The messenger bird of bad news


Thank you friends of the voice for accompanying my work, surfing the web I cross with this very popular legend of the Argentine northeast, speaks of a very old woman of almost a hundred years, lived at the edge of the Amazon jungle of Misiones with two children Adoptive, a beautiful story that begins like this.

The old lady was a very humble woman, lived from what the jungle provided, wild fruits and some meats of animals of the mountain that fell in the traps of the hunters of the place.

Her work consisted of going through the jungle in search of food, in one of her many walks she found two children abandoned to their fate in the thicket, the humble woman took pity on the children and adopted them immediately, the years went by, the Time passed, leaving his footprints on the humble woman.

The poor old lady no longer had the strength to eat, her adopted children were fed with products of the forest, Carne de perdiz, mulatto tatú, wild boar and wild fruits such as arasá and ñangapirí.

To quench her anxiety, she smoked peanut or tobacco, on a wooden whistle, this was a kind of pipe built from a branch of holy wood, her children would light it and give her so that she would smoke her tobacco, part of the day

She sat in her old wicker armchair, her snow-white hair holding her with a tally in her head, when the peanut went out, she called out to the poor boys.

Pito güe, pito güe! (I whistle, I whistle).

There goes mama! They answered their children

They ran to meet her to light the cigar, they did not make her wait because the old lady was very nervous and moody, every time she got nervous began with the insults.

The old lady had very bad temper, few things made her happy, the whole day was spent insulting the poor boys, they tried to do things right but nothing pleased her.

The famous shout- Pito güe, pito güe! It was heard several times a day, for many years, it became a veritable calvary to attend to this poor old woman who was content, more and more insistent, increasingly insulting the cries and calls of the old lady, - Pito güe, pito Güe! And the boys would run away so they would not hear the screaming anymore.

To go out in search of food had to take turns, it was impossible to leave this woman alone, she has become so grouchy, dependent and demanding at the same time.

The poor young men, who were already tired of the old woman, could no longer endure their heartbreaking cry of "Pito güe, pito güe!", The insults and their bad character.

One afternoon after having eaten what nature gave, they made a decision by common accord, tired of so many insults they decided to leave, they left to the abandonment of their luck to the woman who had created them.

At the departure of these unloved children, the poor woman found herself sleeping in her usual wicker chair with her hand in her hand, great surprise and despair when she noticed the abandonment of her children.

He began to scream loudly, Pito güe, pito güe! For someone to help her by catching her vicious snuff, they tell them that no one is helping the poor woman, slowly screaming for Pito Güe and Pito Güe! It was transformed into a bird.

This bird kept the classic cry Pito güe, pito güe! And the little bandage on his head that he used to bind his hair, because of his tragic death, is much feared for being a bird malagüero, the superstitious say that his song announces misfortune.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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