The longings of the Stone Sculptor

?9079 Fuentes:

Navigating the web crosses me with this beautiful legend, speaks of a sculptor who is not happy with his life or the money he earns, this nonconformity will lead him through different paths and his longings will bring him where he began his daring, be careful what That you long for, a beautiful story that begins like this.

Long ago in a village near a mountains a sculptor lives, this man was not happy with his life and much less with his economic position, one day he passed the front of the house of a successful merchant of the place, the beautiful doors of Red oak were open, he could see the valuable furnishings he had inside the beautiful house, the richest of the people who came to the house came and went, this was the man's attention and he thought.

Can a merchant be so powerful?

Envy gnawed at his head, wishing one day to be like the merchant, great was his surprise when he suddenly became a merchant, having fortune and power, something he had always wanted, but from that moment on he was envied and cursed by others with Less money than he.

One day at the door of his beautiful house, a senior official, accompanied by secretaries and police escort, no matter how rich the person has to bow before the presence of the official, again envy was eating the head of the sculptor, The man thought.

Can an officer be so powerful? Wishing someday to be like the official.

Big was a surprise when from one day to another he became an official, he walked through the streets of the town and all the people bowed in their path, feeling a powerful and respected person, but the truth was that people feared and hated him for his An officer's office, one summer's afternoon strolled under the shining sun through the streets of the village, admired by the beautiful shines of the sun he thought.

Can the sun be so powerful? Wishing someday to be like the sun.

One day it became a sun, shining brightly on the whole world, hated by the workers of the countryside and cursed by the overwhelming heat that produced its brightness, on a very hot day a great cloud appeared, giving respite and happiness to the people, Then the sun thought.

Can the cloud be so powerful? Wishing someday to be like the cloud.

One day it became a cloud, a great cloud covered all the fields, raining day and night, flooding the fields and cities, all people hated and hated it, one day discovered that it was carried away, felt displaced until He discovered that the one that moved him was the wind.

Can the wind be so powerful? Wishing someday to be the wind.

Soon it became a wind, it was blowing so hard it knocked down the trees, stripped the plates from the houses, hated and cursed by all, one day realized that it was blowing very hard and could not move, it was blowing harder and harder. He advanced, until he realized that the one who stopped him was a gigantic rock, there he thought.

Can the rock be so powerful? Wishing someday to be a rock.

He finally managed to be a great rock, a very powerful, one day resting felt hammer and chisel blows on his body, feeling that he was modeled and changed form, but who could be more powerful than rock? The sculptor thought

Then I look down to know what it was, there he could see the most powerful, all who can, who with his hands can shape a rock. He was a mighty Sculptor.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina