The love of the gardener and the flower

fuente: Hello dear friends of the voice, thank you for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of the love of a gardener and his rose, are deeply in love that his love will transcend the earthly life, a beautiful story that begins so.

In a palace of Europe existed the most beautiful Eden in the world, grew the most beautiful and exotic flower plants of the firmament, a very colorful place, it housed all the varieties of flowers that could exist.

In Eden there was a rose plant, Indian Canna, Columbine Rocky Mountain, Convolvulus Tricolor, Bleeding Heart, Cherry Blossom, Passion Flower, Gazania, Hydrangea, Lantana, Magnolia, Orchid, Plumeria, Rudbeckia bicolor, Tulip, The Lily Of the valleys, Flor de la Garza Blanca, Hoya (porcelain flower), Chinese Lantern, Hive Ginger, Bat Flower, Peony, Lotus Flower, Udumbara and thousands of other varieties.

This beautiful garden was kept by the best gardener in the world, a young passionate Frenchman, as a child his father gardener by profession instilled love of flowers, this boy adored the flowers as his life itself, a young man with a big heart and happy, Sang to the flowers every day while watering them, every day visited one by one to each floral plant and said that he loved her, spent a few minutes with each of them, this young man had a passion for a particular flower to which he dedicated more Of an hour a day, his fervent passion was the rose.

As two good friends lived the rose and the gardener, I dedicated a song, recited a poem, I counted how much I appreciated it, she very timid answered I love you too, Vivian very happy, the rose was the flower allowed of the French gardener, every day Spent spending more time on the rose, without realizing he was falling in love.

On September 21, when spring began, that night was a magical night, the clear sky gave away the sight of beautiful stars, looked at the sky and a rain of stars lit the sky, this was the signal the gardener was waiting for.

Under the starry sky and the flashes of the moon, he approached the most precious Eden and visited the rose, the rose very frightened asked.

Quelque chose to arrive to mon ami (something happens my great friend) I ask the rose in French

The gardener answered. Pas belle fleur, rien ne pass, belle rose arôme (no beautiful flower, nothing happens, rose of beautiful aroma) watching this beautiful sky I remembered you, I am determined to speak what my lips shut up and keep my heart for you, I take the stars as a witness of my love, long ago I want to tell you that I die of love for you, my life without you is nothing, I would be here 24 hours a day and night, said the gardener in a voice of love.

The trembling rose dropped a few drops of water from her corolla by the emotion, the young Frenchman in dismay consulted what those tears owed? Did I say something wrong? Belle excuses fleur si je l'ai offensé (excuse beautiful flower, if I have offended you) said the gardener in French.

The flower replied not dear to me! I cry of happiness! For a long time I hope to hear these beautiful words of love, just like you, I have long been in love, my whole being belongs to you, I am dying of love for you.

The gardener very happy, incredulous of this corresponded love, approached the rose and gave a deep kiss to his corolla, the atmosphere changed, flew angel dust in the garden of Eden, that magical night was recorded in the memory of the two forever.

When the rose verified that his love was true, he began to undergo a transformation, he became a beautiful red rose, as beautiful as ever seen by the young gardener, dear love I am full of love and rebalso of joy, kissing my petals with So much passion my color changed and in woman made me said the rose, from now on we will be inseparable, we will not find every night in the moonlight, we will love until eternity.

The gardener very in love came to the rose, kissed his crown again and said, I beautiful pink I promise to love you for life, I will never leave you, you will always live deep in my heart, from now on there will be no more Nights of solitude, the rose answered, so be my beautiful love, vous et moi ensemble jusqu'à ce that l'éternité (you and I together until eternity) I finish saying the rose in French.

From that day the life of these lovers changed, if before this love was good now the days were unbeatable, the gardener worked with a passion, devoted much of his day to his new red rose, verse, rhymes, poems and glosses dedicated To his favorite flower, the other flowers lived happily for this true love that was being lived in the Eden of the palace, but fate always has something for us, these lovers did not know that their destiny was about to change.

One early morning a storm broke out with rains and hailstones, caught unawares to the red rose defoliated them from their crowns and suffered.

Great was the surprise for the young gardener, he went to visit his beloved like every morning and found her dead, destroyed by the storm of nature, could not believe she cried disconsolately, I cried so much until the lacrimal glands were dry, I take To the plant of the red rose and took it to a lake that empties into the ocean, the deposit on a wood and gift to the ocean.

Dear ocean welcome my beloved! The gift is my most precious flower! In you entrusted to guide you to the heavens to be received like a brilliant star, please comment that soon I will be with her, my life if she does not have sense.

The ocean, seeing the young gardener truly in love, led the rose to the sky, and received it as the most beautiful of the stars, every night the gardener recited a poem looking at the sky, listening to the gardener's voice a star Lit and glowed incandescently, it was the rose turned into the largest and brightest star, the gardener was talking to her, please wait for him.

After a night of overcast that the lovers could not see, in the morning the gardener attended Eden very sad, it was the first time they saw the gardener sad, sat on the ground and died of sadness in his beautiful garden.

The young gardener at last went to meet his beloved, rose to the skies and live the two juntitos side by side happily ever after.

When you look at the sky and see the constellation of the two good hunted, you will remember this legend. Fuente: Fuente: José Luis Corrientes Argentina