The Legend of Water Hyacinth


Hello dear friends of the voice, thank you for accompanying my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of a young woman from Spain, arrived in Corrientes with the colonizers, a very good and kind woman, one day will have a Terrible accident and will be rewarded. A beautiful story that begins like this.

This history happened in my native city Corrientes province, renamed by the Spanish Juan Torres de Vera and Aragon as the City of San Juan de Vera of the Seven Stream. To the side of the river Paraná.

In the colonization of my town, Don Juan Torres de Vera y Aragon, I landed in the port of Corrientes with Spanish families, one of them with a beautiful daughter with golden hair, pale white, with beautiful lilac eyes, this lady I capture the attention of both Spaniards and the Indians of the reduction.

An affectionate and helpful Guaina especially with children, very often met with them, teaching scriptures, advised children to study to improve their lives in the settlement. A lovely, beautiful and helpful girl with the reduction population, assisted the sick, healing their wounds, medicating some discomfort.

The heat of summer hits my land very hard, this year it seems to have been the worst in a long time, from early on we heard the tricks of the Picuí pigeons, a sign of a heavy day of heat, accompanied by the cangu song of the Beautiful girl contemplative of her children, I took to the shores of the treacherous river Paraná to take a dip, was the only way to appease the heavy summer heat, children without warning danger played in the waters of the river, others swam, some alone They sat on the beautiful sandy beach.

As is customary, the treacherous Parana River, in a cholera, adding water, the older children noticed the situation, giving notice to the young children.

They all ran out of the water even the beautiful young woman, they got together on the beach, she wanted to count the children to make sure they have all left the river, in that they heard a loud cry from a child, when looking up looking at the river go to A small child, was fighting the brave waters of the Parana, but the furious river seemed to win, the brave young man did not hesitate for a second and threw himself into the river in search of the child, swimming as hard as he could, stretching his hands grasped the body Of the child, he tried to raise for the boy to breathe, he fought several minutes with the furious waters, keeping the boy alive, enough time for the cacique of the Indian community to arrive, who turned out to be the boy's father, an excellent swimmer. Threw to the water of the river and I rescue the child, taking to the shores, when he wanted to return by the young and it was late, the brave waters of the Paraná dragged his body to its depths, a new victim charged the treacherous river Pa frog.

The cacique swam down the river trying to find the body of the girl, the girl never appeared, a whole community united Spaniards and Guarani, very sad for what happened, implored their gods, the Guarani implored the tupa, asked to keep the young Along the right path, that brave young woman who gave her life to save the child.

Spaniards and natives as never seen united in the same cause, watched over the soul of the girl to be guided by the celestial path, the night came and with it the darkness, the moon was very sad could not enlighten, the clouds were made Present to accompany the community.

A community gathered around the fire, the only source of illumination, the Guarani natives with their songs and prayers begged for the precious child, asked Tupã Tenondete untiringly, took pity on his soul, asked to return his figure and give a dignified burial to a body Of a brave woman who gave her life for someone else.

The Guaraní God, hearing the supplications of the relatives, saw a community unity in peace, decided to intercede at the request of their people, the generosity of the young woman decided to give eternal life turned into a beautiful flower.

The first to see was the moon, which rejoices with joy, giving a great brightness that seemed by day, the brightness of the star illuminated the still waters of the Parana River, revealing the beautiful flower that floated in the water, where it was seen Last time to the generous woman.

The Spaniards and the Indians ran to meet them, they delighted their eyes with the beautiful aquatic plant of flowers of the color of lilac eyes of the beautiful woman.

This is the reason why after some great movements of waters of the river, when the waters become tame they are read of beautiful plants of camalotes.

The Guaraní God, for the generosity of the young woman, decided to give her eternal life, she turned it into a beautiful flower, and to distribute her example, I distributed them through the rivers, lagoons and estuaries.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina