing the web, I cross with this beautiful legend, a very good looking shepherd, love the moon Selena, come down to earth every night to observe his beloved, one day It will surprise and fall in love, a beautiful story that begins like this.

Many years ago, a shepherd named Eusebio lived. He was a beautiful man. There were no women who did not admire the beauty of the young man. He was very humble. He lived in a grotto in the mountains. Nights used to sleep naked, this allowed him to rest better.

Every morning he went out with his flock, crossed the village and went to a place in the thicket to give pasture and water to his flock, a hard-working man began his task before the sun came up and returned when he was Opposing, came very tired to the grotto and fell surrendered after the arduous work with the animals.

Every night he stripped of his clothes, to rest better, when he came summer he slept outside the grotto, to be able to observe the love of his life, Selena! The purest and brightest star in the firmament, the beautiful young man had fallen in love with the beautiful moon, every spring night and summer watched her, stayed up late, married very much asleep watching the beautiful Selena.

The shepherd every day was more in love with her, the beautiful moon was unaware of the existence of a person who died of love for her.

One night the moon incarnate in the goddess Selena went for a walk in the mountains, there she found the man asleep on the ground at the entrance of the grotto, could not believe what they saw his eyes, the most beautiful young man I've seen in His life, he fell madly in love with Eusebius, without waking him up he sat next to him, watched him as he slept placidly like a child, kept him company all night until before sunrise, the young shepherd never learned that A woman who loved desperately spent the night beside him.

When he woke up he got very happy he had a beautiful dream, the shepherd lived alone he did not have a person to talk to, his only friends and companions were his sheep, walking on the paths to the pasture place, he was telling his dream to the animals .

Do you want to know what I dreamed last night? Eusebius said to his flock.

I dreamed of the most beautiful woman that can exist, she lives in the sky, I sleep every night watching her, I dreamed that I was coming to visit and we stood together holding hands silently watching the starry sky until dawn, Eusebio told Their animals.

From that day the life of the young shepherd changed completely, he lived the day very much in love thinking about the moon goddess Selena, not knowing that the moon Selena spent all night thinking about him.

One night like every night he undressed and went to sleep outside the cave to observe his beloved, he fell asleep looking at the beautiful moon, she saw him asleep descended and sat next to him to contemplate it as towards all Nights after falling asleep, but tonight something interrupted his sleep and woke up, great was his surprise when he saw the woman of his life sitting next to him, it was a dream come true, it was the same situation that days he had dreamed.

The two stared at each other, as the lovers look at each other, neither of them knew that the other felt the same and that their love was reciprocated.

It is not known who I advance first, but the thing is that they began to kiss passionately, both felt that love was true, they loved each other for a long time.

The love of this couple had many fruits, Selena and Eusebio had fifty daughters, now that they were more in love than ever Eusebio began to grow old.

This is the legend of the kiss of the moon, speaks of two people very much in love, she will live forever and anger getting old, Selena asked for help to God Zeus, asked to grant eternal life to Eusebius, Zeus replied that much could not do, But I helped them with a piece of advice, made them see the couple that while the shepherd slept did not grow old, then the couple followed the advice of God Zeus, slept all day and only woke up at dawn, this way did not age and could Continue to love as they have been doing.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina