The Legend of the Forest Ghost fuente: Long ago in the province of Corrientes, in the places of the crossroads pertaining to the city of Empedrado there was a grocery store where the gauchaje met.

This grocery store was very popular because of the presence of an old man who went daily to drink sugar cane, the man was a person who lived alone and killed his boredom in the establishment.

The old Valentin was very popular for being a great narrator of legends, the gauchos of the area approached to the store to drink and listen to the anecdotes of Valentín.

One day the old man told a legend of his payment at the crossroads, in a place inhospitable near the marshes that bordered the field of his father was established a gaucho named Roque Ramirez. He was a hard-working man, worked many hours a day, started before the sun came out and ended when the sun was opposing, fed on animals that he hunted in the forest, a good hunter, his success was due to his great Knowledge of the forest and its tracking dogs that Ramirez himself had trained.

This gaucho was an employee of his father, he worked to weed the mountains to prepare the land for sowing.

As I told you this man was very good and hardworking, but ......! I had three weaknesses! That of course he knew how to take it very well, said Don Valentin, pausing to drink a sip of cane, took his glass and white background, shit another half glass and took it again, coughed a little, accommodated his throat and He continued with the rumbling of the story.

They were saying a good man with three weaknesses the first, was addicted to work, the second liked to hunt and the third liked to eat meat of wild animals, these were the reasons why it was more than 16 hours inland, passed The day fulfilling his three passions, weeding the ground, an animal that ran running from the mountain hunted with his 20 caliber shotgun, then ordered their dogs to go looking for the prey.

This was the humble life of Roque Ramirez, working to live, living to hunt and hunt to eat, had no Sundays or holidays, a gaucho handsome and with no obligations to fulfill, a single man and no family, lived in a mud brick And straw

What he could do at home, more than think of his miserable life and go crazy, for that he stayed in the mountain and earned money and the most he liked to hunt, said Don Valentin in his story, I take to pause And buy another bottle of cane, do not let it run out of fuel in the middle of the story.

I bought his bottle of spirits, drank glass and a half of cane and continued with his story, the gauchos very attentive listened to the old man's story.

All the vices are bad, said Don Valentin, this man was busy with work, cutting down trees and killing wild animals, this action aroused a special interest in Caa Pora, said old Valentin.

What is that, Don Valentin? Asked a gaucho who listened attentively to the story of old Valentin.

Look at Chamigo! Al Caa Pora you do not even have to name, this is the elf of the mountain, he is the son of the same satan, but he has a good side, he is protector of the fauna and the flora, protects of the hunters or woodcutters, that hunts or weeds the mountains "Said Don Valentin.

Is that all Valentin? Said another gaucho hurried to hear more story.

No Chamigo! That's nothing, expect me to tell you, said the old shrewd and unemployed to drink another sip of cane.

That happened to Roque Ramirez, for being all day dethroned trees and hunting wild animals, be patient and you will see what happened to Roque, said the old man.

The ghost of the forest, as it is also known, appears in two forms, first with a very pleasant form, it conquers you and when you are unprepared it totally changes its appearance and that is the bad, said old Valentin.

One summer afternoon, the sun was opposing, Ramirez came in, decomposed with fear, I could not speak, I was dumbfounded, this was what my father told me, after Roque composed himself and went to sleep in the Home, of the fear he had he did not want to go to his ranch.

My father tells me that Roque Ramirez arrived broken up, my father reassured him, he gave him a glass of gin to drink, he smelled some alcohol with camphor and there he recovered and he could tell what happened to him.

He was dethroning a small mound, very close to where he was a hare appeared, mansa just jumped and stayed close, the Roque or not slow not lazy grab the shotgun and aim the animal, it gave three skips and disappeared behind a high grass At the edge of a lagoon, he stealthily approached to hunt his prey and there he saw.

The most beautiful woman on the earth, all naked, came out very slowly from the water of the lagoon and entered the mountain, before entering the mountain, she turned and looked at him as if inviting her to follow her, the hypnotized gaucho of love , Could not do other than follow the beautiful lady.

The woman walked a long way inside the mountain, when she was in the middle of the mountain disappeared the beautiful woman, there she realized that he was in the mountain, surrounded by giant trees, Roque Ramírez never separated from his dogs, they were animals Very brave, if someone approached him sure the dogs would defend him, he does not know what tree and at what point, a giant naked man, all covered with hairs, leaped and fell heavily to the ground, looked like a yeti or a big foot for the size and His characteristics, said Don Valentin, very tense by the situation of the story.

And what happened Don Valentin? Said a gaucho, please do not leave us with the intrigue!

He says that the hairy giant had a leather pull, and began to lash the dogs, I force them to flee from so many lashes that I hit the animals, when Roque Ramirez wanted to react, he had him on top and began to glue whips on The body, did not give time to anything, received so many whiplash that fell faint to the floor.

There he took possession of his shotgun, his ax, his ax, took off his shirt and his trousers, I left him in his underpants, his body all marked with leather, when I reacted I was alone in the middle of the mountain, ran and did not stop Run to my father's ranch.

The legend speaks of a beautiful woman with a beautiful figure, always seen naked, protects the mountain and wild animals, with her sensual body falls in love with Correntino man who is temperamental, ardent and sensual to the extreme, say that there are men of the field Who know the legend and still look for it on the mountain, although it is not only for a few seconds, the Caa Pora man, is a giant and strong man of you hoarse and dry, it is terrible with his punishment.

That is why when they now see a man who is intent on felling or hunting animals, they are told ...

I already have to be careful with Caa Pora ....

Fuente: Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina