The Legends of Don Valentin the Life of Jasmine Ponce


Thank you very much dear friends of the voice, thank you very much for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, which speaks of the birth of capybara, a beautiful story that begins well.

Long ago in the province of Corrientes, in the places of the crossroads pertaining to the city of Empedrado there was a grocery store where the gauchaje met.

This grocery store was very popular because of the presence of an old man who went daily to drink sugar cane, the man was a person who lived alone and killed his boredom in the establishment.

The old Valentin was very popular for being a great narrator of legends, the gauchos of the area approached to the store to drink and listen to the anecdotes of Valentín.

One day the old man told a legend of his payment at the crossroads, in an inhospitable place near the marshes that bordered his father's field, a gaucho named Jazmín Ponce was established, a large, strong man very clever to hunt, more than half Of his life hunting, his skin seasoned by the sun and the low temperatures, was a humble and hardworking individual, with a lot of work and dedication built his house of adobe and roof of straws to the side of the estuary.

A humble but cozy little house, he helped to spend the cold days to him and his partner, Don Valentin said that this man knew how to have children, but the year took them to Buenos Aires, the young boys weak in heart the metropolis tempts them, Offering them a fortune, said Don Valentin, he paused and took a sip of sugarcane, and took the opportunity to spit out a snuff of tobacco in his mouth, the gaucho looked at him attentively, old Valentin sat down in his chair and continued with his story.

Don Jazmín came to this place, he liked to drink cane, he said in old Valentin without starting with the legend, the gauchos looked at him impatiently, they wanted to continue enjoying the story, Don Jazmín was known here in the bowling alley, Valentín recounted, Glass of cane and hit another sip, moved the glass in sign that the drink ended, the guachos understood the sign and bought another bottle of cane, now !, said Valentin and ripped with the legend.

Old Valentin was a very clever man, he knew his legends liked. The man was asserting himself! Was not much that charged, from time to time a small bottle of cane, if the present did not notice that it did not have cane, the very calm made them know.

Don Jazmín went out to hunt in his canoe, an old boat that he built with a timber, a rowing oar with a well-shaped lapacho branch, and he was plunging into the water, forcing himself backwards, and thus he advanced with his canoe through the estuary.

Excellent hunter, very baqueano !, knew all the secrets of the mountain, prepared simples to hunt doves pigeons, knew the best technique of hunting of partridge, a skillful hunter of mulatto tattoos, great mariscador of yacarés and hares, He had as clear as to hunt that He must have thought of something to gather the hides of his hunt.

A very neat and neat gaucho, jealously guarding his hunting trophies in an old barn of adobe and straw that he built with his own hands.

In the shed he entered alone, there he kept animal hides, feathers of pheasant, used the place of tannery, stocked the hides and tanned, had leathers of viper, yacaré and hares, these leathers and feathers were sold to the collectors Who were coming to the village, made a lot of money, and bought the food for his house.

After negotiating the products of his hunt, he approached a warehouse of general branches and bought all the basics for the cupboard of the home, flour, sugar, yerba, noodles, fat, before returning to his ranch he passed through the store to take A glass of sugar cane and play a game of cards with his neighbors, this was the humble life of Jasmine.

Behind a good man there is always a great woman, the lady of Jasmine was a lovely woman, very close, I accompanied him all his life, since childhood was with Jasmine, learned to grow together, many things happened, she never complained about the Life that Don Jasmine gave him.

Don Jazmín, decided to attend the town to sell their hides, a day earlier I add the products, prepare the canoe, it was of vital importance without it could not reach the village, full of leather the cayuco, had more leather than other times, said goodbye Of his mistress, he threw the boat into the water and set off with his skins to the village.

Don Valentín narrated with great enthusiasm, the gauchos were entertaining listening to the story, old Valentin paused to drink a sip of cane, his eyes filled with tears, I wait a few seconds and wanted to resume the story, his voice played a bad The rumbling voice did not come out, he took another sip of the cane and continued with the story, he apologized for that start of melancholy, that I remembered the tragic life of this man, said old Valentin.

Don Jazmín left with his canoe loaded with hides for the town, the trip was normal and he was able to reach the town without setback, arrived at the village went to sell the fruits of his hunt, this time he made more money than ever, he passed through the warehouse Of general branches to supply food for his home, made a great investment in food filled the canoe of provisions, before leaving for his rancho I passed by the grocery store to drink a glass of reed, very pleased by how well it was in his Sale of leather, celebration more time than usual that was made at night, the owners of the grocery store invited to stay for the night and undertake a trip very early, it is not advisable to travel by canoe at night with this storm, The owners of the grocery store.

Don Valentín for the story, putting a little suspense to the story, the gauchos impatient anxiously await the outcome of the story, the old wise man knows to contain the gauchaje, calm drink a glass of cane, take a little air, prepare the voice And continues with the story.

Don Jazmín was very stubborn, he started the journey in the middle of the strong wind, the canoe was heavier than usual, the man who had taken more than a little bit to get lost lost his balance by falling into the water with such bad luck that he became entangled The feet with the roots of the camalotes and died drowned.

The hours passed Don Jasper did not arrive at the ranch, the woman was very distressed by the hunter who did not return home, put on a coat, took a bluff and went looking for her partner, road to the estuary that was not far away Of the ranch, from afar by the reflection of the moon saw the bulk of the canoe in the water, desperate ran to meet Don Jazmín, did not see that there was a tacurú on the road and tripped with him, when he fell head over a Stone being dead at the same instant.

When the first rays of the sun began to illuminate the coasts of the estuary, a large rodent emerged from the waters, going directly to the place of the accident of the lady of Don Jazmín, there he met his partner another female rodent and together they went in the direction of Ranch of Don Jazmín.

The other hunters, looking for the couple who had not seen them for a while, could not find an explanation of why they disappeared overnight, some said that I take them to the metropolis, that city of Buenos Aires to Meet with your children.

This was the birth of Capybara as it is known, God granted the couple to live together forever in the estuary, as was his passion in life, Don Jazmín was awarded for being very hardworking and humble and the lady by Be a great companion and kind. When you see a capybara on the shore of the estuary you will remember this legend.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina